Kubota B8200 Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

KUBOTA is one of the leaders of agricultural equipment for farmers with the quality of its products gaining recognition from the very beginning. The KUBOTA brand is one that will not fail to be mentioned when there’s a conversation about farming or farming equipment in general. And tractors like the Kubota B8200 are part of why KUBOTA is recognized. But without changing the subject of this article any further, here are some of the problems with the Kubota B8200.

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1. The Engine Can Become Hard To Start

This is especially true if you have one of the old models of the Kubota B8200 or if you have not used the tractor in a long while. What ends up making the engine not crank up is a problem as old as the first engine. If you haven’t used your Kubota B8200 in a while, the fuel can become quite thick so thick in fact that it has a problem flowing through the tractors engine. However there are quite a number of reasons other than the aforementioned that will cause thievproblem for your Kubota B8200 including a discharged battery, a severe change in weather conditions (from warm to cold) and leaking valves, etcetera.

What You Can Do

  • Be sure to check your Kubota B8200’s fuel tank and oil filter. Then remove any water, dirt or other impurities that may be caught up in the filter. If applicable, be sure to change the filter immediately.
  • Then change the fuel in the tank of your Kubota B8200 to new/ fresh fuel so that it flows rightly.
  • Charge or replace your battery. In cold weather conditions, it is important to keep your battery in a warm place and only install it on your Kubota B8200 when you want to use it.
  • If there are any leaks on the tractor that cannot be patched up or if there are any problems on this list that are too great for you to solve then make sure you take your Kubota B8200 to a certified technician for further assistance.

2. The Engine Can Become Weak And Unable To Bear Loads

So what would cause such a problem on a big and strong tractor like the Kubota B8200? Well if you happen to use the tractor in very hot conditions or if the engine of the tractor starts to overheat then the power output it generates becomes very insufficient to do work. This problem can also be a result of fuel depletion in the fuel tank of the tractor or a dirty air filter in the Kubota B8200.

What You Can Do

  • When your Kubota B8200’s engine starts to overheat it is imperative that you check to see that the lube oil filter of the tractor is in good condition.
  • If there is poor lubrication on any part of the tractor (especially those that move) the engine will overheat. So make sure that all moving parts of the Kubota B8200 are properly lubricated.
  • You also need to make sure that your tractor’s engine is running properly, that means everything is timed perfectly.
  • Your Kubota B8200’s engine and all its parts needs some clearance before you can use it in some case (especially if you have not used it in a while) so do not forget to service it after every two months at your local Kubota dealer.

3. The Engine Can Suddenly Stop Running

The engine on the Kubota B8200 is the powerhouse of the tractor so if it is having any problems, they are originating from the engine. That is why most of the problems in this article are about the Kubota B8200’s engine. This tractor is going to be doing some heavy lifting when you’re using it. There’s going to be some vibrations, some knocks and some heavy bumps and the tractor is built to withstand this. However only up to a certain point because when engineers are testing for any hiccups with their machines, they only test them in the lab not in the real world. Fuel lines can detach, rocks can hit and damage valves of the tractor and cause leaks of very important fuel and oil.

What You Can Do

  • Before refilling your fuel tank after your tractor has suddenly stopped, be sure to make the necessary patches around the leaks.
  • No air should make its way into the fuel system so replace any damaged or defective parts on the engine of the tractor or around the fuel tank.
  • Always make sure that your battery is in good health as well so as to avoid many of the problems that have to do with the engine.

4. The 3 Point Hitch May Not Move

This is the part of the Kubota B8200 that is essential for installing additional equipment to the tractor like a loader or scoop. It acts like a connection point between the tractor and the additional equipment. So it becomes a problem to use additional equipment when the 3 point hitch of the Kubota B8200 is not working like it should. The main cause of this problem is a clogged transmission strainer.

What You Can Do

  • Before installing any additional equipment to the 3 point hitch, make sure the transmission strainer is clean. Make sure the lowering speed of the 3 point hitch had a controlled grip.
  • Always lubricate your Kubota B8200 around any parts that move (like the 3 point hitch) to avoid any issues with movement.
  • Always install additional equipment from KUBOTA or some that is at least recommended by them.


The Kubota B8200 is a formidable farming machine with the power and strength to show for it. However as all machines must be, it is far from perfect but you can be sure that you will do good with and on most of your farming when using this tractor. Tractors have limits, and a limited amount of use cases so it is very important to know and use your Kubota B8200 in regard to those limits. Otherwise you risk damaging your tractor with overuse or overload.