Janome 6700 Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

Only a couple of sewing machines have ever been selected for an award and the Janome 6700 is one of those sewing machines. The Janome 6700P won the Good Design Award by the International Design Excellence Awards for the computerized sewing machine’s utilization of a resin and die-cast metal exterior in order to ‘enhance’ the sewing experience. And only a few products in general can ever say to have won the Good Design Award. The Award is given to products that have a beautiful exterior design but they also have to improve the quality of life in one way or another, and also improve the industry to which the product is designated. But an internationally recognized Award does not exempt the Janome 6700 from problems a sewing machine is bound to have.

Table of Contents

1. Makes A Grinding Noise

This is a really troublesome problem for a sewing machine that costs as much as the Janome 6700 does. And the Janome 6700P has this grinding noise (or humming as Janome calls it) as users are ending the length of a stitch. It can be very hard to work with or use a sewing machine that is always making noise. But it can be because the bobbin mechanism under the needle plate has developed a fault. Although most users of the Janome 6700P say it comes out like that from the box. Which makes the issue a Janome 6700 factory issue.

To Do

  • If the noise will be too much of a concern for you then it would be wise to not purchase this sewing machine at all.
  • You can also try to see if your local Janome dealer can service the sewing machine. As the problem can be a simple loose screw as well.

2. Automatic Threader Doesn’t Work

This is one of the features listed on the Janome 6700P’s web page and it doesn’t even work properly on the sewing machine. An automatic needle thread helps thread the needle more efficiently as this can be a tiresome and painstaking problem when done manually. This is also a factory problem, which means the Janome 6700’s automatic threader is faulty from the box.

To Do

  • Unfortunately this problem is also only solvable through technical adjustment. You will have to take the Janome 6700P to an accredited repair shop.
  • Make sure that your thread isn’t so thick as to not pass through the needle’s eye. A thick thread will not move properly through the sewing machine as well, causing the sewing machine to make noise because the sewing machine’s motor will be having problems moving the thread properly.

3. Gray Screen Of Death

The problem with computerized sewing machines like the Janome 6700P is that they run on firmware or software that was installed or put into the sewing machine by a human. This introduces human error into the list of problem creators for the Janome 6700P sewing machine. This gray screen is when the entire machine turns off completely after making a beeping sound, sometimes without even showing the type of error or problem the sensors of the sewing machine would have picked up.

To Do

  • You can remove the Janome 6700 from its power source for a couple of seconds (15) and then turn it on again.
  • An overload can also cause the above problem so before turning the sewing machine back on, make sure that there aren’t any tangled up threads in the sewing machine.
  • The Janome 6700 is covered by a 3 year warranty so you can take it to the place of purchase and get a refund.

4. Automatic Thread Cutter Fails

Another one of the features listed on the Janome 6700P’s web page that also happens to be an automatic setting and related to threading but also fails quite a lot when using the sewing machine. Thread can get caught up in the thread cutter mechanism such that it is unable to cut the thread. Another reason for this problem on the Janome 6700 is that the thread may be too thick to fit into the mechanism. In some cases the blade present on the thread cutter is too blunt to cut.

To Do

  • It is important then to make sure when threading the Janome 6700 sewing machine that the thread is passing through the correct channels for the entire sewing machine.
  • Always make use of thread that can fit into the threading path of your Janome 6700P without any hassles.
  • The thread cutter’s blade needs to be replaced at a professional’s repair shop as it is a delicate instrument.

5. Buttonholes Are Not Properly Sewn

Most premium sewing machines have this feature (buttonhole sewing) and it doesn’t give users headaches and problems as much as the Janome 6700 does. To make use of it however you need to put a buttonhole presser foot in place of a standard presser foot. Most users tend to not read through their user manuals entirely and so they end up taking their sewing machines in for servicing when the issue can be solved by something as benign as a setting change. Stitch density is one of the adjustable settings that need to be looked at when dealing with the above problem on the Janome 6700P.

To Do

  • Make sure that the stitch density is suitable for the fabric you’re using. Use your Janome 6700 for reference.
  • Make sure that the buttonhole lever is lowered. This is the presser foot lever, so that the buttonhole can be effectively stitched onto your desired fabric.


The Janome 6700 is apart of Janome’s Memory Craft line, which are Janome’s most elegant, although very expensive, computerized sewing machines. The Janome 6700 just isn’t worth all the problems it presents users with. It has a ridiculous price and although it woon an internationally recognized award, I suspect that the model they showed is not the model they’re now selling to people. Which just goes to show that some accolades are not as properly curated as the should be. Otherwise the Janome 6700P wouldn’t have won the award.