Most Common DC Blue Garage Door Motor Problems (Solutions Included)

Garage door motors are either DC or AC. Today we shall be looking at a DC garage door motor. We are specifically discussing the DC Blue garage door motor. Let us delve into some of the common DC Blue garage door motor problems. We shall also look at the possible remedies to consider.

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What Is A DC Blue Garage Door Motor?

It is a high torque motor. The DC Blue garage door motor has a resilient build. The chassis and gears are made out of metal. The motor also comes with battery backup for greater convenience. It also enables variable closing times for you to choose. The DC Blue garage door motor surely has many advantages. However, we must look at some DC Blue garage door motor problems.

DC Blue Garage Door Motor Problems

The DC Blue garage door motor is after all a motor. A motor has several components and moving parts. That makes it inevitable for problems to occur from time to time. Here are some common DC Blue garage door motor problems:

1. Motor Does Not Operate Under Remote Control

It is possible to encounter a problem where the DC Blue garage door motor will not operate under remote control. This means it may only be operating when manually engaged i.e. using the wall switch. This could be caused by:

  • Connection between motor and remote could be hazy or gone altogether.
  • The motor may be malfunctioning.
  • Batteries in the remote could be flat.
  • Garage door could simply be locked.
  • Motor unit may be unplugged.

Troubleshooting Motor Does Not Operate Under Remote Control

You have to start by checking the small and easy to fix issues. These are things like lock button, remote and remote signal. Then you spread out your checks as you narrow down the possible root cause(s). Remedies you can consider are:

  • Reprogram the remote to establish a solid connection between motor and remote.
  • Recharge or replace remote batteries; whichever applies.
  • Disengage the lock button on the garage door.
  • Ensure motor unit is plugged in.
  • Get your motor checked by a technician.

2. Motor Runs Inconsistently

The DC Blue garage door motor may run inconsistently in some ways. For example, the motor may run but the garage will not open. Then it may also happen that the motor will keep running after either garage door opening or closing is complete. Possible causes are:

  • Motor may be malfunctioning
  • Garage door belt may be faulty, damaged, or detached.
  • Garage limits settings may be inaccurate.

Troubleshooting Motor Runs Inconsistently Problem

When dealing with this problem you need to ascertain where the issue truly is. Broadly the issue can be with the motor or the garage door mechanism. Thus it is best to eliminate all else before concluding it is the motor. Possible solutions to use are:

  • Ensure garage door belt is working fine.
  • Adjust garage door limits to correct the overruns.
  • Get the entire motor checked by a technician.

3. Motor Is Abnormally Noisy

You may begin to hear abnormal noises coming out the DC Blue garage door motor. It may just be the motor being unusually noisy. That is a problem and it can be caused by:

  • Gears in motor unit are faulty or worn out.
  • Sprocket assembly or drive may be damaged or worn out.
  • Belt or chain may be too loose or too tight.

Troubleshooting Motor Is Too Noisy Problem

When the DC Blue garage door motor is too noisy, inspect it. There could be one or several issues with the motor unit or other connected parts. You can address the problem by:

  • Replace worn out gears and or other components.
  • Fix drive or sprocket assembly.
  • Ensure belt or chain is correctly in place; replace if damaged or worn out.

4. Overheating

Overheating problems may occur with your DC Blue garage door motor. The problem is often prevalent in hot weather. General causes of this problem are:

  • Excessive use.
  • Heat build-up due to hot temperatures.
  • Motor is overloaded.
  • Motor unit may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Overheating Problem

Overheating can be avoided and also easily fixed. Some of the solutions are:

  • Ascertain motor is compatible with garage door weight and setup.
  • Open or close garage door sparingly.
  • Install air-conditioning.
  • Get motor unit checked by a technician.

5. Motor Not Starting

It may occur that your DC Blue garage door motor may not start. You may want to open or close the garage door but the motor fails to start. Possible causes are:

  • Power source may be unplugged.
  • Motor unit may have faults.
  • Motor is disconnected.

Troubleshooting Motor Not Starting Problem

This is a fairly easy problem to address. Often it is simple things you may have overlooked. Solutions to the problem are:

  • Ensure power source is plugged.
  • Ensure door in not in manual mode.
  • Get the motor unit checked for faults.

How To Avoid DC Blue Garage Door Motor Problems

In order to get smooth operation for the long haul you need to handle it well. Regularly get it checked or serviced by professional service agent. It is also best to use it as stipulated in the user manual. Make a routine of personally inspecting it on a regular basis. Ensure everything is aligned perfectly. Replace what is worn out. These simple approaches will avoid DC Blue garage door motor problems.

Is A DC Motor Better Than An AC Motor For A Garage Door Opener?

Yes, a DC motor is better. It delivers more torque. It provides more control. There is also more speed variation with a DC motor. A DC motor also consumes less energy than an AC motor. DC motors generally require less maintenance too.

Why Is My DC Blue Garage Door Motor Beeping?

When main power supply is off battery may discharge to lower than the factory preset level. When main power supply is restored your DC Blue garage door motor will beep every 16 seconds for up to 5 hours. This is to notify you the battery is undergoing a safety charging period. During this the motor can still operate normally though.


The DC Blue garage door motor is a good pick for your garage door opener. It is important to appreciate how everything works so that you can easily detect problems. The DC Blue garage door motor problems we discussed are easy to notice when you know the basics. That is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with the user manual.