How To Make Yamaha Golf Cart Faster

Golf carts are designed with different speed limits depending on the brand and model type. Yamaha golf carts just like any other golf carts are also designed with speed range where maximum design speed configuration cannot be exceeded. There are however different options that can be employed to increase the speed on your Yamaha golf cart. However each method employed has its own pros and cons but ultimately the goal is achieved. Additionally, different methods employed come at different costs to implement and as such the owner has multiple options to choose the most suitable option for your golf cart. Any golf cart modification done should be accompanied by a competent person. Always ensure that any modifications done on your Yamaha golf cart does not render any warrant invalid. It is therefore recommended to consult your supplier on the proposed modification for clarity on warrant validity.

Table of Contents

1. Engine Upgrade

The most easy and straight forward solution for making Yamaha golf cart go faster is to upgrade the engine. Different engines have different speed capabilities and hence upgrading the engine will give you faster speed. To implement this, the owner has to consult the Yamaha golf cart dealers for engine upgrades and chose from available engine ranges the one that gives you the desired speed range. Despite the method being easy and straight forward, the option is very costly as compared to other methods to be discussed. Procurement of new engine is costly in addition to hiring of an expert to fit the engine. Despite the method being straight forward, good planning is critical to ensure that the new engine fits properly to existing components. Engine upgrade may at times require upgrade of other component parts to match the bigger engine and ensure performance balance.

2. Speed Controller Upgrade

This is another method of making Yamaha golf cart go faster. The purpose of the speed controller is to regulate acceleration or deceleration of the golf cart. This increases the speed at which your cart moves. Upgrading of your speed controller to a better speed model definitely increases the speed of your cart. Again this alternative requires money depending on the model of your cart. Hired labour may be required for installation of the upgraded speed controller which also comes at a cost despite achieving the desired golf cart speed increase. It is important to ensure that the upgrade model is compatible with existing power supply otherwise it would also require upgrade of other system component parts if they do not match in sizes.

3. Increase Torque

Torque refers to the amount of force which acts on an object around an axis and is responsible for the speed of your cart. The higher the torque the greater the force and hence the speed of your golf cart. There are various ways of increasing your golf cart torque. One way is to increase the motor power. Increasing motor power increases the torque and the speed of your Yamaha golf cart which go fast with higher torque motor. However increasing torque by upgrading your golf cart motor also requires an upgrade on the battery system due to more power drawn from the batteries. This increases the cost of procurement of the motor and battery upgrade in addition to the installation labour costs. Another option would be to install a torque convertor which increases the amount of torque applied to the wheels keeping the motor size constant. Torque can also be increased by use of a high performance clutch to make Yamaha golf cart go faster. High performance clutch allows engaging and disengaging of engine to the flywheel at higher revolutions per minute thereby increasing the speed of the cart. In terms of the cost, the option is relatively cheap compared to engine and motor upgrade. It is recommended to deal with authorized dealers for any modifications to increase Yamaha golf cart speed.

4. Modify the Speed Governor

The purpose of the governor is to regulate the amount of fuel into the engine thereby avoiding over revving which damages the engine. To make Yamaha golf cart go faster, adjust the governor so that more fuel reaches the engine. This increases the engine performance and the speed resulting in Yamaha golf cart going faster. The process is not complicated for a technical person and is always recommended if not sure to consult technical person to avoid damaging your golf cart.

5. Use Bigger Tyres

In addition to the above mentioned methods of making Yamaha golf cart go faster, using bigger tyre sizes also gives an increase in speed of your cart. Bigger tyres allows larger road coverage at the same rotation of the tyre. The larger the tyre the larger the road distance covered. The cost associated with this option is tyre costs procurement otherwise replacement is not complicated. This makes the option relatively cheap or affordable. It is also less time consuming to carry out. After market tyres can also be used at a cheaper price instead of new tyres.

6. Increase Battery Power

The speed of any golf cart is dependent on the power available to propel the cart. Generally the more the power the higher the speed of the cart. To make Yamaha golf cart go faster simply increase your golf cart battery voltage for instance from 36Volts to 48Volts. This is achieved by adding batteries to the system. The major drawback with this option is that at times it requires changes to the control system to match the increased voltage input otherwise with multi range controllers it’s just a matter of adding the batteries to the circuit.

The options discussed above are some of the available methods of making Yamaha golf cart go faster. It is however very important to make sure that you understand your golf cart model, is it gas powered or electric so that appropriate and applicable options are employed. In cases of doubt, it is recommended to consult Yamaha authorized dealers for any assistance and guidance concerning increasing of speed on your Yamaha golf cart.