Toro Personal Pace Electric Start Problems

The Toro Personal Pace lawn mower as a rotary-blade and walk-behind lawn mower offers many advantages in view of lawn maintenance for homeowners. It cuts and maintains grass easy to a commendable standard on residential properties. Apart from the usual problems that any lawn mower can experience, below are specific Toro Personal Pace Electric Start problems that you need to familiarise yourself with when you use or possess this type of a lawn mower.

Table of Contents

1. Dirty Air Filter

Your Toro Personal Pace lawn mower might experience the problem of electric start if the air filter is dirty. This happens because when the air filter is clogged it prevents enough air from reaching the mower’s carburettor. This air is essential as it is mixed with fuel for the engine to perform. In turn, this causes the Toro Personal Pace mower to not start. The function of the air filter is to keep dirt away from the system so that the engine keeps running smooth and clean.

Failure to filter the air of dust will result in the lawn mower having electric start problems. The solution to this anomaly will be to clean the air filter so that it retains its proper function. However, if this does not help it will be important to replace it altogether. In principle it is vital to change the filter every now and again. Some Toro Personal Pace lawn mower users attest that changing air filters more frequently is likely going to solve the electric start problem associated with a dirty air filter.

2. Faulty Battery

If the battery of the Toro Personal Pace lawn mower is faulty you are likely going to experience an electric start problem. Check to see if the battery is not flat or has low voltage. Battery voltage should read 12.0 or higher. You will need to have a voltmeter to test the charger of the battery. Before plugging in the charger make sure that it has voltage output. This output must be above the battery voltage so that it charges the battery. Check to see if the battery cables are alright and that after plugging in the charger on the battery pack that the voltage rises.

If the battery is dead to the point that it won’t recharge then you will need to replace it altogether with a new battery. However, it will be handy to find out why it has become dead apart from the fact that it has outrun its lifespan. Check to see if battery discharge is not caused by grass clippings and moisture finding their way into the battery area. This will provide a conductive path between the battery terminals causing a battery discharge which will eventually make it dead over a prolonged period of time. Also check to see if the battery terminals have no deposits which might hinder the electric start from coming into play. Loose connection within the electric system might also result in a non-start so check this as well.

3. Blown Fuse

If the fuse of the Toro Personal Pace is corroded or blown the lawn mower won’t start. Check the fuse that will be around the battery tray in case it might be corroded or blown.  If it proves to be corroded but still functional then you will need to put a generous coating of non-conductive grease on it. You will also need to do the same on the fuse contacts and holder. By doing this you will keep moisture out and will be good for a good few more months.

4. Bad Spark Plug

Another problem associated with the Toro Personal Pace mower’s electric start is that of a bad spark plug. If the spark plug is not working efficiently the machine won’t start or will have difficulties starting. You will need to remove the spark plug and inspect its condition. Notice that if it is fouled with oil then it points to a bad motor. You might need to clean it or replace it altogether. You will do well to spray some starter fluid in the spark plug hole to enhance starting performance. Also, spray the starter fluid in the cleaner area of carburetor then start the Toro Personal Pace lawn mower. Remember to maintain the oil at optimum level as this has a bearing on the functionality of the spark plug.

5. Broken Starter Part

If your Toro Personal Pace lawn mower can’t start then one of the things you will have to do is to remove all the starter parts. After doing that you will then have to clean them all and thoroughly inspect them for any damage or corrosion. Replace all malfunctional parts with new ones. With this, your Toro Personal Pace lawn mower should be good to go.

6. Fuel Related Issues

The Toro Personal Pace mower might develop problems associated with electric start if there are fuel related issues. One of the issues could be that the lawn mower’s fuel tank is empty. Open it to check if there is enough fuel to power the lawn mower. If the fuel level is low or fuel tank is empty add fuel so that you have full tank and start the Toro Personal Pace lawn mower.

Another fuel related problem of the Toro Personal Pace lawn mower is based on bad gasoline. The electric starter will most probably not start if the fuel is contaminated. The bad gasoline might be contaminated with deposits that will clog the fuel system resulting in no start for the electric starter. To solve this, open the fuel tank and inspect the fuel making sure that you check for any foreign deposits in it. Also, check the colour of your fuel in case of chemical contamination or alteration.

Final Words

After keeping your Toro Personal Pace lawn mower for some time, you will eventually get to a point where your lawn mower will develop electric start problems. These will mainly cause the lawn mower to not start. Many different reasons can be attributed to this and these have been discussed earlier. A sure way of maintaining your Toro Personal Pace lawn mower will be to follow the regular service and maintenance schedules. Involving a qualified lawn mower technician can become important in situations where all troubleshooting techniques seen to be futile.