Can You Tell Cops To Get Off Your Property?

Suppose you receive an unexpected visit from the cops and you simply feel uncomfortable and cannot meet their requests, are you allowed to tell them to get off your property? Below we look at whether this is a viable option for you or whether you would have over stepped the boundaries.

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Can You Tell Cops To Get Off Your Property

Depending on the situation, in some instances you can tell the cops to get off your property, provided they do not have a search warrant or there isn’t any emergency at your house. However, if the police manage to produce a search warrant or believe that there is possible danger on your house, you have no grounds asking them to get off your property. In fact asking them to do so, can lend you in serious trouble. So if the police visit your house with hopes of searching it, they need to provide you with a search warrant if they are able to do so.

How To Tell Cops To Get Off Your Property

Whilst, you are allowed to ask cops to get off your property, it is important that you do this in a diplomatic manner. Being rude or aggressive to law enforcers can get you in a lot of trouble. Below we look at the right ways you can use to get cops off your property.

Request For Search Warrant

The best way of getting rid of police from your property is to ask them for a search warrant. If they don’t have a search warrant, they will realize that they have overstepped their boundaries and explain themselves to you. They will also understand that you know your rights and return to the police station until they have an official search warrant.

Talk To Them

Another great way of getting rid of the police from your property is to talk to them politely. Ask them, why they are on your property and what you can do to help them.  Maybe they could be lost and have the wrong house number so try and assist them.

Call The Nearest Police Station

If the police harass you without a search warrant you are allowed to call your nearest police station and explain the situation to them. If the police at your house had overstepped their boundaries they will be called back and removed from your property.


If you have nothing to hide you can always comply with the demands of the police especially if they have a search warrant. When they are done searching or questioning, you can then ask them to leave your house since they would obviously found nothing against you.

Record Them

If the police will not get off your property you are allowed to record them on your private property. They have no legal grounds to command you to stop or to view your phone since it is regarded as private property. The videos and pictures can later be used as evidence.

When Exactly Are Cops Allowed To Enter Your Property

Knowing when exactly cops are allowed to enter your house can save you from having to entertain criminals that posse as cops. Below are a few scenarios when cops are legally allowed to enter your property.

  • Police are allowed to legally enter your house when they have a valid search warrant.
  • They can enter when they have an arrest warrant for someone who lives on your property.
  • Police may enter when they have reason to believe that someone is injured or in great danger within your house.
  • Cops may enter your house if you verbally permit then to enter your house even if they do not have a search warrant.

What To Do When Cops Enter Your Property

Receiving an unexpected visit from the cops can make you feel confused. Below are a few things you need to do or take note off when there are cops within your property.

  • When cops knock on your door, never ignore them as you can end up in trouble for doing so.
  • Never argue with a police officer even if they do not have a search warrant for your house.
  • If a cop handcuffs you, do not resist as you might end up getting hurt.
  • If the cops have a search warrant for your house, make sure they give you a copy of the search warrant for future reference purposes.
  • If the cops do not have a search warrant you are entitled to request a business card or badge number of the police officer.

Can Police Walk Around Your Property?

Yes, police can walk around your property especially if they suspect that someone is in great danger or if they suspect that criminal activities are happening on your property. If you see a police officer waking around your property, you are allowed to talk to them and ask whether they have a search warrant. If they don’t you can move further to ask them what exactly they are looking for. The police officer should be able to give you a reasonable explanation as to why they are walking around your property.

Rights Police Don’t Want You To Know?

While people are entitled to many rights under the constitution, a lot of people are still unaware of their rights especially when they are arrested by the police. Below are some of the rights which can help you in the event that you get arrested.

  • Your phone is private property and the police are not allowed to go through it unless they have a warrant.
  • Police officers cannot enter your house unless they have a search warrant.
  • You have the right to film or take a picture of a police officer if they want to search your house without a warrant.
  • If you have not been arrested or detained you are allowed to leave the police station.
  • You have the right to look at a search warrant or to be provided with a copy.


Receiving an unexpected visit from the cops can leave you feeling confused. We hope this article has made you aware of your rights and the reasonable steps you can take to get rid of cops on your property.