How to Decorate a Golf Cart for a Parade [Pictures Included]

A golf cart also known as a golf car is a motorized small vehicle that was initially meant to carry only two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course. This would make it easier for them to move around the golf course using less energy compared to walking. There has been a steady evolution of different golf cart variants over time which were capable of transporting more than two passengers with additional utility features. In some parts of the world there are licenses required for one to participate in golf cart parades and all operators required to possess state licenses prior to participation. Nowadays golf carts are being used for different purposes other than for golf only. This calls for flexible decoration styles to meet specific audience and event type as discussed in this article. There are many factors that are considered when decorating golf cart for a parade. This include type of event, theme, target audience and time of parade. These factors are discussed below.

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Type of Event

There are different types of events where golf cart parade is desired and the decoration of such carts should be in sync with the event. Some of the golf cart parade events include Christmas events, Halloween and golf events. Each event requires unique decoration from style, colors and items on decorations. Take for instance Christmas golf cart parade, one has to pay attention to the colors used. This event is mainly a celebration for the birth of Christ and hence the display on the cart, colors and items should represent celebration to the audience. The decoration should be a gift box for new life. Various decorations including red and white colors perfectly matched are a great idea for this kind of a parade. You may find balloons, glow lights and great artistic scripts very important in decorations of such carts. The decorations usually should be eye catching and capable of attracting attention bringing excitement to many. For a Halloween, the event is dedicated to remembrance of the dead Christians. Again decoration of golf cart for this kind of events requires attention on colors, messages and items on display. All these should send the correct signal to the audience and instill the right mood to the audience. A golf cart for any particular holiday should always be decorated to convey the right message about the event and instill the right mood for a particular event.

Christmas Golf Cart Decoration Parade
Christmas Parade Golf Cart Decoration

Time of Parade

Golf cart parades are done at different times and therefore decorations of such carts should take into consideration the event timing. Day parades should be decorated differently from night parades. A great idea would be to include reflecting color matches for night golf cart parades. Night parades for golf carts should be decorated to have illuminating decoration items. Various designs of illumination lights are a great way of decorating night golf carts parades which gives a unique experience different from natural lighting. Artistic messages on night golf carts parade should be decorated with illuminating capabilities. Day parades for golf cart as well may not need any reflectors but color matching is important to capture the objective of the parade. This applies to any other golf cart parade decoration and as such should be given attention for good results.

Golf Cart Night Parade Decoration
Golf Cart Night Parade Decoration


Target Audience

Every golf cart parade has a target audience which should be given attention when decorating the carts. Some golf cart parades are for a particular group of people or religious section and hence the decoration of the carts should be aligned to the target audience. This also resonates with event type discussed above. Golf carts decorations which do not consider the target audience may result in dissatisfaction of target audience by sending contradictory message that does not align to the belief or ideologies of the group or parade purpose. Religious groups golf carts parade should capture ideologies and purpose of the religious group and so does the same for social groups. Another factor that is important is the age group which should also be given attention. Different age groups have different design that appeals to them. Golf carts that targets teenagers should make sure that it captures the interests of the teenager group. The same for young men and middle aged people. Golf carts decorations targeting kids should focus more on cartoon form of designs that captures kids’ attention and interests. There are no limitations to the scope of decoration but they should be confined to the target group to ensure excellent results.

Golf Cart Kids Parade Decoration
Golf Cart Kids Parade Decoration


Theme captures the objective of the golf cart parade, the message to be communicated. The theme is also aligned to the event type and should be given attention when it comes to decoration of golf carts for parade. Every parade has a message that it sends to the target audience and as such the message should be clear. Clarity of message depends on the decoration and artistic displays on the golf cart. Celebration parades or holidays should have clear theme script on a clearly visible part of the cart. Decoration items should also visually communicate the theme for the parade. For instance on Christmas parade, the theme would be to celebrate the birth of Christ and therefore there should be a clear Christmas script on the golf cart. As part of birthday celebrations, it is a culture for gifts to be presented and hence the cart design should also have different artistic gift baskets that captures the Christmas theme. Various items for celebration may be fitted onto the cart for instance baby cartooned pictures to resemble baby birth. The same can be done for different events whose themes are also different.

independence day parade golf cart decoration
4th of July Independence day parade golf cart decoration


The decoration of golf carts for parade is still a widely practiced phenomenon which calls for good design and decoration abilities for success. The above mentioned factors or guidelines are key in proper decoration of golf carts that captures the right audience and portrays the correct message. It is recommended to consult expert designers and decorators for these kind of parades.

Halloween parade golf cart decoration
Halloween parade golf cart decoration