4 Problems Associated With Janome 15000

The amount of feature that come with the Janome 15000 are a mouthful to say the least and to top it all off (as if the computerized sewing machine doesn’t already have enough) it comes with a free iPad. The Janome 15000 is one of the ‘best’ from Janome’s Memory Craft line; sparking a 7.7″ × 4.7″ display so you can stay ahead of your sewing game. But this modern sewing and embroidery machine doesn’t come without its fair share of problems and here are some of the most prominent.

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1. The Automatic Needle Threader Doesn’t Work

Sewists love automatic needle threaders on their sewing machines because they help save quite a lot of time. If a needle threader works as it should, then sewists cannot be happier because it’s one less problem to worry about for them. However it is not so on the beautiful and very technologically advanced Janome 15000. It is as if the engineers of the Janome 15000 were so concerned with cramming a lot of unnecessary technology into the sewing machine that they forgot to perfect the technology that was already there.

What You Can Do

  • It is not always the sewing machine’s fault. In fact 95% of the problems that happen on a sewing machine are because of a human/ human error (whether the maker or assembler of the sewing machine or the user of the machine. The other 5% are the exceptions.)
  • Make sure that the needle you insert into your Janome 15000 is the specified and recommended one. This is so that the needle threader can correctly insert the thread through the eye of the needle.
  • The thread also needs to be of a good quality such that it’s not too big to fit through the eye of the specified needle.
  • If your needle threader starts giving you problems then it is best to take it to a Janome accredited dealer (or where you bought the sewing machine from) for further inspection and repairs.

2. The Bobbin Case Moves Out of Alignment

Most of the problems that are going to be in this article are common sewing Mac problems and that’s the biggest problem of all. If a very pricey, very flashy and “well” featured sewing machine like the Janome 15000 gives you the exact same problems as a much cheaper one will, then you’re better off getting the cheaper one. When the bobbin case of the Janome 15000 moves out of alignment it can be that lint has built up in the space under the needle plate, or that the thread of the bobbin has loosened up.

What You Can Do

  • When you thread the bobbin make sure to thread it tightly. Make use of the needle threader atop the Janome 15000, just above the big 7 inch touchscreen display.
  • Before you start sewing, make sure that the area under the needle plate is free of any dirt, debris or any other objects that may have made their way into that area.

3. The Touchscreen Display Swells Up

Yes, the touchscreen of the Janome 15000 tends to swell up or bulk up when the sewing machine is hard at work. Sometimes even becoming totally unresponsive to the user or sewist until the issue is dealt with. This usually happens when the sewing machine heats up or in much rarer cases when there’s high moisture concentration in the room you will be sewing in.

What You Can Do

  • It’s best to use the Janome 15000 in a cool and dry room to avoid the touchscreen from swelling up.
  • If the screen becomes unresponsive, be sure to turn the Janome 15000 off at the plug, waiting a few minutes or until the sewing machine completely cools down and then turning it back on again.

4. The Janome 15000 Can Be Very Noisy To Work With

This is not supposed to be one of the problems of a premium/ high-end sewing machine like the Janome 15000 but it most certainly is. It is usually due to the faulty feed dog of the Janome 15000, with some users reporting that the feed dog came damaged way before they even used the sewing machine themselves. Which can only mean the Janome 15000 can sustain significant damage from shipping because of a less than stellar build quality. A noisy sewing machine usually means something is out of place or perhaps broken.

What You Can Do

  • Make sure that there are no tangled threads within the Janome 15000 before you start sewing. Thoroughly checking and cleaning areas like the hook area, which is located right under the needle plate, for any lint, loose threading or anything else that may be out of place.
  • Be sure to clean the feed dog with a fine brush to rid it of tiny particles that may cause damage to it or make it move abruptly.

More You Can Do

  • Be sure to adjust the touchscreen of the Janome 15000 so as to make it visible even in the daytime, this would mean changing the contrast to suit your environment.
  • It is important to note that you can only connect the Janome 15000 to an iPad or iPhone device because those are the two main devices it is calibrated for. You may have trouble trying to connect an Android device.


As far as the Janome 15000 ads are concerned, you can sew with this sewing machine whilst you’re in another room in your house entirely because it is just so advanced and has Wi-Fi connectivity. But in all honesty after knowing about all these problems the Janome 15000 has, you may not feel safe leaving your yet to be sewn clothing with a sewing machine that cannot do basic things most computerized sewing machines will do in the blink of an eye but promises to do a lot of unnecessary stuff in the process. All sewist want is a sewing machine that can make the sewing process easier and more efficient, not one that promises to take the sewing away from the hands of the users but not even deliver on something as benign as a needle threader.