Problems With The Bombardier Rally 200 (Solutions Included)

Today the Bombardier Rally 200 can be considered to be an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) for inexperienced individuals or beginners who would like to learn to ride an ATV because of its small 200cc engine. But when it first came out (almost 17 years ago), the Bombardier Rally 200 was one of the most wanted (or popular) ATVs because it brought a lot of premium features with it to the ATV market. However old it is today, even with it small engine, the Bombardier Rally 200 can still put in some work even though that work is slow compared to other modern ATVs on the market today. With that being said, here are some of the problems you can expect to have with the Bombardier Rally 200.

Table of Contents

1. The Bombardier Rally 200 Cannot Handle Bumps

These can be bumps on a trail or a road, when riding the Bombardier Rally 200, the engine may start whimpering especially if the bumps are too deep. Most modern ATVs will ride a trail with bumps or whoops (as they are commonly known in the ATV/UTV communities) without much work or problems resulting but since the Bombardier Rally 200 is about 17 years old, it is not equipped to handle the demands of modern trails that are likely to have deeper bumps,  potholes and dents in them etcetera. The Bombardier Rally 200’s engine is quite small, so at times it can be hard for it to bear the load of both the weight of the rider and other additional weight in the front of the ATV (which is responsible for counteracting the force the rear wheels exert when they start moving.)

What You Can Do

  • Sometimes this issue can be caused by a dirty or worn out drive system (CVT.) You are better off getting into contact with an authorized Bombardier ATV dealer to help repair the problem. However as mentioned before, the Bombardier Rally 200’s engine may be at fault because of its size.

2. The Bombardier Rally 200 Makes Weird Noises

This problem is usually due to the engine of the ATV. It may be that the engine cannot handle the load it is carrying or the trail/terrain on which it is on. Sometimes it could be that the oil filter of the Bombardier is dirty and needs to be changed.

What You Can Do

  • You should do all of the following when your ATV starts making weird noises. First you need to change the oil filter and then right after change the engine oil of the Bombardier Rally 200 (which can be now darker in color, stickier and more viscous.) Then thoroughly clean the oil pressure regulator.
  • If you do all of these things but the Bombardier Rally 200’s engine is still making weird noises then it would be best to take it to an authorized Bombardier ATV dealer for servicing. The ATV may need either a valve adjustment, a timing chain replacement or it may need the chain tensioner to be plugged in. These are all things that need a specialist to fix.

3. The Bombardier Rally 200 Is Prone To Misfires

When an engine misfires, it fails to ignite in the proper sequence meaning the engine fails to work properly at times. As mentioned before, the Bombardier Rally 200’s engine is quite small in relation to the demanding trails you may want to ride the ATV on. And because of the shear age of the Bombardier Rally 200 this problem can be as a result of worn out spark plug(s) or water may have entered the engine somehow (which is not uncommon.)

What You Can Do

  • If you can clean the spark such that it works properly again then you should do so. However you’re best advised to replace worn out or damaged spark plugs.
  • If water has made its way into the fuel system be sure to drain it thoroughly and then refill it with fresh/ new fuel.

4. You May Have Trouble Starting The Engine

It is nothing short of frustrating when you are turning the ignition key of your Bombardier Rally 200 and the engine turns but does not start or it doesn’t even turn at all. Unfortunately some users of the Bombardier Rally 200 have reported that after using this particular ATV for some time, this problem is likely to happen. But the problem may be caused by something as simple as a loose connection to the battery or something as complex (or some users) like a faulty spark plug.

What You Can Do

  • When the engine of your Bombardier Rally 200 is not starting there are a couple of things you should check before you take it to your respective technician. First check to see that the ignition switch of your ATV is turned to the “ON” position. Then make sure that the transmission is in “NEUTRAL” or press the brake lever when starting the Bombardier Rally 200 to automatically move it to neutral.
  • If you try all of the above steps and your engine is still not starting then you may be liable to a burnt fuse, which you need to check first and then replace (if it just so happens to be burnt.)
  • You may be able to spot a loose connection on your ATV easily if you look around carefully. If you find that there is a loose connection then you should immediately try to reconnect the loose connection. If you are not confident you can do so correctly, be sure to contact a dealer immediately.


As you can tell, most of this ATV’s problems are due to its age and its small engine (when comparing it with most of the ATVs that are average or standard today.) However it can still hold its own when tested. Despite being old, it is quite dangerous if ridden without caution. It is still advisable that nobody under the legal age of 16 ride the Bombardier Rally 200 because it may lead tovvery serious injury or even death when the rider gets involved in an accident.