Kubota KX057 Problems : Top 5 Issues And Solutions

If you are thinking of mini excavators, Kubota comes to mind. They have some of the best mini excavators around. One of the models is the Kubota KX057. It is vital that you know some of the problems a Kubota KX057 may experience. That is what we are discussing today.

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What Is A Kubota KX057?

The Kubota KX057 is 5 tonne mini excavator. The Kubota KX057 is stable and efficient in operation; its compactness augments that. Better still it provides the operator with good comfort. It breakout force is impeccable. Overall it delivers robust power. Let us explore of the common Kubota KX057 problems.

Kubota KX057 Problems

The Kubota KX057 may encounter some problems. It is essential that you know them in order to avoid the inconveniences of downtime. The Kubota KX057 problems are mostly easy to detect and remedy. Here are some of them:

1. Difficulties Starting

It is not uncommon to struggle with starting your Kubota KX057. Many operators tend to encounter this problem. If your Kubota KX057 is not starting it may be due to:

  • Voltmeter could be faulty or damaged.
  • Damaged cables.
  • Starter may be faulty.

Troubleshooting Difficulties Starting Problem

Start off by diagnosing where the issue is emanating from. Pay particular attention to the presence of either faults or damages. Then you can:

  • Fix or replace the voltmeter.
  • Fix what is faulty on the starter; may have to replace it.
  • Damaged cables can be fixed or replaced.

2. Excavator Is Slow Or Erratic In Operation

This is a fairly common problem amongst Kubota KX057 operators. That can compromise efficiency. The root of slowness or erraticism is often in issues with the hydraulics. Some of the reasons that lead to this problem are:

  • Hydraulic pump (and accompanying components) could be damaged or worn out.
  • Fuel filter may be clogged, faulty, or damaged.
  • There could be contamination in the hydraulic fluid.
  • Using dirty or wrong fuel.
  • Malfunctioning engine.

Troubleshooting Excavator Slow Or Erratic In Operation Problem

Do some checks to ascertain where the problem is coming from. Once you have narrowed down the possible culprits, explore the following solutions:

  • Fix faults in the engine or replace what is worn out.
  • Fix, clean, or replace damaged or worn out hydraulic parts.
  • Ensure your oils, fluids, or fuel are clean and the recommended ones.
  • Fix, clean, or replace the fuel filter.

3. Engine Switches Off During Operation

This is yet another Kubota KX057 problem you may bump into. There generally is a lot of demand and pressure placed on an excavator when in operation. That makes the Kubota KX057 susceptible to having the engine go off unexpectedly. Possible causes of this are:

  • There may be electrical malfunctions e.g. loose battery connections.
  • Fuel may be contaminated or leaking.
  • Oil and or hydraulic fluid levels may be low.
  • Hydraulic pump may be damaged.

Troubleshooting Engine Switches Off During Operation Problem

Your Kubota KX057’s engine suddenly going off can be due to many things. That is why you have to be thorough with your checks. Some of the solutions you can explore are:

  • Ensure electric connections and components are working properly.
  • If damaged, replace e.g. battery, fuses, wiring.
  • Plug leakages and replace leaking components on the fuel system.
  • Ensure oil and hydraulic fluid levels are adequate.
  • Fix, clean, or replace fuel pump, fuel filter, hydraulic pump, and so on.

4. Engine Overheating

The engine overheating is another commonplace Kubota KX057 problem. It is easy to ascertain causes that can lead to overheating. Some of the causes are:

  • Cooling system may be damaged, faulty, or leaking.
  • Radiator could be dirty or damaged.
  • Fuel filter may be clogged or damaged.
  • Air filter may be faulty or damaged.
  • Connecting pipes or hoses may be blocked or leaking.
  • Overloading the excavator.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheating Problem

When the engine of your Kubota KX057 overheats it is fairly easy to address the challenge. You just have to find out where the actual complication is. Here is what you can do:

  • Ensure coolant is not leaking and is at the optimum level.
  • Fix, clean, or replace the radiator.
  • Fix, clean, or replace filters e.g. fuel and air filters.
  • Plug leakages on pipes or replace the pipes.
  • Keep your load or lifting to weights within the excavator’s range.
  • Use only applicable attachments compatible with the Kubota KX057.

5. Cabin Noise

By design, a Kubota KX057 is meant to have a quite cabin when in operation. However, cabin noise may become an issue. Possible causes of that are:

  • The cabin mounts may be loose.
  • Cabin panels can be loose, damaged, or worn out.
  • Other parts may be old, loosely in place or damaged.

Troubleshooting Cabin Noise Problem

You have to check to see what is creating the problem. Then you can fix the issue by:

  • Tightening or firming any loose connections or fits.
  • Fix any faulty cabin components.
  • Replace anything worn out.

How To Avoid Kubota KX057 Problems

Regular checks, maintenance, and service are central to avoiding Kubota KX057 problems. You must also pay attention to operational stipulations in the operator manual. Sticking to what is recommended will avoid subjecting the Kubota KX057 to scenarios that can damage it. Keep the Kubota KX057 clean and away from the elements e.g. rain or sun exposure. Before and after every use you must have a routine of checks and cleaning.

What Is The Lift Capacity Of The Kubota KX057?

The Kubota KX057 mini excavator weighs between 12200 pounds and 12820 pounds. The maximum digging depth it can reach is about 12 feet 8 inches. It has a 12 feet load radius. Its lifting capacity is 3410 pounds at 4 feet load height.

How Much Horsepower Does The Kubota KX057 Have?

For the Kubota KX057 horsepower ranges from 24.8 HP to 48.4 HP.


The Kubota KX057 is a good mini excavator. If you use it responsibly you can enjoy consistent smooth operation. Plus it will last quite long. The occurrence and or frequency of Kubota KX057 problems are a function of how you use it.