Janome 500E Problems: 7 Common Issues (Explained)

If you are planning on purchasing the Janome 500E then you definitely need to know everything about this machine including some of the problems you might encounter whilst using it. The article below clearly highlights some of the most common Janome 500E problems and how you can troubleshoot them at home.

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What Is Janome 500E?

The Janome 500E also referred to as the Memory Craft 500E is an embroidery only sewing machine that comes with a full color display screen, on screen editing and automatic jump stich trimming. The Janome 500E also comes with a computer software which you can install on your computer. The software allows you to design your embroidery on your computer rather than on the display of the sewing machine. The Janome 500E is very sophisticated as compared to other embroidery machines and it is also very durable.

Janome 500E Problems

NB: The Janome 500E is sold without any malfunctioning parts and the problems listed below are mainly as a result of mishandling or wear and tear of the machine.

1. Visual Touch Screen Not Clear

The Janome 500E has a visual touch screen that usually faces problems of not being clear to the user. This problem is usually caused when the contrast of the screen is not adjusted properly. In this case you have to adjust the settings of your Janome 500E so that you can see clearly.

2. Machine Noisy

The Janome 500E may sound noisy once switched on. This problem usually occurs when the thread is jammed in the hook area. In order to solve this problem, it’s important that you remove the thread that is jammed in the hook area and rethread the machine correctly. Another reason that can cause the Janome 500E to become noisy when switched on, is that something might be caught between the carriage and the arm. In order to solve this, simply remove the object.

3. Thread Breaks

Another problem that the Janome 500E faces is constant thread breakages.  This problem is usually caused when the needle thread tension is too tight. In order to solve this problem make sure that you adjust the tension of your Janome 500E. If the problem persists then it means you have not threaded the machine properly and you will need to refer to the manual. A wrongly inserted needle and a blunt needle can also cause the thread to break. Therefore, always check the positioning of your needles and constantly change them.

4. Needle Breaks

The needle of the Janome 500E usually breaks and this can be frustrating on the user. This problem usually occurs when the needle is inserted incorrectly or when the needle is blunt. In order to troubleshoot this problem make sure that you insert your needles correctly onto the sewing machine and also avoid using blunt needles.

5. Machine Doesn’t Run

The Janome 500E does not run when the thread is jammed in the hook area. Therefore, you should always properly thread your machine so that the thread does not get caught up on the hook. Another common overlooked reason why the machine might fail to run is simply because the machine is not plugged in. Therefore, you need to always ensure that your sewing machine is plugged in before you start working.

6. Skipped Stitches

Just like any other sewing machine on the market, the Janome 500E is prone to producing skipped stitches. This problem usually occurs when the needle is blunt or inserted wrongly. Therefore, always make sure you use a sharp needle that is connected properly onto the sewing machine. Another common reason why the Janome 500E may produce skipped stitches is because the embroidery hoop might not be properly set. If this is the case you should set the embroidery hoop to the correct level. If you do not use a stabilizer there is a high chance that your fabric will achieve skipped stiches. Lastly, if the thread that comes through the eye of the needle is too short after auto thread cutting, there is a chance that you will achieve skipped stitches. Therefore, always make sure you check the thread length after auto cutting.

7. Distorted Patterns

The Janome 500E can produce distorted patterns which can be frustrating for users. Distorted patterns usually occur when the fabric is pulled tightly onto the embroidery hoop. In order to avoid this make sure that you do not pull fabric tightly. Another reason that can cause patterns to come out distorted on the Janome 500E is because the carriage might be bumping onto something around the machine. In order to avoid this, you should never put any obstacles around the machine. Lastly, the patterns on your fabric may come out distorted is a stabilizer is not used. In order to solve this, always use a stabilizer when embroidering any fabric.

What Is The Difference Between Janome 500E And 550E?

The difference between Janome 500E and 550E is that the Janome 550E is a larger version of the 500E. The Janome 550E contains a built in library system that has over 180 embroidery designs. Furthermore, it contains an extra wide extension cable and 4 embroidery hooks.

Can I Use My Own Designs With Embroidery Machine?

Yes, you can definitely use your own designs with embroidery machine. If you are using a Janome 500E you can always make your designs on a computer and transfer them onto the machine.

Is Janome A Japanese Company?

Yes, Janome is a Japanese company that was founded in 1921. This company is actually one of the first companies to manufacture sewing machines in Japan. In present day, Janome manufactures sewing machines in Taiwan and Thailand and the machines are sold in many parts of the world.

How Long Will A Janome Sewing Machine Last?

The lifespan of a Janome sewing machine is mainly dependent on how well the owner takes care of it. In general a Janome sewing machine can last you for 10 years or even a lifetime when handled with care.


The Janome 500E is a good embroidery machine to purchase. The problems indicated above may also be found in other machines but, the good thing about Janome is that the problems are fixable and it is very durable.