Cazador Golf Cart Problems : 10 Common Issues (Explained)

The Cazador golf cart is one of the most preferred golf carts in the golf cart market. It offers both versatility and functionality. The Cazador golf cart is well equipped for many terrains making it ideal for uneven and hilly golf courses. The golf cart also has great maneuverability, stability and power which allows the golfer to easily navigate the golf course without the need to carry around heavy golf club bags.

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Cazador Golf Cart Build

The Cazador golf cart uses a 0.3 US qt (1.1 L), XY163QML 4stroke, SOHC wind cooled, 177.3cc, single cylinder engine and this allows the golf cart to carry a load capacity of 315kg (IB). In order to start the engine a 12V 9AH battery is used to supply power to the electric starter. A dual hydraulic disc braking system is used on the front and rear wheels to bring the golf start to stop. The Cazador golf cart is a great golf cart, however despite its many strong points, it does have some problems that will be discussed below.

1. Handling Difficulty

The Cazador golf cart handles differently from other vehicles. A collision rollover can occur quickly, even during routine maneuvers such as turning or driving on hills or over other obstacles, if one fails to take precautions. The problem of tipping over usually occurs on uneven terrain or slopes which pitch the golf cart sideways. Turning too fast or sharp will also increase the risk of tip-over. To solve this problem, it is advisable to drive slowly and be extra careful when operating in unfamiliar terrain. Never drive on excessively rough, slippery or loose terrain. Also avoid going down a hill at an angle which would cause the Cazador golf cart to lean sharply to one side. Go straight down a hill where possible.

2. Steering Problems

The steering system of the Cazador golf cart can also develop problems as such check for free play, noting any unusual looseness. The Cazador golf cart should be parked on level ground when testing the steering. Turn the wheels to the right and to the left, and check for excessive free play, abnormal noises, or a rough feeling in the steering wheel. Have an authorized dealer look at the Cazador golf cart if any problems develop. Also check the tie rod ends, worn boots, loose nuts and bolts. These should be repaired if problematic. The Cazador golf cart shock absorbers can develop problems if not properly adjusted causing poor handling and loss of stability. These problems can lead to accidents hence always inspect both the left-hand and right-hand side shock absorbers and adjust to the same settling.

3. Tire Maintenance Issues

Improper tire pressure and overloading the Cazador golf cart can be problematic. This can affect the balance and control of the Cazador golf cart. In order to eliminate the problem, the tires should be maintained at the proper tire pressure as indicated on the sidewalls of the tires. Tires may be dislodged if tire pressure is set below the recommended values hence ensure good tire pressure. Check the wheels for tightness of the nuts and the axle nuts must also be secured by cotter pins. To avoid any problems, also check the bearing assembles for looseness or damage.

4. Cumbersome Brake Maintenance

Problems can develop with the Cazador golf cart brakes if they are not taken care of. Ensure to check brake fluid level and overall performance of the brakes. Check for correct brake pedal free play to ensure the brake does not have any problems. The brake pedal should move smoothly and there should be a firm feeling when the brakes are applied. Never drive the Cazador golf cart in deep water as wet brakes can be problematic. Test the brakes if they are exposed to moisture to ensure they are working properly. Leaks on pipe joints or the brake fluid reservoir can be a huge problem. To solve this problem, with the golf cart stationary, apply pressure on the brakes for one minute, if there is any leakage seek professional assistance. Also check the brake fluid level and top up if there is need.

5. Accelerator Pedal Malfunction

The Cazador golf cart could develop problems with the accelerator pedal hence ensure it operates smoothly and fully springs back to the idle position when released. Also ensure it is not loose. Seek professional help if any problems arise with the accelerator pedal.

6. Flammable Fuel

The gasoline fuel used in the Cazador golf cart is very flammable and this can be problematic if it is not handled properly. The Cazador golf cart should not be refueled when the engine is running. To avoid any problems, do not spill gasoline on the engine or exhaust pipe/muffler when refueling. Never refuel while smoking, in the vicinity of sparks, or near open flames or other sources of ignition such as clothes dryers. Another problem with gasoline is that it is poisonous and can cause injury. If one swallows gasoline, inhales a lot of vapors or gets gasoline in their eyes they should seek medical attention. If gasoline spills on the skin wash with soap and water. Only use unleaded gasoline (octane 90 or higher) to limit problems and damage to internal engine parts such as valves and piston rings, as well as the exhaust system. Replace the fuel filter every 100 hours and also check the air cleaner element for dirt and clean or replace if the need arises.

7. Damaged Or Corroded Cables

One problem that could arise with the Cazador golf cart are corroded cables. Corrosion can result when the outer covering of the control cables become damaged. Cables can get frayed or kinked hence the operation of the controls could then be restricted. This can cause an accident or injury. To solve this problem, frequently inspect all the cables in the Cazador golf cart and replace damaged cables.

8. Battery Hazards

The lead acid batteries used in the Cazador golf cart use sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. The problem is that the electrolyte is poisonous and can irritate the skin and damage clothing. Always shield eyes when working near batteries. If one has external contact or drinks the acid, flush with water and drink large quantities of water and milk of magnesia, beaten egg or vegetable oil and promptly seek medical attention. The batteries are also combustible and produce explosive gases hence keep batteries away from sparks, flames, cigarettes or other sources of ignition. Also ventilate when charging in a closed space to avoid any problems developing with the battery. Ensure to use a proper fuse that will not cause problems with the Cazador golf cart electrical system.

9. Accessories Socket Limitation

The Cazador golf cart comes with an accessories socket attached to the left side of the front cover. This can be used to power a trouble light, spotlight, CB radio or cell phone. The socket however has some limitations, it is limited to 12V, 120 Watts (10A) and can only be operated when the engine is on and the headlights are off, and this can be problematic. Exceeding the rated power output can blow the fuse as such to eliminate any problems ensure the socket is not abused and the power limit not exceeded. Do not flood the accessories socket with water when cleaning the Cazador golf cart.

10. Gear Selection Problems

The Cazador golf cart uses an automatic transmission gear selector. The gear selector is located at the right side of the steering wheel and has three positions drive, neutral and reverse. To change gears, one has to stop the vehicle. With the engine idling, move the lever to the desired gear. Shifting gears with the engine speed above idle could be problematic and cause transmission damage. Always place the transmission in neutral gear with the parking brake locked whenever the Cazador golf cart is left unattended. Maintaining shift linkage adjustment is important to assure proper transmission function. If shifting problems occur see a qualified professional to fix the problem. Moving off with the parking lever engaged may result in poor performance and premature wearing out of the parking brake and the V-belt.


In conclusion, the Cazador golf cart is a wonderful golf cart that outperforms most golf carts in the market. It offers great handling and functionality allowing the golfer to easily navigate the golf course. Regular maintenance is a must to ensure the Cazador golf cart performs as intended and does not develop problems.