Greenworks Lawn Mower Problems

The Greenworks lawn mower is stylish and pleasant aesthetically. It has so many unique features which make it strikingly outstanding. For starters, it has no spark plug like many other lawn mowers. However, being a mechanical system, the lawn mower has its own fair share of shortcomings. A just consideration of these problems will help users in appreciating how to circumvent them should they arise.

Table of Contents

1. Not Starting

When the Greenworks lawn mower does not start it is usually evident that power is lacking. Since there are manual and electrical lawn mowers of this kind check to see if the cord is securely plugged in or if the battery is inserted as it should. For those models with the key then put it in and for those models without the key push the button and observe if the mower can start. If not then it points to some other problems.

Reconnect the cord and use the cord restraint to keep the cord close to the switch of the lawn mower. If the extension cord is not connected to the power source connect it to a live 120V AC, 60 HZ AC receptacle.If this does not help check the control switch.If it turns out that this lawn mower’s control switch is the problem because it is broken or malfunctional then you should have the motor control switch replaced. Procedurally, an authorized service centre shouldattend to this unless you are confident you can handle this.

A good test of the battery to see if it’s working well is to place it on the charger. If the light turns green then it means it is alright. If it does not then it points to an error somewhere within the lawn mower. It should be noted that the Lithium-Ion batteries used by most Greenworks lawn mowers maintain most of their charge for a long time in storage and also have in most instances a warrant of two years. If the battery is to be put to storage it will be advisable to charge it to at least half its storage power.

2. Uneven Cuts

Inasmuch as the Greenworks lawn mower performs a good job when cutting lawn it can sometimes produce uneven cuts. One of the possible causes of this is that the lawn itself might be uneven or it might be rough. At other times uneven cuts may be a result of the cutting height of the lawn which might not be set properly.

If the lawn is rough or uneven the problem of the Greenworks lawn mower in this regard can be corrected by checking the mowing area to identify what to expect and thus inviting the type of maneuvering the machine needs to undergo. However, if the problem is about an incorrect height adjustment, there will be a need to re-adjust the wheels to a higher position.

3. No Proper Mulching

If lawn is mowed when the ground is wet or too soft this may cause the Greenworks lawn mower to not mulch properly. This happens because wet grass usually sticks to the underside of the deck of the lawn mower. Identify and establish if the Greenworks is not mulching much or if it is not mulching at all. If it is not mulching at all the problem might be that there will be no mulch plug inserted at all. Should this be the case, then insert it in.

When the ground is muddy or too soft the Greenworks lawn mower won’t evenly mow the grass. A solution to this will be to cut the grass when it is dried up.Sometimes if the mowerhas a full bag of clippings it will make the mower much harder to push thus resulting in the inability to mulch well. Proper mulching can be attained by correctly adjusting the height of the deck especially if the grass is tall and tough.

4. Blunt Blades

At times the Greenworks lawn mower might operate with not so sharp blades. This is usually because when the lawn mower comes from the manufacturers the blades won’t be very sharp.

The blunt blades might produce no grass cuts on certain types of grass.The lawn mower might tear the grass instead of cutting it because of blunt blades.

The solution here is to sharpen the blades on the brand new machine blades as soon after arrival from the selleras possible. This will be helpful in producing the desired grass cut. The use of a metal file to sharpen the blade or cutting edges will greatly assist. A grinder can be used as a fast tool for this job as well. This process of sharpening the blades will have to be repeated time and again to ensure that the blades are as effective as they should be. Some Greenworks lawn mower users keep two blades which they swap time and again. When one is on the lawn mower the other will be ready for sharpening or will be by a workshop waiting for sharpening.

5. Vibration At Higher Speed

When the Greenworks lawn mower produces vibration at higher speeds you should turn it off and disconnect it from the power source. The vibration normally comes in the form of shaking and unusual noises. Once vibration at higher speed is experienced you should make the mower lie on its side and check underneath it. A bent motor shaft causes vibration at a higher speed and this could be the reason for this anomaly. If this is the case then readjust the shaft so that it is properly aligned.

Sometimes this vibration might be a result of a damaged blade. If this is the case then a replacement with a properly orchestrated blade will do. At other times however, this problem of the Greenworks mower might result from an unbalanced blade. You will need to remove the blade and thoroughly check it. One way of checking it is put it on a conical plastic balancer which is usually obtained from your local lawn and garden centre. This enables you to easily identify the area with excessive sharp edge. Faced with this kind of scenario you will need to sharpen or file the blade so that it is well balanced.

In case that the blade of this mower has been mounted wrongly and in some cases this will be upside down, it will need to be unmounted and correctly mounted. At other times though rare it is, the blade might actually be bent or seriously damaged that a replacement with a new one would be the option to consider.

Final Words

Greenworks lawn mowers are very good mowers for they do a brilliant job. They are easy to operate and are also easy to understand. Generally speaking many users seem satisfied with how they operate as they get the basics of tasks accomplished very well. However, Greenworks lawn mowers also have problems like many other contemporary machines.Be that as it may, these problems don’t disqualify them from being brilliant tools all the same.