Common Bernina 570QE Problems And Solutions

Only a few sewing machines can do what the Bernina 570QE can do, but like most sewing machines it has its fair share of problems like the annoying issue of thread tension. Nevertheless because of its amazing and advanced technological capabilities (1450 pre-installed stitch patterns, USB port to upload embroidery designs from internet and many more) , it has its own unique set of problems. Which we’ll be carefully looking at today.

Quick Fact: The ‘QE’ on the name ‘Bernina 570QE’ stands for Quilters Edition. Which is fitting since the Bernina 570QE is primarily made for quilting (adding layers of padding), embroidery (the decoration of fabrics using needlework) and sewing (essentially joining two pieces of fabric together) .

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Bernina 570QE Technical Problems

1. It’s complicated to use

The Bernina 570QE is not your average sewing machine, due to advancements in technology and electronics (specifically in the sewing machine industry) the old mechanical sewing machine (although still very much useful) has become redundant. Nevertheless advancement doesn’t always equal progress (or ease of use). In fact the biggest and most influential problem regarding the Bernina 570QE is that it’s technology is amazing (which may be too amazing for some users to understand how to use it).

To Do: Beginners (especially), would have to opt for a much less complicated sewing machine.


2. The touchscreen can be unresponsive

A 4.3 inch touchscreen located on the center makes Bernina sewing machines stick out like sore thumbs. But just like sore thumbs being irritating and problematic, you’ll find an unresponsive touchscreen from the Bernina 570QE makes it a problem very fast. The touch screen is a navigation tool and hub. It serves as the gateway for communication between you and the machine. When that gateway is closed or shutdown things become tricky.

To Do: The screen will need to be recalibrate. To do this would need a stylus (which comes with the Bernina 570QE). First switch off the machine. Then simultaneously press the two small buttons (with arrows) located under the two knob dials. This should lead you to a white screen were you’ll have to click (using the stylus) the black marks that will appear on the screen. This is for the recalibration, so that the touchscreen becomes responsive again.


3. The blue screen of death! (It’s not really blue).

Because the touchscreen is essentially an output device for the computerized Bernina 570QE, this problem will see the 4.3″ screen flashing a red cross sign repeatedly. This can happen when the machine becomes overloaded by the data you input. Either because the machine doesn’t understand it or because something is hindering the machine from completing the process. Thus producing a bler screen, otherwise known as (by Bernina sewing machine users) a 1010 main-sync error.

To Do: It would be best to be consistent with data input and “follow the screen”. In most cases the machine will then (after the flashing red cross sign) show some steps on how to alleviate the problem.


4. Light turns off.

This applies to the LED light located above the sewing platform. Fortunately this problem is usually just the Bernina 570QE’s indicator that it is not currently at use. It is an automatic feature. However since some users tend to assume that it might be time for a light change or that the machine has died somehow, it is warranted the list of problems of the Bernina 570QE.

To Do: This is a default setting and it can be changed in the settings menu.


5. It’s an expensive machine.

At a whopping $5 399 (depending on the dealer) the Bernina 570QE is not suited for some budgets. And given that it is complicated to even begin using it. This stacks high on the list of Bernina 570QE problems.


6. It has delicate and expensive parts.

One of which is no bigger than the size of an average thumbnail (thread cutter clipper) but costs $50 to replace. Despite this the Bernina 570QE has built an enormous reputation of enthusiasts and brand loyalists, concerned only with the machine’s amazing technologies.

8. It’s knobs can become unresponsive.

Over time the instruments of the Bernina 570QE will become unresponsive and problematic because of wear and tear. This means that the more it is used, the more likely it will deteriorate quickly.

To Do: Bernina technicians (and it’s affiliates) are available and they can replace them. But it may cost a lot more than expected because the Bernina 570QE is a computerized sewing machine. It would need to be run through a diagnostic check (which is costly software to begin with).


Bernina 570QE Sewing Problems

1. Thread nesting

With some fabrics, the thread may nest (bunch up) causing the needle to get stuck and hault. The Bernina 570QE does not give steps however on how to solve this problem. It is a stitch plate problem (either too enclosed, gripping or to high).

To Do: One would have to purchase a straight (flat) stitch plate, which supports (and will not damage) no matter what fabric is put on it.

2. Bobbin thread looping.

The bobbin thread is always inserted and in most cases rolled up by users. So this problem is unique to such type of Bernina 570QE users. After all the machine can only work with what it is given and so if the thread is too loose when placed into the bobbin case and thread tension is not adjusted via the two knobs, the Bernina 570QE will produce loopy stitches.

To Do: It’s best to use a patch of fabric beforehand to test whether the thread tension is correct on both sides (needle and bobbin) and to adjust it accordingly. The Bernina 570QE can also do this automatically if the right data is put into it.

PRO TIP: Never try opening up or fixing your Bernina 570QE it will definitely cause more problems than you’d like. It’s filled with complex technologies, delicate sensors and software. Your warranty will be void. It’s always best to find a “qualified” technician and get them to fix your machine (provided it’s in your budget of course).