4 Common Pfaff Performance Icon Problems And Solutions

At the epitome of computerized sewing machine enginuity and elegance stands the Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine equipped with one of the largest color touch displays to ever be put on a sewing machine. The gorgeous looking sewing machine is equipped with plenty of sensors and features that help you sew the most sophisticated and equally symmetrical stitches. However all these wonderful sounding things do not exempt the Pfaff Performance Icon from having problems. In fact there’s quite a couple of them but here are the most displeasing.

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1. It Takes Up A Lot Of Space

As most quilting sewing machines are, the Pfaff Performance Icon (which is mainly for quilting) is a very large sewing machine. The problem here being it takes up a lot more space than you would expect a standard sewing machine to take, and because it is larger; it is also a lot heavier as well which does not make it an ideal sewing machine to be constantly moving around all the time. It is worth noting that the size of the Pfaff Performance Icon helps aid the sewer with more room for quilting but the extra large size is not at all that necessary, exact for when you want to waste some space.


  • Consider purchasing or replacing your Pfaff Performance Icon with a smaller computerized quilting machine. If you would like one from the Pfaff brand, the Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 is also very good, coming in a half the size but offering the same functionality.
  • If you’re set on the Pfaff Performance Icon however then be sure to set aside a specific table and some space for the sewing machine, such that when it’s placed there, it won’t be moved around a lot.

2. Weird Noises When Sewing Some Fabrics

You wouldn’t expect such a problem from a sewing machine that is as large and costly as the Pfaff Performance Icon, but it does indeed take place. When sewing heavier or more dense fabrics, the sewing machine is more likely to have this issue than when sewing on more lighter fabrics. The noises are obviously annoying and it is as if the sewing machine itself is breaking apart from the inside out.


  • These weird noises are fortunately not a malfunction or the sewing machine breaking from the inside out (as you would think.) The Pfaff Performance Icon is equipped with a ‘pulsating’ needle piercing feature that aids the sewing machine in penetrating through some form of tough or dense fabrics. The weird noises are simply caused by the presser foot and fabric lifting at the same time.
  • Be sure to increase the presser foot’s pressure to avoid it from lifting and ultimately making the noises.
  • However large the Pfaff Performance Icon may be, it cannot sew some fabrics, therefore do not take your chances. Instead use the recommended fabrics, which you will find on the Pfaff Performance Icon’s user manual.
  • If you suspect however that the noises are not because of the above explained feature then you should take your Pfaff Performance Icon to an authorized Pfaff retailer for some servicing.

3. Function Buttons And Touchscreen Can Become Unresponsive

One of the distinctive features of the Pfaff Performance Icon is that all of its functions are controlled by touch sensitive buttons and the large color display at the side of the sewer. But an often recurring problem with such computerized sewing machines is that more often than not, the touch sensitive functionality will cease to work, rendering the entire Pfaff Performance Icon unusable because you cannot access any of its features.


  • This problem is often caused by a build up of static electricity on your hands when you’re sewing. The constant touching and moving around of the fabric may ultimately lead to your fingers carrying an electric charge that is similar to that of the touch sensitive buttons or touchscreen such that when you touch them nothing happens. In such a case the best and most obvious first solution is to turn the sewing machine off. After which you should wait for a few seconds and then turn it on again. This is to make the Pfaff Performance Icon lose its charge.
  • If the problem continues then the touchscreen and touch sensitive buttons may be damaged on the inside, in which case you would need to take the sewing machine to authorized Pfaff dealer for repairs.

4. The Automatic Needle Threader Doesn’t Always Work

One of the Pfaff Performance Icon’s best features is its needle threader, it is fully automatic so you can be sure that you will save a lot of minutes. The problem is that it doesn’t always work as it should. But it can be due to a couple of issues on the user’s end. That is why you should always read your sewing machine’s manual thoroughly before you start using it.


  • Be sure to use a large needle or thinner (but quality made) The automatic needle threader’s hook needs to be able to fit the thread into the eye of the needle.
  • With some specialty threads, as when using the Pfaff Performance Icon for quilting, they can get caught up in the hook of the needle threader. So you would need to threadvthe sewing machine manually.
  • You can calibrate the automatic needle threader back to its normal position if it just so happens that it has shifted out during sewing. Just touch OK and that’s it, the needle threader will move back to its normal position.


The Pfaff Performance Icon is truly an icon in every sense of the word, both look and functionality stand out on this computerized sewing machine and that means a lot for most professional sewists. The Pfaff Performance Icon sewing machine is unmistakably huge which makes it quite hard to move around but mostvof this computerized sewing machine’s problems can be fixed from the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to comprehensively read the user manual before starting up the sewing machine.