Most Common Evolution Golf Cart Problems (And Solutions!)

The evolution brand is the got to brand for most golf lovers. The Evolution company offers golf carts that are both environmentally friendly and are wonderfully suited for use in the course, hotels and other business places. The evolution golf cart offers stable performance, flexible controls and a comfortable driving experience. The Evolution company also offers a wide range of golf carts configurations that suit a wide range of applications, from the two-seater variants to the four-seater variant. It also comes with a wide range of colors to choose from so as to satisfy the needs of the customer.

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Working Principle

The evolution golf cart uses an electric motor to provide power to the wheels. A large lithium ion (LiFePO4) battery pack with 5.28KWh energy and 48 V or a Trojan T875 (8v)/T105(6V) is used to power the electric motor. This allows the golf cart to be very responsive and offer good range however the Evolution golf cart does come with a few problems that will be discussed below.

1. Slopes

The Evolution golf cart has a limit as to the inclination of a slope it can successfully manage without losing grip and falling over. To solve this problem the golf cart shouldn’t be driven on steep slopes in excess of 25%.

2. Battery Problems

The LFP lithium-ion batteries or lead- acid batteries used in the Evolution golf cart can’t operate below -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) and above 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). Operating beyond these temperature ranges could cause problems such as permanent damage to the battery.

Battery Safety

The batteries used in the Evolution golf cart also have another problem. The battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compound chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other reproductive problems. To solve this problem care is needed when handling the Evolution battery. The battery should be cleaned regularly and handled using protective equipment such as safety googles. It is advisable to also wash hands after touching the battery.

The Evolution batteries also produce hydrogen gas when charging and hydrogen is very explosive hence to solve this problem, smoke and any sources of static electricity should not come near the battery.

The battery also generates a large amount of voltage (48V) hence eliminate the problem of electric shock by using an isolated wrench. Short circuits generate large amounts of current which may causes bodily injury hence Evolution battery maintenance should be carried out by trained personnel.

Moisture Issues

The Evolution golf cart batteries can’t be immersed in water and they can’t be pressure washed, as water causes lithium to combust and cause fire problems.

The large lithium-ion battery pack also has long charging times of up to 4hrs to 5hrs while the Trojan battery pack has longer charging times of up to 8 to 10 hours, hence it should be charged over night when it is not in use. Clean the battery using a dry cotton yarn.

The Evolution battery loses power if not in use for long periods of time hence needs recharging to resolve the problem.

3. Battery Charger

The Evolution golf cart uses a C4825 specific battery charger designed for the golf cart itself which requires 85 to 264 VAC and input currents greater than 9A with frequencies of 45 HZ to 65HZ. To avoid any problems, only this charger should be used with the Evolution golf cart. The AC Input and Dc output should also be connected correctly in order to reduce problems of arcing and short circuiting which could result in fires. It is also recommended not to disassemble the battery charger in order to avoid problems of electric shock or any other electrical problems like burning sensitive electrical elements in the charger. The Evolution battery charger cables could become cracked and corroded and fail to make adequate electrical contact hence to reduce problems of overheating and electric shocks the evolution battery charger cables should be inspected and repaired if necessary. Also provide adequate ventilation when charging the battery pack as the Evolution charger or battery pack has heating problems.

4.Pedals and Controls

The accelerator and brake pedals used in the Evolution golf cart could become loose and fail to return to their original position after foot pressure is released hence these should be checked before the golf cart is operated to ensure they return to their original positions to mitigate the problem. Also check the signal, braking and turning lights to ensure they have no problems and are operating properly. The reverse beeper could also develop problems and fail to beep when the Evolution golf cart is set to the reverse mode hence needs checking. The Evolution golf cart steering wheel can also become loose hence to mitigate this problem rotate the steering wheel right and left to ensure there is no excessive free play and rattling sounds.

5. Tires and Tire Pressure

The tires used in the Evolution golf cart can run out of tire pressure hence when driven this could damage the tire itself and any other mechanical components. To solve this problem, inflate the tire to around 20 to 23 psi (138kpa to 159kpa). Tires can also get punctured by sharp objects causing accidents hence to mitigate this problem check the tire surface and remove any embedded objects. Also check to ensure there are no cracks or damages to the tires, as defective tires have a problem of causing accidents. Evolution golf cart tires should be properly sized and installed to reduce dangers of collisions.


The Evolution golf cart tires experiences problems particularly when driven in wet conditions where they could fail to maintain traction and slip hence when driving on wet or loose terrains reduce speed as much as possible. Regularly check lug nuts for tightness to avoid any problems.

6. Rear Axle lubrication

The rear axle used in the Evolution golf cart has a problem where oil leaks may develop or the oil may get depleted hence the oil level should be checked regularly using a cleaned dip stick. The dip stick is inserted into the rear axle and care has to be taken to ensure it reaches the bottom. The depth measured by the dip stick should be 13cm (1,3L) for optimum operation.

7. Chassis Problems

The Evolution golf cart chassis may develop problems and need maintenance. One problem that could develop with the chassis is loose dust caps on the steering gear box hence allowing dust to enter into the gear box causing rusting problems. To solve this problem, check the dust proof caps. The caps should be tight on the two terminal ends. Also regularly add lubrication to mechanical joints at least once every moth.

8. Broken solenoid

The evolution golf cart solenoid which is a coil of wire used as an electro-magnet to power the Evolution golf cart motor could develop problems and become faulty. Hence it may need to be replaced. It should provide a clicking sound when the ignition is turned and failure to hear this, signals a problems hence urgent care is needed for the solenoid.

9. Motor Problems

The Evolution golf cart motor can develop problems and fail to work however a reset button is usually used to reset its parameters. If the reset button doesn’t solve the problem, it may need replacing.

10. Faulty potentiometer

Another Evolution golf cart problem is a faulty potentiometer. The potentiometer is responsible for controlling the speed of the Evolution golf cart. If you start your Evolution golf cart and you are having trouble maintaining your speed or reaching your desired speed then there is definitely a problem with the potentiometer and you need to have it fixed.

11. Faulty switch

Evolution gold carts have an option for you to switch between reversing and moving forward however, this switch is prone to corrosion so in the near future you might have problems with that switch. Although the switch is built to last longer that is not the case so you might need to take your Evolution golf cart to the repair store so that the switch maybe replace. However, this is mostly likely going to cost you a lot of money.

How to avoid Evolution golf cart problems

Service your Evolution golf cart regularly

This is the best option to avoid any problems discussed above. You should make sure you take your Evolution golf cart for services so that experts can fix any problems before it’s too late.  Having your Evolution golf cart checked on a regular basis will help to retain its performance on the golf cart. You will reduce golf cart problems by performing regular servicing.

Regularly check tire pressure

This is something that you can do on your own without involving experts. Always ensure that your golf cart has enough tire pressure. This will help to ensure that it moves faster on the golf course.

Keep battery charged

Since Evolution golf carts are electrically powered you need to ensure that your battery is always charged. This helps to improve the performance of your golf cart. There is nothing boring as having a golf cart that is stuck on the golf course simply because the battery has run low. In order to avoid such scenarios please always ensure that your evolution golf cart is fully charged.

Is Evolution a good golf cart brand?

Yes Evolution is a good and trusted golf cart brand. Evolution golf carts are durable and they can be used on and off the golf course for a number of purposes.  Evolution also has a good reputation of developing state of the art golf carts that actually compete on the market with big brands. So if you are thinking of buying an Evolution golf cart then you definitely need to go for it.

How fast is an Evolution golf cart?

An Evolution golf cart is faster that many golf carts on the market. It has a maximum speed of 25mph and has the ability of accelerating from 0 to 25mph with 5 seconds. Most brands of golf carts have an average speed of 20mph. Therefore if you are looking for a fast golf cart the Evolution is the best brand to buy.

How to make an Evolution golf cart go faster

If 25mph does not impress you then you can always replace its motor with high speed or torque upgraded electric motor. This is a bit expensive and can cost you up to $1000. If you are keen on making your Evolution golf cart faster then you can definitely opt for this idea.

Who owns Evolution gold carts?

Evolution golf carts are owned by Evolution Electric Vehicles. This company is based in California, United States. Evolution golf carts became popular in U.S after having been a hit in the Asian Pacific which is why a number of people are rushing to buy Evolution golf carts/

How much does an Evolution golf cart cost?

The price of an Evolution golf cart varies depending on where you are buying it from. However, from a general point of view, an Evolution golf cart can cost you about $9000 in excess. This is usually the cost of an Evolution cart Classic 2 pro. It is important to know that there are different models of the Evolution golf cart, there are the Evolution golf carts 4 pro, 4 plus and Carrier 6 plus and all these have different prices. You can also purchase a used Evolution golf cart online at a cheaper price but make sure you have proof that it was being well serviced or you risk facing the challenges indicated above.


Evolution golf carts are a good brand to buy even though they are susceptible to problems in future. They have modern features as compared to other golf carts and they are also durable.