Massey Ferguson Injector Pump Problems : 5 Common Issues (Solved)

Some of the top performing tractor models are Massey Fergusons. These tractors have the Massey Ferguson injector pump. Today we are discussing common Massey Ferguson injector pump problems.

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What Is The Massey Ferguson Injector Pump?

The Massey Ferguson injector pump is used in Massey Ferguson machines such as tractors or loaders. It plays pivotal roles in their operation. Its main function is to channel fuel to the cylinders under the right pressure. It also regulates the injection timing. It also controls atomization of the fuel. The Massey Ferguson injector pump often experiences some problems.

Massey Ferguson Injector Pump Problems

The Massey Ferguson injector pump plays a huge function. As such it is highly likely to experience some problems. Those problems often contribute to other common Massey Ferguson problems. That is why we need to explore the common Massey Ferguson injector pump problems.

1. Low Or Power Loss

There will be issues with power resulting from an injector pump problem. The problem will usually affect fuel flow. This Massey Ferguson injector pump problem can stem from:

  • A faulty injector pump.
  • A leaking injector pump.
  • A clogged injector pump.
  • A worn out injector pump.

Troubleshooting Low Or Power Loss Problem

To deal with this problem you will have to inspect the injector pump. Once you are sure of the cause you can figure out which is applicable from the following:

  • Fix the injector pump.
  • Plug leakages.
  • Clean the injector pump.
  • Replace the injector pump.

2. Abnormal Vibrations

You may notice that your Massey Ferguson may be vibrating abnormally when in operation. This is a problem that can point to a Massey Ferguson injector pump problem. Possible causes of this can be:

  • Faulty or damaged injector lines to and or from the injector pump.
  • Injector lines could be blocked.
  • Injector pump may be dirty.
  • Leaking injector pump.

Troubleshooting Abnormal Vibrations Problem

When your Massey Ferguson’s vibration is out of the norm, there are some fuel issues. It is often that there is restricted or inadequate fuel flowing to the cylinders. To address this problem you would have to:

  • Fix, plug, or replace injector lines.
  • Clean the injector lines.
  • Clean and or plug the injector pump.

3. Engine Not Rotating

When using a Massey Ferguson, the engine may not rotate. This will mean you cannot perform the tasks you intend to do. This is usually caused by a common Massey Ferguson injector pump problem. Probable causes of the problem may be:

  • Fuel pressure too low.
  • Injector pump damaged.
  • Clogged injector pump.
  • Incorrect injector pump’s timing.

Troubleshooting Engine Not Rotating Problem

This is a problem that results from fuel-related issues. For instance, the fuel pressure being too low indicates a faulty injector pump. Other issues adversely affect normal fuel flow. Probable solutions to this problem are:

  • Fix or replace injector pump.
  • Adjust injector pump timing to the appropriate setting.
  • Unclog injector pump.
  • Replace stale or dirty fuel.

4. Engine Stalling

Your Massey Ferguson’s engine may stall. This is quite common for many users. When this happens you can be sure the injector pump is involved somehow. Some of the possible reasons this happens are:

  • Fuel contamination.
  • Not enough fuel getting to the cylinders.
  • Injector pump may have operational defects.

Troubleshooting Engine Stalling Problem

Thoroughly inspect your Massey Ferguson injector pump when the engine stalls. This will help you take note of the root cause of the problem. The solutions you can explore here are:

  • Clean injector pump to avoid fuel contamination.
  • Get rid of either leaks or blockages in the injector pump and injector lines.
  • Fix faults in the injector pump mechanism.

5. Engine Refusing To Start

This is another largely common problem for Massey Ferguson tractors. It is important to appreciate that the problem can stem from many possible causes. It is essential that you narrow down to the exact causes. Issues with the Massey Ferguson injector pump here can emanate from:

  • Inadequately pressurised fuel.
  • Restricted fuel flow.
  • Damaged injector pump.
  • Leaks and or airlocks in the fuel lines.

Troubleshooting Engine Refusing To Start

The important thing here is to rule out factors that are not responsible. Otherwise you may end up chasing shadows. If your checks indicate issues with the Massey Ferguson injector pump, do the following:

  • Fix the injector pump mechanism to achieve appropriate pressurization.
  • Get rid of any blockages leading to, in, or away from the injector pump.
  • Get rid of airlocks and plug any leakages.
  • Replace injector pump if necessary.

How To Avoid Massey Ferguson Injector Pump Problems

Avoiding Massey Ferguson injector pump problems heavily depends on taking good care of the injector pump. Part of that entails regularly cleaning it. The other aspect is to not let fuel sit in the tractor for too long. Stale fuel often leads to the injector pump clogging or getting dirty. Using the correct fuel type is important as well. It is also important to regularly service the entire engine mechanism and other components. That also contributes to avoiding Massey Ferguson injector pump problems.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Injector Pump?

It can be general poor engine performance. Engine may not be starting or it may be misfiring. There can be excessive smoking from the exhaust. When you see these symptoms chances are that your injector pump needs attention.

Do fuel injector pump cleaners have side effects?

Yes. Injector pump cleaners tend to have corrosive agents in them. These can compromise the lining of the injector pump or fuel tank. Ultimately this may lead to leakages or engine performance issues.


It is important to understand that a Massey Ferguson injector pump can solely cause the problems we discussed. Then at other times it can be a combination of the injector pump and other components. This means it is paramount that you exhaust all possible issues at play when problems arise.