Zanussi Lindo 300 Washing Machine Problems : 7 Common Issues (Explained)

Every washing machine available on the market as its own problems and the Zanussi Lindo 300 is no exception. The article below highlights some of the most common Zanussi Lindo 300 problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is Zanussi Lindo 300?

The Zanussi Lindo 300 is a washing machine that is designed with sophisticated features that help to leave laundry cleaner than ever. This washing machine has an aqua fall wash system that helps to ensure that detergent and water are evenly distributed on your clothes. It also as an auto adjust feature that controls the time, water and energy consumption needed to complete the washing process.

Zanussi Lindo 300 Washing Machine Problems

NB: Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machines are sold without any malfunctioning parts and the problems listed below are usually influenced by wear and tear of the machine or human error. When a Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine has a problem, it usually displays an error message on the screen.

1. Washing Machine Does Not Fill With Water (E10 Error)

One of the most common Zanussi Lindo 300 problems you may experience is that the washing machine may fail to fill with water. In most cases, your machine will display an error message written E10. Below is a list of techniques you can use to troubleshoot the problem.

Troubleshooting E10 Error

  • Start by switching on the tap and ensuring that the water supply is not too low.
  • Check the tap, inlet hose and filter to ensure that they are not clogged.
  • Check water connections and ensure that the inlet hose is correctly installed.
  • Check for kinks or bends within the inlet hose and straighten them.

2. Washing Machine Does Not Drain Water (E20 Error)

The Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine sometimes experiences problems of not draining water. This problem is usually displayed on the screen as an E20 error.

Troubleshooting E20 Error

If your Zanussi Lindo 300 has an E20 error, here are a few things you can do to resolve the problem.

  • Check the connection to the drain hose and ensure that it is correctly connected.
  • Check the sink spigot and ensure that it is not clogged.
  • Check drain hose for bents or kinks and straighten them.
  • Set the drain option on the machine in order to get rid of water.

3. Washing Machine Makes Unusual Noise

The Zanussi Lindo 300 can produce unusual noises especially when the machine is not levelled correctly. Unfortunately the washing machine does not display an error message for this problem.

Troubleshooting Noise Problem

  • Level the washing machine as specified in the installation manual.
  • There is a chance that the laundry load put into the washing machine is too little hence, the machine is unbalanced. So you may need to add more laundry.

4. Washing Cycle Is Longer Than Displayed Time

The Zanussi Lindo 300 is capable of calculating the time in which a load of laundry will take to wash however, this timer can often give false readings.  Sometimes the wash cycle will be longer than the displayed time whilst in other instances it will be shorter.

Troubleshooting Miscalculation Error

If your washing machine often miscalculates how long your laundry should take to wash in the machine here are a few techniques you should try.

  • Reduce the amount of clothes you put in the washer. There is a chance you are overloading the washer which is why it displays a shorter wash cycle on the screen but in reality it takes a longer time.
  • Put a reasonable amount of clothes in the washer so that the cycle is not too short.

5. Machine Does Not Remove Stains

Sometimes the Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine faces problems of failing to remove stains on clothes. This usually happens when you use the wrong temperature or detergent.

Troubleshooting Machine Does Not Remove Stains Problem

  • Use the correct detergent or increase the quantity of detergent you put in your machine.
  • Set the correct temperature for your fabrics.
  • Decrease your laundry load.

6. Water Leaks

Another problem that you can experience with the Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine is that it sometimes leaks water. Tis problem is usually caused by a number of factors like loose connection or even using too much detergent.

Troubleshooting Water Leaking Problems

  • Check water hose connections and tighten them if they are loose.
  • Check for damages on the water inlet hose and fix them.
  • Use correct detergent when doing laundry.

7. Machine Does Not Start

Another Zanussi Lindo 300 problem is that the machine faces difficulty in starting. This is problem is usually caused by a number of factors like a damaged socket, a damaged fuse or an open door.

Troubleshooting Machine Does Not Start Problem

  • Check your connections and ensure that the main plug is connected into the socket.
  • Close the washing machine door.
  • Check fuse in the fuse box and replace it with a new one if damaged.
  • Deactivate child lock function if it is turned on.
  • Ensure that you press the start or pause button.

What Is Error Code E20 on Zanussi Lindo 300?

Error code E20 on Zanussi Lindo 300 means that the machine is unable to drain water. Therefore, it is your duty to try and figure out the reasons why your machine is failing to do so.

What Happens If Washing Machine Filter Is Dirty?

If the filter of your washing machine is dirty, there is a huge risk that the machine will not start or it will make noises wen it is switched on. Therefore, always ensure that you get the air filter cleaned once in a while.

What Is Error Code E23 On Zanussi Lindo 300?

If you see an error code E23 on Zanussi Lindo 300, it means that there is a blockage with the pump or filter and you need to have that fixed.


The Zanussi Lindo 300 washing machine may seem like a problematic machine, but it is actually one of the best washing machines available on the market. So if are thinking of buying this machine, you should definitely go for it.