Samsung RS265TDRS Not Cooling (Causes & Solutions)

Samsung is a well-known brand in most countries around the world. The company makes world class home appliances and electronics that cater to the needs of most people. The Samsung RS265TDRS is no exception and fits in well along with Samsung’s other appliance lineups. The Samsung RS265TDRS is a wonderful cooling and refrigeration solution that offers state of the art performance and comes with a lot of exciting features such as a water dispenser. Thanks to its versatility and ease of use it is widely used and preferred, however despite all these strong points, it does come with a few several issues causing the fridge not cool. These will be discussed down below in this article.

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Fridge Cooling Coils Freezing Up

There are several problems that may affect the Samsung RS265TDRS and hence cause the fridge not to cool, one of these problems is the cooling coils freezing up. This happens at least once every couple of months. When this occurs the cooling fan that circulates cool air in the fridge freezes up. The fan will therefore fail to circulate air throughout the fridge and the fridge will stop cooling as intended. The way to address this problem is to therefore remove the panel in the fridge that covers fan. One may notice the buildup of frost around the evaporator coils and surrounding area. It might be wise therefore to firstly defrost the area using a hair blow dryer before attempting to remove any screws since they might be stuck. Care is needed however when using a blow dryer to ensure the heat is only used to melt the ice and does not affect any other components. After defrosting the unit and ensuring that nothing is hindering the operation of the fan and coils, one can then close up the unit and the fridge should start to cool to the required temperature.

Temperature Sensor Malfunction

One of the biggest reasons the Samsung RS265TDRS may fail to cool is the sensor becoming faulty. This then forces the cooling coils to freeze up and the fan is then prohibited to spin by the ice buildup. To solve this problem one might then need to remove the sensor and replace it with a new one. The sensor unit is located behind cooling fan panel and closer to the top of the cooling coils. Replacing this sensor should allow the cooling system to function as intended and the fridge to start cooling.

User Negligence

There are other reasons that may cause the Samsung RS265TDRS not to cool that may result from how the fridge is being handled by its users. One of these is if the fridge is not properly plugged in to the wall outlet. It may also be wise to check that the outlet is working as intended and the fuses are not blown. The doors of the Samsung RS265TDRS must also be properly closed to ensure proper cooling, otherwise cold air could leak out and fridge in turn will fail to cool. While at the door it is also wise to check that the door seals aren’t damaged and that they are also clean. The door seals must not be torn or weathered, they also must be clean since weathered seals can allow cold air to leak out and the fridge will fail to cool. It is wise to replace the door seals on the Samsung RS265TDRS when they become defective to ensure effective cooling of the fridge.

Fridge Not in an ideal Location

Also ensure the fridge is not exposed to direct sunlight or located near any heat sources for proper cooling. One may also want to set the fridge to the appropriate temperate and preferably 37 Degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) for the fridge section and 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius) for the freezer section. The fridge should also have sufficient spacing around it and the food inside should not be packed too tight to facilitate air circulation, allow the air vents to breathe and hence aid in cooling. Also ensure the fridge is not in demo mode. The demo mode disables the compressor in order to save electricity and hence the fridge will not cool. If the Samsung RS265TDRS is in demo mode it reads OF-OF.  When the demo mode is disabled, a chime should be heard to confirm that the fridge is working normally again and is cooling. The temperature readings of the fridge and freezer should be written on the display.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils of the Samsung RS265TDRS are located at the back of the fridge, when they get covered with dirt, dust or freeze over, the fridge will struggle to cool. The solution to this problem is therefore to clean the coils. The best way to clean the Samsung RS265TDRS condenser coils is to remove the fridge from the power, and power it off. Remove the condenser coils cover and if the coils are covered in ice, allow the ice to defrost and wipe away excess water while the fridge is off. When covered in dust or dirt, the coils should be cleaned and this should restore the Samsung RS265TDRS to proper cooling. Also ensure the condenser fan is working since its job is to cool the condenser coils. Ensure the fan turns 360 degrees by hand and if it is obstructed, remove the obstruction.  Also check for continuity on the fan motor and if the test fails the fan motor may need to be replaced to restore its function and allow the Samsung RS265TDRS to cool.

Compressor And Start Relay Faults

The compressor of the Samsung RS265TDRS sends refrigerant around the fridge and allows it to cool. If the compressor stops functioning then the Samsung RS265TDRS will fail to cool. To ensure that it is working, locate the compressor and test for an open circuit using the multi meter. This can also be done by placing the two multi meter probes on the electrical pins found on the side of the compressor unit. If the compressor is found to have an open circuit it will need to be replaced by a trained technician. Also ensure the start relay is working as intended. The start relay in the Samsung RS265TDRS is used to help the compressor to operate and hence if it fails, the compressor might stop to operate and the fridge will fail to cool. To test the start relay of the Samsung RS265TDRS use a multi meter to test for continuity. If this test fails then the start relay might be faulty and needs to be replaced.


In conclusion the Samsung RS265TDRS is an excellent cooling solution that offers wonderful performance. It can however fail to cool and this can be caused by the evaporator fan and coils inside freezing hence these need to be defrosted to restore proper function. Also ensure the compressor, start relay and condenser fan are working properly to ensure the fridge can cool. If the condenser coils are dirty, they also need to be cleaned so as to allow the Samsung RS265TDRS to cool.