Samsung Ecobubble 7KG Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

Samsung claims that their range of Ecobubble washing machines “deliver improved cleanliness with advanced fabric care”. But if you know anything about Samsung washing machines you know that no other brand of washing machine has caused as many problems for users as Samsung has in the past (with some fairly recent cases) to the point where some of their washing machines (various models and makes) had to be recalled to ensure public safety. But is the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG the exception to the company’s problematic washing machine history? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

1. The Drainage Pump of The Washing Machine Is Noisy

The drain pump is responsible for draining the tub or drum of any water after a washing cycle has been successfully completed. However the problem with the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG’s drain pump is that it can make a lot of horrid and displeasing noises. This is an issue that can either be traced to the make/ build quality of the drain pump of the washing machine or in most cases the build up of dirt and debris in the filter of the washing machine.

What You Need To Do

  • First make sure that the drain pump is not blocked with any lintcor dirt because it may be having trouble functioning correctly due to such substances being caught up in it.
  • Also be sure to clean the filter of the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG after every wash cycle.
  • If your drain pump is still making noises after you have taken care of all of the above then the drain pump may be broken and you may have to get it replaced.
  • Get into contact with your washing machine dealer or certified Samsung washing machine technician to have this problem absolved.

2. The Washing Machine Itself Vibrates Too Loudly

The Samsung Ecobubble 7KG is said to be quiet and energy-efficient, a new generation of smart washing machines that can do no wrong. However you may find that your new and modern looking Samsung Ecobubble 7KG is as noisy and unbearable as most older washing machines are. What causes such a problem for such a modern washing machine? Well it can range from the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG having faulty or loose parts, to you laundry not being “balanced.”

What You Need To Do

  • First you need to make sure that your Samsung Ecobubble 7KG is on a level surface. If it is not, you can adjust the washing machine’s feet to level it. You can also use a surface leveler to make sure you get it right because it is one of the most important things you can do for a washing machine.
  • Your washing machine may still have its shipping bolts attached. You need to remove these shipping bolts before using the washing machine because they are only used to keep the washing machine stable whilst it is being shipped.
  • To ensure that your laundry is balanced. Make sure that you do not overload the drum of the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG.
  • Also make sure that the washing machine is not touching or in contact with another object otherwise the vibrating noise will only grow rampant.

3. Some Detergent Can Remain In The Dispenser

The detergent dispenser is where you put in some detergent, and/or bleach, and/or fabric conditioner. Sometimes you may put mote into the dispenser and sometimes you may put less however it is not always the case because the washing machine comes with a measuring cup and specifications (in the user manual) for how much detergent you should put into the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG. However even with that information, the washing machine may not use up all the detergent you put into the dispenser but because of that what the remains is messy and wet detergent than may even dry up later (if you don’t notice it earlier) and cause problems for you.

What You Need To Do

  • You need to make sure that your washing machine has the right amount of water being supplied into it. The water should also have the right amount of pressure when entering the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG, so you have to open up the tap fully to try avoid this problem.
  • Make sure to place your detergent in the center of the dispenser. This is to make sure that the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG’s water jet (that helps release the detergent from the dispenser) is accurate.

4. There’s Not Enough Water In The Drum

So you turn on the washing machine and it begins the washing cycle but you find that there isn’t enough water in the drum of the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG and some clothes seem to be observably dry and aren’t being washed as they should by the washing machine. Even after the washing cycle some of them come out dry and unclean because of a lack of water kn the drum. This is one of the most commonly recurring problems of many washing machines including the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG.

What You Need To Do

  • Make sure that the tap from which the water is coming from is fully opened. The washing machine will automatically stop the water from coming in when it is full.
  • In colder seasons or areas, water is bound to freeze before making its way into the washing machine, therefore you need to make sure that the water going into the washing machine isn’t frozen.
  • Always make sure to straighten the hose which transports the water to the washing machine and most importantly, always clean the filter(s) of your Samsung Ecobubble 7KG after every wash cycle.


So there you have it, the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG and some of its most common problems. Other than these common and very generic washing machine problems, the Samsung Ecobubble 7KG seems to be a completely solid (good) washing machine from Samsung that offers great value for money. It would seem with something like this that the company has come a long way and has learned from their past mistakes, however that might just be an opinion.