My House Smells Like Gasoline But I Have Electric (Reasons Included)

Gasoline is a mixture of volatile and flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. It can be used as a fuel for IC engines. Gasoline has a distinctive smell that can easily be identified. The smell of gasoline can be likened to the smell of rotten eggs. There are many sources of gasoline in the homes. It is normal to smell gasoline in the home even though the house is electric powered. There are many reasons for this which every house owner should be aware of. Whenever someone smells gasoline in the home it is recommended to quickly identify the source and address the root cause of the smell. Caution should be exercised due to the danger associated with gas particularly in homes where human life is at risk.

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Sources of Gasoline Smell

There are many reasons why gasoline smell can be found in a house. The smell of gasoline is among one of the most alarming smells one can experience in a house and there are several potential causes of this odor that can come directly from different items in your home and resulting in a potentially volatile indoor atmosphere. Below are the common causes of gasoline smell in a house that is electric.

Sewer Leakage

This is one of the reasons why gasoline smell can be found in a house that has electricity. Burst sewer can produce an odor that almost the same as gasoline. Sewer leakages are caused by burst pipes and blockages along the sewer piping system resulting in sewer waste accumulating until they start leaking. Sometimes houses that have a septic tank within their yards or in close proximity to their houses can smell that odor as well. House owners are recommended to always check their sewer lines for leakages and ascertain the source of the smell in their house. For blockages a plumber can assist to unblock and allow sewer waste to move freely without accumulating resulting in the odor.

The area where the sewer used to flow also should be cleaned and all remains removed and dumped away from the house. In case of a sewer pipe burst the house owner may source services of a plumber to fix the burst but in case it’s the septic tank that is generating the odor, nothing much can be done except to re-site the tank which may require a lot of resources and money. The other areas that requires attention to solve the problem of gasoline smell are sinks and waste outlets. In some homes the septic tank may be treated with chemicals that helps to eliminate the odor. All these areas require periodic cleaning and make sure they are clean to put the odor away.

Gas Leakage From Neighbors

Another source of gasoline smell in a house that is electric is gas leakage. The smell of gasoline is quite strong to the extent that if there is a leakage from your neighbor’s house the smell can affect your house as well. After carefully checking your house you may check with your neighbor and make sure there are no leakages from their side. If the smell is coming from the gas leaks care has to be practiced to avoid flames due to flammable nature of the gas. Gas leakages can be due to poor fittings, burst gas piping or gas tank worn out. These items also should be inspected and corrective action done if they have problem. If leakages are caused by broken pipe, the pipe has to be repaired or replaced and fitted tightly to ensure that no gas escapes resulting in the smell.  Gasoline smell can additionally be caused by sulfur from bacterial action. The sulfur is not as harmful as the actual gas leak and it is removed by disinfecting the area.

Dead Animals

Dead animals in and around your house can be a source for a gasoline odor in your home despite being electric. For house owners that use different pesticides to kill rats, the rat may die under very confined space and rot in that position. The owner will hear a smell which grows with time necessitating the need for the owner to clean the house thoroughly. Gasoline smell is due to release of sulfur compounds that are also released by dead animals. This is another reason why gasoline smell can be found in a house that has electricity. It is important to check everywhere for dead animals like rats inside or outside your house. All dead animals have to be taken away and disposed away from the home or thrown into the rubbish pits and the pit closed. This way the smell will disappear from your house.

Gasoline Spillages

The other most obvious possible reason why gasoline smell can be found in a house that is electric is gasoline spillages. The spillages may be on your car in the garage or gasoline stained clothes. With time the smell on these spillages can grow strong. If you find out that is the case, you should clean your clothes and any spillages on your garage. All the sources of gasoline odor have to be cleaned to ensure the odor disappears. In other cases the smell may be coming directly from your car gas tank leakage. Where possible the garage has to be allowed some time open so that fresh air can enter. The smell can also be coming from gasoline refilling cylinders for your car. The cylinders should be kept in a room that is properly ventilated and be closed always to contain the smell.


As mention in sections above, it is common for a house with electricity to smell gasoline. Good housekeeping is very key in ensuring that a clean and fresh atmosphere within your house is available. This will help in clearing the gasoline odor. The garage should also be regularly cleaned so that any gasoline stained mats and floors are also clean and free from the odor. The issues highlighted in this article are not exhaustive as there are many items that may produce the same smell.