Troubleshooting Troy Bilt Lawn Mower

Troy Bilt lawn mowers come in push or ride models and both are user friendly. They are efficient too and can be used with considerable ease. However, like any other lawn mower they are prone to problems of their own. Knowing how to troubleshoot these problems will save you time and effort.  The knowledge of basic lawn mower troubleshooting aspects of the Troy Bilt machine comes from understanding what causes the problems and which parts to attend to even if you have little mechanical training. Often this can be carried out fairly quickly and safely. This will result in little or need to call for the service technician’s assistance. The troubleshooting for the Troy Bilt lawn mower is outlined below.

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Can’t Start

If the Troy Bilt Lawn Mower does not start it means you need to perform some troubleshooting. The problem might be just an empty tank with no gasoline. Troubleshooting Troy Bilt lawn mower will help you understand that if it can’t start it could also be an electrical issue surrounding the ignition switch. Therefore, check to see for connectivity and ascertain if the ignition switch is functioning properly. If not repairs on it will be needed and this might include a total replacement of it.

Furthermore, troubleshooting the Troy Bilt lawn mower when it can’t start might mean you have to check the battery in case that could be the problem. Inspect the battery terminals of this type of lawn mower and make sure they are tightly fitted in their places and that there are no deposits on them. Also ascertain whether the battery itself is not dead.

Other components you need to address when performing the troubleshooting of the Troy Bilt lawn mower include the air filter, carburettor and spark plug. When checking for these, establish whether the air filter is not malfunctional or whether the carburettor is not dirty. At times you could find that your lawn mower is operating on clogged fuel which might need to be changed. In case of dirty or clogged air filter and carburettor, clean them put them back in their places and start the Troy Bilt lawn mower again.


When troubleshooting the Troy Bilt lawn mower because it’s smoking, there could be several reasons causing this. The smoke that comes out could be because the mower won’t be supplied with enough air which is necessary to combine with fuel thus it ends up producing smoke. A smoking lawn mower could be caused by a plugged filter. If this is the reason, then clean the air filter or change it altogether for improved performance.

Another cause of the Troy Bilt lawn mower’s smoking could be too much oil in the crankshaft. So the excessive oil will be responsible for the build-up of pressure in the engine. This will allow oil to permeate into the cylinder through the valve train resulting in smoking of the Troy Bilt lawn mower. Once this has happened as you troubleshoot, it will become important to drain a little oil from the engine of the lawn mower. Drain the engine oil until it gets to the recommended level by the manufacturers’ stipulations. Closely tied to this, is the problem within the engine’s internal components of the Troy Bilt lawn mower concerning the engine gasket, valve train or the piston ring. For the troubleshooting of the Troy Bilt lawn mower’s engine you will do well to involve a qualified mechanic.

Won’t Move

The Troy Bilt lawn mower can experience another problem of not moving and yet the engine will be running. This means troubleshooting will be inevitable. There are several reasons why this can happen. One of them is that the drive release lever might be in the wrong position. So when it is in the wrong position the Troy Bilt will not move since it is responsible for the mower to roll freely. To correct this and make sure this problem is addressed, there will be a need for you to keep the release lever in the operating position.

The Troy Bilt lawn mower might also not move because the belt is worn. Replace it if there is a need. Make sure that it is securely in place around the pulleys. Troubleshoot the lawn mower in this regard by checking the components on the tensioner too. If they are worn out they will need replacement. In other cases the problem might result from a low level of hydraulic oil and it will need to be increased to the recommended level.

Weak Hydrostatic Transmission

When you troubleshoot the Troy Bilt lawn mower because it is experiencing a weak hydrostatic transmission you should check the tensioner pulley if it functioning properly. This is because if it fails to function properly it will create a weak tension on the belt thus causing hydrostatic transmission problems for the Troy Bilt lawn mower. In case the tensioner pulley is worn out, it will need to be replaced.

At other times the lawn mowers drive belt might have cracks, be frayed or even worn out. This will cause the pump to not work efficiently resulting in the Troy Bilt lawn mower experiencing hydrostatic transmission problems. To correct this error you will need to replace the drive belt with a new one.

If the Troy Bilt has old hydraulic fluid this can cause weakness in your lawn mowers’ transmission. This can happen too if the fluid’s level is low. To correct this anomaly as you troubleshoot your Troy Bilt lawn mower, adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines pertaining to hydraulic oil regulations. Also, stick to the filter changes of the lawn mower. You will need to change old hydraulic oil and make sure that it is full when you put the new one. Thereafter, make sure to change it regularly at almost the same intervals stipulated by Troy Bilt lawn mowers.

Final Words

Troubleshooting the Troy-Bilt lawn mower can be a success if steps outlined above are systematically followed. Some problems remain very basic and their solutions come by fairly easily. The use of the user’s manual guide becomes handy if you want an improved result from your use of the Troy Bilt lawn mower. This type of lawn mower is generally powerful and yet delivered at reasonable costs.