4 Most Common Intimidator 750 UTV Problems

Even the name suggests a rugged and tough UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) and that’s exactly how the Intimidator 750 UTV is; rugged and tough. But also very powerful and most of the people who have either ridden on this beast or bought it to enjoy for themselves agree. The Intimidator 750 UTV is a workhorse and that is very good if you want to haul things or simply ride along a recreational trail. The Intimidator 750 UTV does come with its problems however and here are a couple of them.

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1. The Intimidator 750 UTV Lacks Power

A big problem with UTVs that were released a while ago is that they may not be as powerful or efficient as they were when they came out and the Intimidator 750 UTV is no exception. Most companies go on to release newer models on a line up to fix a problem that a previous version had and Intimidator went on to release several variations of UTVs after the Intimidator 750 UTV in that same line. It certainly may be able to compete with standard or entry-level UTVs of this day and age. But the Intimidator 750 UTV is not the best and that can be a problem if you want to do plenty of work (farming, hauling, etcetera.)

What You Can Do

  • The Intimidator 750 UTV hosts a 1000cc engine so it is not all the way weak, however it certainly is not the best either. You can spend a little more money you can get a more powerful Intimidator 750 UTV or have it modified by a custom shop to suit your preferred needs.
  • If you are looking for the best right off the bat you’re better off looking somewhere else.

2. The Intimidator 750 UTV May Not Start After Use

Have you ever left the air conditioner running in your car whilst you were running an errand? Well if you have then you know how car batteries work, which the Intimidator 750 UTV has. When a car is moving it is also using an electrical charge from the car battery to power all of the electronics present in the car but it is simultaneously charging the battery as well (only if the car is moving.) When the car is stationary and you leave the electronics on, the battery is bound to be drained. The same thing can happen with the Intimidator 750 UTV. Although it doesn’t have half as many electronics as cars have, it also has a smaller variation of a car battery that powers most of the electronics on it.

What You Can Do

  • Be sure to switch off all the electronics on your Intimidator 750 UTV when you get off it to avoid draining the battery and thus making your UTV not start as intended.
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean your UTV all around, paying particular attention to any mud, water or debris around the wiring of the Intimidator 750 UTV, so that these substances do not hinder the flow of electrical current or damage it in any way.

3. The Intimidator 750 UTV Doesn’t Do Well In Whoops

Whoops (or potholes/bumps) on a trail are a great way to test the capabilities (power and speed) of a UTV (or an ATV.) If a UTV can pass a whoop without much work or effort on the driver’s end, then it can only mean that that UTV is powerful and capable. However if it cannot, like the Intimidator 750 UTV then that’s just one thing ticked off a list of things it should be able to do. Although the Intimidator 750 UTV comes with pretty gripping tyres, they are small and may not be able to get out of some whoops.

What You Can Do

  • Although the above the above problem is largely circumstantial in relation to the trails or terrains you will be driving the Intimidator 750 UTV on, you are better served knowing which type of terrain this particular UTV can handle.
  • It is possible to get some modifications (as mentioned before) for the Intimidator 750 UTV to make it more powerful and get tyres with a lot more traction for whoops.

4. The Intimidator 750 UTV Is Prone To Leaking Some Important Liquids

When you see something leaking from the bottom of your car, you simply know that it’s not good. The same thing can be said for your Intimidator 750 UTV. Users have reported everything from leaking oil to leaking coolant (leading to extreme overheating) after the Intimidator 750 UTV. Of course this may be due to the bumps, dents and obstacles you will encounter whilst riding on the UTV which are likely to cause vibrations and thus leading to components of the UTV detaching from where they’re supposed to be. This then causes the leaking which can be dangerous and costly for you.

What You Can Do

  • You should always check around your UTV before you ride on a trail to make sure there are no leakages in or around your Intimidator 750 UTV.
  • Place any loose tubing, rubber lining, etc. back to its appropriate position and make sure to tighten it.

More You Can Do

  • If you are unsure about doing any repairs on your Intimidator 750 UTV yourself then you would rather get in contact with Intimidator’s technical support for further assistance on what you should do next.


It is challenging to find the problems (even though they do clearly exist because nothing is perfect) of a company that compensates for some problems with most of its products with very high-tier customer service. That is exactly the situation with the Intimidator 750 UTV, because the company is very quick and effective at dealing with complaints and suggestions from their customers. There are no problems left for users to complain about, all that is left are good reviews and that makes for an amazing product. That’s what makes the Intimidator 750 UTV (and basically all of the UTVs from Intimidator) great.