Kubota L6060 Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

The Kubota L6060 is one of the many compact tractors that Kubota makes. Kubota is a renowned brand when it comes to tractors. The Kubota L6060 is yet another good model but with its own set of problems. Those Kubota L6060 problems are our topic of discussion.

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What Is The Kubota L6060?

The Kubota L6060 is a 4-cylinder, 4WD compact tractor with hydro dual speed (H-DS). Its engine’s net horsepower is 62 HP whilst its PTO horsepower is 53 HP. The fuel tank capacity of the Kubota L6060 is 51 liters or 11.2 gallons. With the Kubota L6060 you can enjoy significantly little to no downtime. These are some of the many upsides of the Kubota L6060. There are some common Kubota L6060 problems to look out for.

Kubota L6060 Problems

The Kubota L6060 is built for power, comfort, and precision, amongst other things. Though that can typically characterise your user experience, problems may pop up. Some of the typical Kubota L6060 problems are as follows:

1. Tractor Not Starting

The Kubota L6060 may fail to start say, at the onset of a new day’s work. Sometimes it can fail to start after abruptly stopping during operation. When your Kubota L6060 is not starting the possible causes are:

  • Faulty starter.
  • Blocked fuel filter.
  • Fuel injection nozzles may be blocked.
  • Not enough fuel or contaminated fuel.
  • Fuel pump may be dirty, leaking, or faulty.
  • Piston rings may be compromised.

Troubleshooting Tractor Not Starting Problem

This problem can be due to a wide range of things. It is essential that you inspect the fuel system and its other related components. Some of the panaceas to the problem are:

  • Fix or replace starter.
  • Cleaning or replacing fuel filter.
  • Cleaning or replacing fuel injection nozzles.
  • Top up or replace fuel.
  • Fix, clean or replace fuel pump.
  • Replace piston rings.

2. Tractor Shuts Down During Operation

Your Kubota L6060 could start and run for a while. Then it can out of nowhere shut down during operation. This is problem that could stem from:

  • Blocked or dirty fuel lines.
  • Clogged air and or fuel filters.
  • Stale, incorrect, or low fuel level.

Troubleshooting Tractor Shuts Down During Operation Problem

When your Kubota L6060 shuts down during operation it is mostly likely some fuel system issue. It is advisable to check that first before checking other aspects. When you have identified the core issue you can:

  • Clean or replace fuel lines.
  • Clean or replace filters i.e. air and fuel filters.
  • Ensure the correct and enough fuel is there.

3. Steering Malfunctioning

The steering of your Kubota L6060 may experience some issues. For example, the steering may be turning too easily i.e. without any resistance. Sometimes it may be too tight to turn normally. It is also possible for the steering of your Kubota L6060 to turn in only one direction. Probable causes of these steering issues are:

  • Hydraulic oil level too low.
  • Front wheels improperly aligned.
  • Faulty or worn out power steering.
  • Steering hydraulic cylinder could be faulty.
  • Leaks in the hydraulics.

Troubleshooting Steering Malfunctioning Problem

When you encounter such a problem with your Kubota L6060, inspect the steering. You must also check out the associated hydraulics and other probable aspects. The solutions to this problem are:

  • Top up or replace hydraulic oil.
  • Install new tie-rod to fix front tyres alignment.
  • Fix or replace power steering.
  • Fix or replace steering cylinder.
  • Get rid of leakages in the hydraulics.

4. Engine Overheating

This is a common Kubota L6060 problem you may face. When your Kubota L6060’s engine overheats it is relatively easy to diagnose and fix. Possible causes of the problem are:

  • Not enough or leaking coolant.
  • Radiator could be damaged or clogged.
  • Cooling fins could be compromised.
  • Fan belt may be damaged or misaligned.
  • Engine could be overloaded.
  • Over-speeding.

Troubleshooting Engine Overheating Problem

It can be expected that a Kubota L6060 may overheat. When that happens, make some checks on the cooling system primarily. You will most likely figure out the root cause. Solutions you can explore are:

  • Top up coolant ensuring there are no leakages.
  • Fix, clean, or replace radiator.
  • Fix or replace cooling fins.
  • Fix, fit properly, or replace fan belt.
  • Reduce load.
  • Engage to lower gear.

5. Engine Smoking

When using a Kubota L6060 you may notice that there is too much smoking. This could happen at starting, accelerating, or any time during operation. That is often a tell-tale sign of issues that need to be addressed. The smoking problem may be caused by:

  • Leaking coolant.
  • Clogged fuel filter.
  • Faulty fuel injector.
  • Head and or intake gasket could be faulty.

Troubleshooting Engine Smoking Problem

It is vital that you ascertain the root cause of the problem. The solutions you can explore here are:

  • Getting rid of coolant leaks.
  • Clean or replace fuel filter.
  • Replace faulty core parts e.g. fuel injector, intake gasket, or head.
  • Ensure the tractor is not overloaded.

How To Avoid Kubota L6060 Problems

You must prioritize regular maintenance and servicing of your Kubota L6060. That alone can minimize or even eliminate the incidence of problems. Augment that with having a strict routine of checks before and after every use. Thoroughly clean your Kubota L6060 every time you are done using it. Use your Kubota L6060 in the recommended way for the right uses. It is particularly important to not overload your tractor. When you blend all these practices together, you will avoid Kubota L6060 problems.

How Much Does The Kubota L6060 Weigh?

The Kubota L6060 weighs 3990 pounds.

How Many Hours Does A Kubota Engine Last?

If properly maintained, a Kubota tractor can last up to 5500 hours (even more).


There is no question when it comes to how worthwhile the Kubota L6060 is. Owning one would be an ideal investment. Knowledge of the Kubota L6060 problems is central to ensuring a smooth user experience. These are problems you can avoid and decisively deal with if they arise. Thus they cannot take away from the robustness and efficiency of the Kubota L6060.