Lovol Tractor Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

When it comes to tractors that are both affordable and relatively functional, you need not look further than Lovol tractors. Although some people ridicule the fact that the manufacturer’s name is a knock-off of another much more popular Swedish automotive manufacturer, the Lovol brand can hold it’s own on the field. However this does not exempt Lovol tractors from having problems and today we will be taking a look at what those problems are and how to effectively deal with them.

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What Is A Lovol Tractor?

Lovol tractors are a popular brand of agricultural tractors made in China. They are known for their durability, power and affordability. Lovol tractors come in a variety of engine sizes from 25 horsepower to over 200 horsepower making them suitable for small and large farms alike. They are also versatile with the ability to handle a range of tasks such as plowing, tilling, and harvesting.

Lovol Tractor Problems

1. Engine Not Starting Problem

One of the most common problems with Lovol tractors is the engine not starting and when you cannot start the engine, yoj cannot use the tractor. This can be caused by a number of issues such as;

  • A dead battery
  • A faulty starter motor
  • A clogged fuel filter

Troubleshooting The Engine Not Starting Problem

  • Start by checking the battery and replacing it if it is necessary to do so.
  • If the battery is fine then move on to checking the starter motor. If the starter motor is faulty then it should be replaced.
  • Finally check the fuel filter and replace it if it’s clogged.

2. Low Power Output Problem

Another common problem with Lovol tractors is low power output, whereby the engine cannot reach it’s bare medium power generation. This can be caused by;

  • Worn-out engine components
  • Clogged air filters
  • A malfunctioning fuel injector

Troubleshooting The Low Power Output Problem

  • First you need to check the air filter and then clean or replace it if necessary. You need to regularly keep checking your Lovol tractor’s filters to ensure optimal performance.
  • Also check the fuel injector because if the fuel injector is faulty it will need to be replaced.
  • If any of the Lovol tractors’ engine components are worn-out they will need to be repaired or replaced preferably by a seasoned professional Lovol tractor mechanic.

3. Hydraulic System Failure Issues

The hydraulic system is an important part of any tractor and Lovol tractors are no exception because the hydraulic system is responsible for powering the most crucial parts of the tractor. Hydraulic system failure can be caused by;

  • Low hydraulic fluid levels
  • A damaged hydraulic pump
  • A leak in the hydraulic system

Troubleshooting Hydraulic System Failure Issues

  • Start by checking the hydraulic fluid levels and topping or filling them up if necessary.
  • Also check the hydraulic pump. If the hydraulic pump is damaged then it will need to be replaced.
  • If there is a leak in the hydraulic system then it will need to be repaired by patching or replacing the part where the leaking is originating from.

4. Electrical System Malfunction Issues

The electrical system is another important part of any Lovol tractor this is due to the fact that the electrical system acts as both a power source and power transmitter throughout the tractor. Electrical system malfunctions can be caused by things such as;

  • A dead battery
  • A faulty alternator
  • A damaged wiring harness

Troubleshooting Electrical System Malfunction Issues

  • Check the battery and charge it if it is low on power.
  • Also check the alternator because if the alternator is faulty, it will need to be replaced.
  • If there is damage to the wiring harness then it will need to be repaired. You may be able to fix this yourself with aid from the Lovol tractor’s user manual.
  • Make sure that the battery is always charged, the alternator is well maintained and the wiring harness is protected from damage.

5. Transmission Issues

Lovol tractors can also develop transmission issues. This can be caused by a number of issues such as;

  • Low transmission fluid levels
  • A damaged clutch
  • A malfunctioning gearbox

Troubleshooting Transmission Issues

  • Start by checking the transmission fluid levels and topping up if they happen to be low.
  • If the transmission fluid levels are fine then you can move on to checking the clutch.
  • If the clutch is damaged it will completely need to be replaced. However for such a complex task you mah have to get help from a professional tractor mechanic. Be sure to visit your nearest Lovol tractor dealership for further assistance.
  • Even if there is a malfunction in the gearbox it will need to be repaired by a professional Lovol tractor mechanic.

How To Prevent Problems With Lovol Tractors

  • Change the oil and oil filter regularly.
  • Check and top up all fluids like fuel and oil regularly.
  • Always keep the air filter clean.
  • Check the tires for damage and wear.
  • Inspect the brakes regularly to make sure they don’t wear out.
  • Lubricate all moving parts regularly to keep the Lovol tractor running smoothly.
  • Remember to regularly service the electrical system of your Lovol tractor to avoid problems with it further down the line.
  • Keep the tractor clean to prevent rust and corrosion.

What Is The Warranty On Lovol Tractors?

Lovol tractors come with a limited warranty of one year or 1,000 hours. This warranty also covers defects in “materials and workmanship”.

Where Can I Get Parts And Servicing For My Lovol Tractor?

Lovol tractors are sold through authorized dealerships and these dealerships also have parts and servicing. You can find your nearest dealership on the Lovol website.


It can be said that Lovol tractors are reliable and powerful farming machines. However they can develop problems over time just like any other piece of machinery. The most common Lovol tractor problems discussed in this article are engine not starting, low power output, hydraulic system failure, electrical system malfunction and transmission issues. But with the right service and tools you can get your Lovol tractor working perfectly in no time.