Samsung WA50R5200AW Problems: 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Samsung WA50R5200AW is a top-loading washing machine that is riddled with all sorts of problems and technical issues which really makes it a nuisance to must people who have either used it or have bought it recently without doing some extensive research. In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of these problems and how to effectively solve them in a matter of minutes. Without much more delay, here are some of the problems of the Samsung WA50R5200AW top-loading washing machine.

Table of Contents

1. The Infamous Unbalanced Load Error

Most top-loading washing machines have to be correctly balanced in order to start the washing cycle (which essentially means the clothing shouldn’t be to heavy for the drum inside the washing machine.) The problem with the Samsung WA50R5200AW is that sometimes no matter how hard you try and balance the load (which is your clothing), it just doesn’t give in. And because of this the washing machine will not and cannot start until the “unbalanced load” error is cleared.

What You Need To Do

  • The Samsung WA50R5200AW has very delicate sensors and unfortunately that is the way it was built. To clear the “unbalanced load” error you may have to take out all the previously loaded clothing and then try loading them into the washing machine once again. But you may have to take out or “half” the amount of clothing you wanted to put into the washing machine, otherwise it will not start.
  • You will also be better served separating your clothing by where it goes on the body (i.e. shirts, socks, trousers, etc.) and then loading it onto the washing machine in sessions or washing cycles.
  • Sometimes just rearranging your clothing in the drum of the top-loading washing machine will suffice.

2. Some Clothes Do Not Get Wet

When a washing cycle is starting, the washing machine will release water into the drum (where you put in the clothes), this is to help wash the clothing clean because water is a solvent (a fluid/ liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid or gas that happens to be a solute.) This is not the case with the Samsung WA50R5200AW, in some instances it does not fill up the drum with enough water as it should (as per the weight of the clothes in the drum.) Instead some clothes may come out of the washing machine completely dry. Even with all the agitation (or spinning of the drum.)

What You Need To Do

  • The Samsung WA50R5200AW has a glass top case so you can see when something like this is about yo happen or is happening. You may have to unplug the entire washing machine, wait a maximum of 30 minutes and then turn it on again or plug it in.
  • The sensors of the top-loading washing machine are to blame for this but because of the build quality of the Samsung WA50R5200AW this problem may not be solved even by a specialized technician.

3. Some Parts of The Washing Machine Are Faulty To Begin With

For instance some users of the Samsung WA50R5200AW have reported that they’ve had to replace the heating element in the washing machine (which is responsible for washing and partially drying the clothes) for at least 3 times in a minimum of 2 year of having this particular top-loader. That’s not very good, if you’re going to spend more money on repairing a washing machine than you did when buying it, you might as well not buy it in the first place.

What You Need To Do

  • If you still plan on getting the Samsung WA50R5200AW or you already have it, you should know that most of the parts it has are going to break or not perform as they should. The best thing in the case of the Samsung WA50R5200AW would be to not to get it in the first place or to get rid of it. Samsung (the company responsible for the Samsung WA50R5200AW) had to recall, and then refund customers, most of the models of the Samsung WA50R5200AW because of most of these problems.

4. Leaves Clothes Dirtier Than When You Put Them In

We can all agree that the purpose of a washing machine is to make clothes cleaner after having been washed or spun around. That’s not the case with the Samsung WA50R5200AW top-loading washing machine. Most users have reported that even after buying a brand new Samsung WA50R5200AW, some clothing comes out dirtier than when it was first put into the drum of the washing machine because the Samsung WA50R5200AW simply isn’t built to standard.

What You Need To Do

  • The Samsung WA50R5200AW is not built right. Most of the people who have purchased this washing machine have reported it to have this exact problem or a variant of this problem.
  • If you are thinking of getting this top-loading washing machine, you’re better off not buying it and if you already have it, it may be better to sell it or recycle it. If a washing machine cannot do what it is meant to do, what good is it to you or as a matter of fact anybody else?

5. More Problems With The Samsung WA50R5200AW

  • Clothes leave the washing machine tangled and twisted, sometimes even damaged or torn.
  • The detergent and/or bleach dispensers do not work as well as they should most of the time.
  • The washing drum does not drain out water sometimes, so your clothes can also come out soggy and wet as opposed to a little dry.


As you can see, the Samsung WA50R5200AW has a mouthful of problems. Problems that a washing machine should not even have to begin with. It is like a prototype by Samsung Electronics that was mass produced and released into the public so they could purchase it without even thoroughly testing to see if it worked properly. It is not recommendable as an appliance to have in your household because you may end up destroying it yourself out of mere frustration.