Janome 4120QDC Problems : 5 Common Issues (Explained)

Only a few sewing machines come with a guaranteed 25 year limited warranty (but electronics and mechanical parts are not included) and the Janome 4120QDC is one of those sewing machines. This not only signifies the sewing machine’s build quality but also the confidence the company has for this particular sewing machine. A ton can be said about what the Janome 4120QDC literally brings to the table (the sewing machine table that is.) Like the range of basic and decorative stitch patterns and an entirely automatic needle threader. The Janome 4120QDC also comes with an LCD screen (it isn’t a touchscreen however) since it is a computerized sewing machine. However most modern sewing machine problems arise from their computerized capabilities. This piece seeks to shed some light upon those problems.

Table of Contents

1. It Is A Noisy Sewing Machine

One of the said benefits of computerized sewing machines is that they’re very quiet as compared to more mechanical or past-model sewing machines. Yet the Janome 4120QDC has a serious noise problem, not from the needle or feed dog stitching and moving the fabric but from the motor, all the way to the gears. Some sewists who prefer a silent working environment may not appreciate the Janome 4120QDC’s noisy nature.

To Do

  • If the Janome 4120QDC becomes noisier than usual then it probably has something to do with thread or lint being caught up in the sewing machine, most commonly in the hook race (under the needle plate) in which case you would need to clean the are with a dry cloth.
  • This is how the Janome 4120QDC was made, if you are very sensitive to loud sounds then it would help to wear noise canceling headphones.
  • Make sure to regularly oil the sewing machine as well as too much friction may be causing the motor to be noisy.

2. It Is Not For Newbies

Although some computerized sewing machines can be great for beginners and professionals alike, the Janome 4120QDC is not one of them. The problem is its many function and sewing options to choose from. Which can be very overwhelming for some users. And although it is computerized, this sewing machine has a small hard-to-understand LCD screen which may confuse most users.

To Do

  • If you’re a complete and absolute beginner then the Janome 4120QDC is not for you. It would help to find less advanced sewing machines which there are plenty of out there, which can still offer the same usability the Janome 4120QDC does.

3. It Has Regular Thread Jams

When thread jams in a sewing machine it is due to a number of problems. One of them being the infamous issue of thread tension, especially in the case of it being too loose instead of rightly tight. When the Janome 4120QDC is pulling or feeding thread to the sewing machine and the thread is loose, it will be prone to tangling up and thus causing hams or haults for the sewing machine.

To Do

  • Make sure that the thread tension is not too loose.
  • Remove the jammed up threads in the Janome 4120QDC and re-thread it entirely.
  • With the Janome 4120QDC, since it is a computerized sewing machine, it will often stop sewing until the issue is resolved.

4. It Has Delicate Sensors

This is both a blessing and a curse for the computerized sewing machine, including the Janome 4120QDC. Sometimes the tiniest inconsistency or problem will make the sewing machine cease until the issue is resolved. The problem is displayed on the small LCD (as an error code). Some of the problems include the problem of the sewing machine not sewing with the START or STOP button because the foot pedal will be connected. Or that the sewing machine will not sew because the presser foot isn’t lowered enough. The sensors are not objectively bad but when they exaggerate a reading and cause the sewing machine to misbehave they become very problematic.

To Do

  • Disconnecting the Janome 4120QDC from the power outlet will most likely reset the sensors on the sewing machine to behave correctly.
  • Cleaning your Janome 4120QDC sewing machine after every sewing project will make sure that no dust or lint and fluff from the fabrics you used end up covering the sensors.
  • The sensors are also prone to damage, in which case you would need to take the machine in for some repairs.

5. It Doesn’t Feed Cloth Smoothly

Since the Janome 4120QDC is a noisy Sewing machine to begin with, its problem is that it does not run smoothly at all and so when it doesn’t run smoothly the compartments in the sewing machine will naturally not run smoothly as well. The feed dog is what drives the cloth or fabric down to the other side, it needs to be in tandem with the needle in order for the sewing machine to sew. Sometimes the feed dog of the Janome 4120QDC will start to jerk in place.

To Do

  • Keeping your Janome 4120QDC sewing machine clean helps mitigate issues of noise, especially in the needle plate area.
  • It can also be due to the type of fabric you will be using at the time. The Janome 4120QDC’s user guide will have specific information about what fabrics to use with the sewing machine.
  • Also make sure that the feed dog is raised to a certain, recommended height.
  • In some cases the sewing machine would have been damaged whilst being transported, if the problem is too extreme, it would help to take the sewing machine to a recognized Janome repair shop for some servicing.


The Janome 4120QDC is an average kind of computerized sewing machine, although it has amazing features they are not so special as to make the sewing machine unique in anyway. This is a problem because most standard sewing machines have the same functionality, which is essentially sewing and cost way less than the Janome 4120QDC. At its particular price point you would expect something a little more special, but the Janome 4120QDC is not special at all. It carries basic features.