EZGO RXV Problems

The EZGO RXV is an electric-powered golf cart. RXV stands for Rear Crossview Mirror; it is a safety mechanism. The RXV golf cart is meant for off-road use and should not be used on public roads or streets. Depending on applicable laws respective to some locations, it can be used on public roads or streets for limited durations. It is a golf cart primarily manufactured in the United States of America (USA). Thus some of the characteristics details we may mention maybe specific to the USA. However, the EZGO RXV is designed for use globally. As with anything mechanical and in this case electrical, common problems tend to be experienced. Let us explore some of the common EZGO RXV problems.

Table of Contents

1. Battery Complications

EZGO RXV Battery problems have been topical ever since the early EZGO RXVs i.e. those manufactured around 2008. Though there have been efforts to rectify the problems they still affect many users. For instance, during a round of golf, a single charge might not be enough to play all the holes. In some cases, it is the charging that is problematic. Either the battery might not charge or might charge intermittently. Another problem is that even brand new RXV batteries typically take long to reach optimal functionality. On average, it takes over 100 charges for a battery to reach that optimal level. That is problematic in that users tend to experience limited functionality early on. Due to these complications it is common for the RXV to not start at all. Sometimes it can start but will not move or it can stop after a while and refuse to start.

2. Motor Malfunctioning

This is the second most prevalent EZGO RXV problem, behind battery-related problems. When the motor malfunctions it usually leads to the golf cart not starting. It could also start but when you try to move it will remain stationary. There are several components and moving parts inside the motor. That is why incidences of motor problems tend to pop from time to time.

3. Electric Braking System Complications

Many users have cited concerns over the EZGO RXV electric braking system. Some have even highlighted that the traditional, mechanical braking system was better. Generally many users have noticed that the electric braking system does not last quite long. Plus it is highly likely to malfunction at any given time. For example, the EZGO RXV golf cart brakes can randomly lock and the cart will not move. It is commonplace for many users to replace the brake motors several times in a short space of time due to this EZGO RXV problem. Other complications are due to corrosion of the brake nuts. In some cases there can be oxidation in the brakes’ reverse springs.

4. Sudden Cutting Off Whilst Driving

Some users experience this when driving their RXV  golfcarts. It can be moving smoothly then out of the blue it cuts off. What happens after this differs from user to user. For some they can turn it off, wait a few minutes and try it on again then it functions normally for a while. Others turn it off, wait a while and try it on but it will not start. When it comes to addressing to issue results differ as well. Some can explore replacing e.g. batteries or solenoids and problem is resolved permanently. Whereas others can do that but the return to normalcy will only be short-lived. The common variants of this EZGO RXV problem are it stops and goes, and it stops and loses power. The other variant is that it stops running.

5. Solenoids Failure

In fact, most of the common EZGO RXV problems can be attributed to solenoid failure of some sort. For instance, the sudden cutting off whilst driving; it can be addressed by replacing a solenoid. Solenoid failures or complications come often in the form of loose wiring, coils that are broken, or it can be due to corrosion. Those aspects usually cause solenoids to overheat. Solenoids are central to switches and they tend to fail a lot because of that. That is why incidences of starter or direction switches being problematic can be quite frequent. Look at it this way: we have established that solenoids tend to fail a lot. Yet at the same time they are central to the operation of switches. The starter or direction switches are used a lot on a golf cart. Thus the possibility of golf cart problem arising is sky high.

6. Not Attaining Or Maintaining High Speeds

Another issue pertains to driving okay at slow speeds then when you speed up, the brakes suddenly engage. For some when you try to speed up, the EZGO RXV golf cart continues to move slowly. This problem has been found to usually emanate from issues to do with the speed controller. It usually develops faults causing a communication breakdown between the ignition switch, the power supply, and the motor. The clogging of the carburettor is also responsible for challenges with accelerating in some cases.

7. Susceptibility To Corrosion Of Key Parts

One of the major areas of concern regarding corrosion is the wiring harness. Plus corrosion affects quite a number of key parts on the EZGO RXV. Examples of those parts are solenoids and brakes. Those parts’ compositions are either metallic or semi-metallic. Couple that with the fact that golf carts are typically usually in generally humid or moist environments. That makes susceptibility to corrosion of key parts very high.

Most of these EZGO RXV problems are connected somehow. For example an RXV golf cart suddenly cutting off whilst driving can be due to solenoid failure. The sudden locking of brakes can be due to voltage of the cart’s system not matching the solenoid voltage. Thus it is important to realize that any one problem can lead to or be connected to several others. Whilst some of the common problems are not necessarily caused by the user, many of them are. It is refreshing to know that every one of these problems can be rectified. Some require simply removing dirt or tightening loose connections. As much as one can fix them personally, it is more advisable to seek assistance from professionals.