Kubota Zero Turn Fuel Problems

Kubota Zero Turn lawn mower can provide great cutting experience with style and comfort. The mowers come with fuel systems variations depending on the model. Some come with fuel injection pumps while other models use vacuum fuel pump.

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Fuel Problems

Like all other lawn mowers, the Kubota Zero Turn mower requires correct type of fuel that is clean to avoid fuel problems.

Wrong Fuel Type

Many fuels nowadays have ethanol which attracts moisture from the atmosphere and with time these result in deposits within the tank and fuel lines leading to clogging or blockages. It is very important that the correct fuel is used as recommended by Kubota Zero Turn mower suppliers to avoid use of wrong fuel type.

Fuel Contamination

Fuel contamination occurs when fuel is exposed to external contaminants like debris and other liquids. Fuel contamination may come from use of dirt containers during refueling of the Kubota Zero Turn mower which results in engine problems. It is advisable to make sure that containers used for refilling of the tank are clean and free of any different liquid to avoid fuel contamination. Fuel contamination may also come from continuous use of contaminated fuel tank and fuel lines. When replacing fuel tank and fuel pipes always make sure they are clean to avoid fuel contamination problem in Kubota Zero Turn mowers. Use of old fuel also causes contamination. It is recommended to always drain the old fuel if not used for long period of time. Use of contaminated fuel may cause corrosion of other fuel system and hence it should be avoided at all cost.

Fuel Shortage

This should be the first check item when Kubota Zero turn mower experiences problems due to fuel system. Fuel tank should not be allowed to run empty during operation. This will result in engine failing to start. If gauges are provided and functional always ensure they do not go empty to avoid fuel shortages. Fuel levels may be as a result of leakages on the fuel tank itself and hence it is advisable to periodically check the tank for leaks.


Mechanical Problems

These fuel problems in Kubota Zero Turn mowers arise from mechanical failure of components of the fuel system as discussed below.

Fuel Leakages

For efficient operation of Kubota Zero Turn mowers, there should be adequate fuel flow to the engine otherwise there will be problems. Fuel leakages along the lines will result in less fuel reaching the engine and therefore will either run hard or quit. Leakages need to be traced all the way from the fuel tank, the fuel pipes and pump itself. Any leaks on the tank should be fixed or the tank replaced. For pipes, any broken fuel pipe should be replaced and clamp fittings tightly secured. All fuel pipe connections to the pump should be periodically inspected to avoid fuel problems in Kubota Zero Turn mowers. If the pump is defective causing fuel leakages it should be sent for repairs or be replaced.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The purpose of the fuel filter is to trap all the contaminants in the fuel so they don’t get access to the engine and carburetor. With time, the filters get clogged with debris and hence fuel flow past them becomes restricted causing combustion problems and thus affect engine performance. Fuel filters require periodic inspection and cleaning as recommended by supplier. When the unit no longer functions well, replacement is advisable to avoid problems with Kubota Zero Turn mower. Attention has to be given to the direction of fuel flow when replacing the fuel filter as indicated on the filter itself. If not sure consult a technician or authorized Kubota dealers.

Blocked Fuel Pipes

Fuel pipes are another area to check when encountering problems with Kubota Zero Turn mowers engine performance due to fuel system. All fuel lines should be clean without any deposits which restricts fuel movement. If suspecting the lines to have blockages replace the pipes. Blocked pipes can also be cleaned using pressurized air or chemical cleaners. Also inspect all fuel lines for kinks. Any curls or immediate bents on fuel pipes should be straightened to avoid restriction to fuel flow. This affects fuel air ratio causing combustion problems. The engine will either not run or not run smoothly.

Faulty Fuel Pump

Fuel pump forms the heart of all lawn mower fuel systems. If the fuel pump fails, the Kubota Zero Turn lawn mower will experience problems. To check if the pump is faulty, remove the inlet fuel pipe and suck fuel from the tank. If fuel comes out it means the problem is not pipe blockage but the pump itself might be at faulty. Then remove the fuel pipe from pump to carburetor and place it in a dish. Start the engine and observe. If fuel flows out the pump is OK otherwise it’s dead and requires replacement. Attention should be given when replacing the pump to ensure correct pump size is used. Fuel pumps comes in two types, the vacuum pump and injection pump types.

Blocked or Faulty Carburetor

The purpose of the carburetor is to regulate the fuel air mixture to the engine for efficient engine operation. If the carburetor is blocked fuel flow is restricted causing performance issues with Kubota Zero Turn mower. Carburetor requires periodic cleaning to ensure blockages are avoided. If the carburetor itself is dead, replacement is the solution.

Blocked Fuel Cap

The fuel cap serves to allow air to pass through it creating pressure difference and thus allow fuel flow. If the cap or vent becomes blocked, a vacuum is created inside the fuel tank and fuel will not flow out the tank. To test the condition of your cap, remove it and run the engine without the cap. If the engine runs well without the cap and struggles running with the cap it means the cap is blocked and requires cleaning or replacement.

All these Kubota Zero Turn mower fuel system problems can be minimized by proper maintenance procedures as recommended by the supplier.