What To Do When Someone Steals From Your House

Being a victim of theft can leave you confused, frustrated and traumatized, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit still and come to terms with the situation. Below we discuss what to do when someone steals from your house so that you can get the justice and closure you deserve.

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What To When Someone Steals From Your House

When someone steals from your house it is regarded as theft even if the person is your closest family member. So when someone steals from your house, the first thing you need to do is to report the issue to the police. In most cases, they will come to your house to take your statement and the list of items that were stolen from your house. If you have pictures of the stolen goods or items make sure you provide the police with copies. If you have suspects you can also mention them to the police so that the police can launch a thorough investigation into the case. The police will provide you with a case number to your report, which you can then use to follow up on the investigation should you have any questions or additional information pertaining to the crime.

What To Do When A Family Member Steals From Your House

When dealing with crime committed by a family member sometimes it is best not to involve the police. This is mainly because it can end up destroying your relationship with your family members. So when a family member steals from your house and you are most certain that they did it you can just start by asking them whether they have seen your belongings anywhere around the house. Make sure you ask them politely, sometimes they might feel bad about taking your belongings and return them back without you knowing. However, if your family member continues to deny that they haven’t seen the items, you can then involve the police since they would have proven that they are dishonest towards you.

How To Prevent People From Stealing From Your House

If you are losing most of your belongings due to theft in your house then maybe it’s time you took a bit of action in order to prevent your house from being a target for robberies. Below are a few methods you can use to minimize theft in your house.

Install Cameras

One of the best ways to prevent theft in your house is to install surveillance cameras. These will help to ensure that when a thief tries to steal from your house, they will be caught on camera. You can install the cameras on the outside and on the inside of your house so that you can be able to have a clear picture of what happens inside and outside your house. Houses that have cameras are usually at a lower risk of being robbed since thieves are usually scared of being caught on camera.

Place Locks On Your Doors

Placing security locks on your doors can help to minimize robberies in your house. This is because the thieves will need more time to break the locks and in the process they can end up getting caught. So make sure you put locks on every door in your house so as to reduce the risk of getting robbed.

Hide Valuables

If you usually keep valuables like phones, cash and laptops in your house make sure you put them in a safe or a concealed place before leaving the house. This is because if you leave valuables lying around the house, there is a huge risk that thieves will see them whilst piping into your house and this is usually what tempts them to steal. So always make sure that you hide your valuables in safe places before leaving the house.

Put A Sign

Another great and cheap way of preventing people from stealing in your house is to put up a sign in your yard or on the do which reads “24/7 surveillance here”. When buglers see this sign, they will try to avoid breaking into your house because they know their faces will be caught on camera. So if you are always being robbed in your house try purchasing a sign and mounting it onto your yard.

Install Digital Trackers On Devices

If you have phones and laptops in your house, you can always install digital trackers on them so as to prevent them from being stolen.  Once a thief steals them, you can easily track the devices from another gadget. So if your gadgets are usually getting stolen, it’s best that you install tracking devices on them just in case they get stolen.

What Do You Call When Someone Stole From You?

When someone steals from you, it’s best that you call the police. In most cases they will come to the crime scene to take a statement from you. If you feel like they are taking forever to come you can always go directly to the station to report the crime.

Do Police Return Stolen Property?

Yes, police can return stolen property to the original owner. So if you suspect that something is stolen property you need to take it to the police and report the matter. The police will find the original owners and return it.

What To Do When Someone Borrows Something And Won’t Give It Back?

When someone borrows something from you and won’t give it back the best thing you can do is to confront them about it. Explain to them the original terms of your agreement and how they are violating it. If they still won’t comply you can report the matter to the police and they will find ways of handling it.


Being a victim of theft can be very traumatizing and we hope this article has highlighted the exact actions you need to take when you are robbed. It’s also important to remember that prevention is better than cure, so always adopt any of the methods of preventing theft indicated in the article above.