Bobcat Doosan Engine Problems

The Bobcat brand has offered exciting products on the market for many years. It continues to empower so that people accomplish more than just ordinary results on a daily basis. In their business, Bobcat Doosan makes very competitive equipment responsible to do the very toughest of jobs. Within its circles, the Bobcat Doosan engine is a compact piece of equipment that assists you to work more effectively and efficiently. However, inasmuch as the engine can be relied on for superb performance and toughness there exists some challenges that are peculiar to it. These are discussed below.

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Difficulties To Start

The Bobcat Doosan engine sometimes encounters challenges when it becomes difficult to start it. It could be that you can’t start it in one kick thus you keep on cranking or it might fail to start altogether. If this happens it will be wise to check and see if the injection pump timing is alright and not defective. Also check the injectors in case they might be worn out or are malfunctional. If this does not prove to solve the problem of the Bobcat Doosan engine then a look at the cylinders might be necessary. Check to see if they are getting fuel. In other instances it could simply be that the engine itself is out of time.

Another aspect to consider is to find out if the engine hasn’t a low rate of compression and as such timing of pistons should be checked. Another problem that is potentially responsible for the Bobcat Doosan engine’s failure to start is that there could be a restriction of air intake or malfunction of the exhaust system. Critically access to see if there is no air in the fuel system as this can also cause a problem to this track loader’s engine.

Irregular Idling

Another type of the Bobcat Doosan engine problem is that of the engine’s speed surging at low or high idling. When the engine produces these irregular engine idling sounds it will be important to check if there is no air in the fuel system. Also checking if the delivery valves in the injection pump are working perfectly fine can be a solution. It could be that there is a fuel leak somewhere so checking the whole fuel line would be essential in order to solve this Bobcat Doosan engine problem. When identified a suitable and long lasting repair would be necessary. Also, check to see if there is a throttle linkage in need of adjustment caused by damage in the fuel system. Attending to the idle setting might also fully address irregular idling of the Bobcat Doosan engine of the compact track loader.

White Smoke From Exhaust

If you experience white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe it shows that your Bobcat Doosan engine is facing some engine problems. Remember to not use poor quality fuel because it might be responsible for this. If this is the case, drain all of it and re-fuel with trusted quality pump fuel. It could also be that the head gasket of the Doosan engine need replacement so checking for this gasket will be essential.

At times it could that the coolant would have found its way to the combustion chamber so removing it from there would solve the problem. However, identifying how it the coolant has found its way there would also solve the problem in future. Also, check for the engine timing in case it has some issues. This is because the timing might not be perfect and this causes lapses in the Doosan’s engine performance. Also check to see if there is no exhaust leaks which can also be responsible for causing white smoke to come out.

Low Power

If the Bobcat Doosan engine exhibits signs of low power accompanied by a translatable sound this could be one of the following aspects. The problem might reside with the fuel injection which might be malfunctional. This means the Doosan fuel injectors will need to be changed or cleaned. Sometimes the engine’s low power could come by as a result of the Doosan engine’s overload. Check in the manual and find out the maximum load that the track loader’s engine can carry and adjust accordingly. The same problem could be caused by an incorrect adjustment of the fuel control lever. So checking to see if the adjustment is up to speed is also another solution to this problem of the Bobcat Doosan engine.

A high pressure fuel leak could also cause the Bobcat Doosan engine to have low pressure thus making it lose power. To rectify this, sealing the leak would be expected. At other times there could just be a mechanical shutoff lever that would partially engaged instead of a full engagement. So, check to see if it has been moved all the way to its furthest position in its movement line. If this does not help then check the turbo charger to see if it doesn’t need replacement in the event that it is malfunctional or it has worn out.

Mixture Of Fuel And Oil

One of the challenges with the Bobcat Doosan engine comes when it combines fuel and oil at the same time in the engine. This could be a result of the malfunction of the engine valve train. If this is the case, a replacement of it would be essential. It could also be caused by worn out injectors. Sometimes the injectors might be malfunctional resulting in fuel getting mixed with oil in the engine of the Bobcat Doosan engine. A careful inspection of injectors and replacement of them could solve this anomaly. Also check on the injector pump seals in case they could be leaking. Sometimes these seals need replacement for there to be a correction of this problem of the Bobcat Doosan engine.


The Bobcat Doosan engine remains one of the most powerful engines with incredible horse powers suitable for strenuous work the track loader is generally subjected to. This work includes completing tasks in construction industry and landscaping. Because of their usefulness it is important to keep the track loader’s engine in excellent condition. Attention should be made to early warning signs of problems that might result within the Bobcat Doosan engine so that productivity is not affected. This will be helpful as well in order to avoid expensive repairs and losses. When the general maintenance of the Bobcat Doosan engine is done concentration on the salient features highlighted above will be essential for an excellent performance of this track loader’s engine at all times.