Janome Continental M7 Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

Hosting the largest sewing area any sewing machine in the sewing industry has ever had, the Janome Continental M7 stands tall as one of the most wonderfully designed and functional sewing machines ever. The name given to it is one of the most iconic names in the computerized sewing machine industry, to the point where probably any sewists you will encounter will tell you that they’ve either used the sewing machine or they have heard of it because it is just that good. But this isn’t to say that the Janome Continental M7 is perfect and faultless. No, in fact the sewing machine does also host a couple of problems that some users may find disheartening. Despite all of that though, the Janome Continental M7 is quite easy to set up, and that is a very rare feat for a computerized sewing machine.

Table of Contents

1. Faulty Buttonhole Sensor

For a computerized sewing machine this premium, you would expect nothing but the best user experience you can get on any sewing machine possible. Unfortunately this isn’t so on the Janome Continental M7, one of its problems is with its buttonhole presser foot sensor. The buttonhole presser foot is used to create buttonholes on the fabric you will be sewing on in the fraction of the time you would spend doing it yourself. The problem is that the Janome Continental M7 starts to flash a warning on its giant 7 inch touch display, disrupting your work and flow in the process. Sometimes the warning isn’t even valid.


  • The sewing machine will instruct you to pull down the buttonhole sensor’s lever, in which case you should absolutely do that.
  • If the lever is pulled be sure to male sure that the buttonhole presser foot is securely inserted into the sewing machine via its cable.
  • Remove the buttonhole presser foot’s cable and then place it in again.
  • If the problem is still persistent and you’ve checked to see that everything is resolved and it is, then a loose part in the sewing machine might be causing this Pro on the Janome Continental M7, in which case you would have to get it serviced at an accredited Janome repair shop.

2. Very Expensive

Some computerized sewing machines are expensive and rightly so, they bring a lot to the table. But the Janome Continental M7 is very very expensive, coming in at more than seven thousand United States Dollars, it really is not for the average or amateur sewist. The problem the becomes that not everyone who would like to have the Janome Continental M7 will not be able to afford it. It is for someone with tons of sewing machine experience, tons of spare change and a whole lot of discipline.


  • Since the Janome Continental M7 is built with precision and solid materials offering features and capabilities on the computerized sewing machine that are second to none, this is bound to be the case.
  • It would help looking and researching for other sewing machines with a more affordable price point, there’s plenty of those.

3. Display Is Not Clear

The Janome Continental M7 hosts a 7 inch touchscreen display ergonomically designed to be as intuitive and helpful as possible. The display is located at the center of the sewing machine to make the machine’s many features easily accessible. This problem sees the display not being visible enough, sometimes to even see the content on the display, an issue if you’re trying to change something on the sewing machine.


  • This problem is mostly due to the brightness of the screen (display) not being adjusted clearly enough to suit the particular lighting conditions of the room you will be in.
  • When in a room that lets in a lot of sunlight, be sure to make sure that you and the Janome Continental M7 sewing machine are positioned in such a way that you are facing the window where the sunlight is coming from

4. Bobbin Thread Sensor Not Working

A computerized sewing machine like the Janome Continental M7 is riddled with sensors inside of it, so when problems start to arise it can be frustrating to solve these problems. One such sensor is the bobbin thread detecting sensor, which is responsible for letting you know how much thread is left in your bobbin and then warning you to thread it accordingly. The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t work so well on the Janome Continental M7. And it’s due to one of three factors.

  • One, either the bobbin thread sensor is turned off in the settings of the sewing machine.
  • Two, dust and dirt has accumulated around the bobbin thread sensor, covering it from being able to detect accurately or at all the amount of bobbin thread left in the sewing machine.
  • Three, a different kind of bobbin has been used instead of a Janome plastic bobbin that comes standard with the Janome Continental M7.
  • It would help to check that the bobbin thread’s sensors isn’t turned off in the sewing machine’s settings. If it is turned off, turn it back on.
  • Make sure to regularly clean your Janome Continental M7 after a sewing project. And sometimes even when you haven’t used it in a while. Dust particles can accumulate wildly over long periods of time.

More Solutions

  • Before you sit down to start your sewing, make sure that the sewing machine is plugged in.
  • The Janome Continental M7 is a computerized sewing machine with delicate computer parts, make sure to handle it with extreme care.


It is often said that “it’s all in a name”, alluding to the fact that the characteristics and value of something is all in the name. And the Janome Continental M7 is a prime example of that saying. The name “Continental” has a premium and high quality effect to it. You’re first attracted to the sewing machine by its name and then you are drawn further to it by what the sewing machine can do, and it can do a lot. Although it has its fair share of problems, the Janome Continental M7 is a Marvel of sewing machine technology and that makes it incredible.