Kubota Z422 Problems (Solutions Included)

KUBOTA machines are known for being some of the most reliable in the agricultural sector and the Kubota Z422 is a strong, powerful and fairly rugged lawnmower unlike most others on the market right now. What sets KUBOTA apart is that they stick to tradition, using fundamental principles of their very first machines to their more modern machines to-date. But is this way of doing things the source of the following problems for the Kubota Z422? Let’s find out.

Table of Contents

1. Kubota Z422 May Not Start

One of the very first problems you may encounter on your Kubota Z422 lawnmower is whereby the engine does not even start. The Kubota Z422 is what’s known as a zero-turn mower which is a classification of mowers that are only operational through driving them, meaning you have to be sitted in order to maneuver and control them. Because these lawnmowers have an engine to power them, they succumb to most problems machines with engines are prone to have. If your Kubota Z422 has a bad battery, loose connection to the battery or dirt and debris make their way into parts of the engine then the Kubota Z422 may not start. This problem may be more complicated than just a battery that has run out of juice.

What You Can Do

  • Before you start using your Kubota Z422 you need to make sure that the battery’s voltage is at least 12,5 volts. A lower voltage will certainly not be enough to start the engine of the Kubota Z422.
  • It is of great importance to do regular checks on your lawnmower after and before using it. After using it, you are advised to clean it thoroughly from top to bottom to avoid most of the problems with the Kubota Z422.
  • When you start having problems with your Kubota Z422’s engine then it is best to consult your nearest Kubota dealer for servicing.

2. Your Kubota Z422 May Not Cut Grass Evenly

When your Kubota Z422 is not cutting grass or is indeed cutting it but not evenly then your lawnmower is not doing the one thing that it is supposed to be doing. This then becomes a problem with the Kubota Z422. But what causes such an issue? The first site of such an issue would be the engine. When it loses power some grass will be easier to cut than others. An engine can lose power because fuel is about to run out, because the oil/ oil filter is bad and there may be damage to the gears that transfer power from the engine to the lawnmower’s blades. This issue can also be the result of dulled blades which can happen frequently when you are always cutting on wet or moist grass.

What You Can Do

  • Always fill the furl tank of your Kubota Z422 before you begin using it. The oil/ oil filter of an engine is probably one of the most important things on the engine so you always need to make sure that it is clean (not dark and greasy.)
  • Make sure to change the oil regularly even if your Kubota Z422 has been idle for a long time.
  • The blades are an integral part of the Kubota Z422’s function therefore they are the single most exposed part of the lawnmower. They need to be changed or better yet sharpened frequently to better avoid this problem of not cutting grass evenly.
  • When you notice your Kubota Z422 losing power but you are certain the engine is running fine then there may be some loose gears that need to be readjusted.

3. Kubota Z422 May Cut Off All Your Grass

Something worse than your Kubota Z422 not cutting your grass/ lawn evenly is it cutting off all your grass to a point where you either start seeing brown patches of grass or the ground itself. It’s worth stating that the engine on the Kubota Z422 is a very powerful one, especially when considering that the Kubota Z422 is after all a lawnmower. So what causes this? Well apart from the Kubota Z422’s powerful engine, you may have lowered the deck (The deck is the part of the lawnmower that houses the blades, it also shields you from the projectiles that will launch from the high-speed spinning blades) just a little much more than you should have.

What You Can Do

  • Be sure to adjust the deck of your Kubota Z422 and lock it in place. Tighten any loose nuts and bolts that may be surrounding the deck of the lawnmower.
  • Fill the tires with the recommended air pressure for the Kubota Z422 and be sure to repair or patch up any punctures.

4. Your Kubota Z422 May Overheat And Start Smoking

This is another problem related to the engine of the Kubota Z422 and it is certainly not uncommon. Overheating is merely the engine of the lawnmower producing excess output than it should and when it does this, the engine loses power because most of the energy (in the engine system) that’s supposed to be generating mechanical movement is going to be wasted and come out as heat, this the overheating.

What You Can Do

  • There are plenty of components in and around the engine that help it cool down like the coolant and the engine’s cooling fan. You need to make sure that all of these components on your Kubota Z422 are in good (working) condition to avoid the overheating problem.
  • The engine may also be overworking so you may have to turn it off and wait for it to cool down a little.


These problems may just be a great way to show that the Kubota Z422 is indeed a reliable lawnmower and that most of these problems are about as common as it gets when it comes to vehicles/ machines with engines in general. When you want to get the most out of your machine’s engine then you have to sacrifice some of its form (conventionality) to cater to most of its function.