Samsung Ecobubble 8kg Problems : 7 Common Issues (Explained)

Washing machines make life easier however, the moment it faces a slight problem you start thinking otherwise, and that is one of the main reasons you should have a troubleshooting guide at your disposal. The article below highlights some of the common Samsung Ecobubble 8kg problems and how you can easily troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is Samsung Ecobubble 8kg?

Samsung Ecobubble 8kg is a washing machine that has ecobubble technology or power foam technology which reduces the surface tension of water, making it easier to mix detergent in a powerful but gentle form. The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine enables you to wash clothes at 15 degrees Celsius meaning that you use 70% less energy than other washing machines which use hot water washing technology.

Samsung Ecobubble 8kg Problems

NB: Samsung Ecobubble 8kg washing machines are not sold with any defective parts and the problems indicated below are usually influenced by wear and tear of the machine or human error.

1. Machine Vibrates Or Makes Too Much Noise

One of the problems you may experience with the Samsung Ecobubble 8kg is that it may start vibrating or making too much noise when you switch it on. This problem usually occurs when the machine is not placed on a level ground or when the shipping bolts are not removed. In order to troubleshoot the problem you need to start by checking whether your Samsung Ecobubble 8kg is sitting on a level round. Also check if the shipping bolts were removed. An unbalanced load can also cause a washing machine to vibrate so make sure that the load is balanced before turning on the machine.

2. Machine Does Not Start

The Samsung Ecobubble 8kg may refuse to start because of a number of reasons. For starters, maybe you forgot to plug in the machine or the door of your machine is not firmly closed. The washing machine may also refuse to start if the water supply is not turned on or when you do not press the Start button. In order to resolve this problem make sure your washing machine is switched on and don’t forget to press the start button. Secondly, you should ensure that the door of your washing machine is firmly closed and that the water supply is turned on.

3. Machine Does Not Spin Or Drain Water

When you have a Samsung Ecobubble 8kg, you might face instances when the machine refuses to drain water or spin the laundry. This problem usually occurs when the filter is clogged or when the drain hose is blocked. In order to troubleshoot the problem, it is important that you unclog the filter and try by all means to straighten the drain hose if it is bent. Also try to check if the drain hose is blocked by something.

4. Machine Does Not Get Any Water

Another problem which you may experience with the Samsung Ecobubble is that the machine might not receive any water inside. This happens when the water supply is not turned on or when it is blocked. In order to resolve the issue, you need to start by checking whether the water supply is turned on. If it is on but, water is not getting to the machine, please check the hose, to see if it’s not bent or blocked. Also check the water supply and ensure that it is not frozen.

5. Door Does Not Open

The door of a Samsung Ecobubble 8kg may refuse to open after a wash has been completed. This is something that you shouldn’t really worry about since it can be resolved easily. All you have to do is wait for about 3 minutes whilst the machine settles down. After that try and open the door, there is a good chance that it will open.

6. Detergent Remains In The Detergent Drawer After A Wash

If your Samsung Ecobubble 8kg is not running with enough water, you will experience instances where detergent remains in the detergent drawer after a complete wash. In order to resolve this, make sure that your machine is running with enough water. This means you may need to check your water supply connections.

7. Machine Displays Error Codes

The Samsung Ecobubble 8kg is designed to notify you when there is a problem and it usually does this by displaying error codes on the display screen. In order to troubleshoot each error code, you first need to know what it means. Below is a list of some of the popular codes and what they mean.

  • dE- this code means door is not firmly closed or there is laundry that is stuck on the door.
  • 4E- this code means water supply is not turned on or water pressure is too low.
  • 5E- this code means the debris filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned. It also means that the drain hose might not be installed correctly.
  • UE- this code indicates that the load is not balanced.
  • cE/3E/Uc- these codes indicate that you should call customer service in order to get help.

How Do I Reset My Samsung Ecobubble 8kg?

If you want to reset you Samsung Ecobubble 8kg, simply unplug it and wait for about a minute for the electric charge to clear out and then plug it back on.

Why Is My Samsung Washing Machine Not Draining Or Spinning?

Your Samsung washing machine might not be draining or spinning because the drain hose is blocked or simply because the debris filter is clogged. In order to resolve the issue make sure that you clean the drain hose and also the debris filter.

Why Does Samsung Washing Machine Take 3 Hours To Wash?

Samsung washing machines do not take 3 hours to wash. If you notice that your washing machine has a habit of doing so, it means the load sense system is malfunctioning and you need to get it fixed.


The Samsung Ecobubble is a good washing machine to own regardless of the problems it may face in the future. It is worth noting that almost every washing machine that is available on the market has its own problems so you need to do a bit of research before settling on a brand.