5 Common Dewalt DCN692 Problems And Solutions

The Dewalt DCN692 is a cordless framing nail gun or nailer that is often praised for the convenience it offers to both contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. Although it is fairly small (in contrast to other Dewalt nail guns) the Dewalt DCN692 is quite heavy and you may start to feel its heaviness after a few minutes of use. It is aided by a small magazine (where the nails are stored) and due to the general make-up of the Dewalt DCN692 it is observably slow. This is problematic from the on-set. Because it is heavy and at the same time slow, it will definitely cause muscle strain injuries.

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How A Nail Gun Works

A nail gun is a powerful machine that is used to shoot out nails at tremendous speed and accuracy towards a surface (usually a wooden surface) to pierce into it in the fraction of a second (with a traditional hammer you’d take a couple of seconds, sometimes at the expense of your fingers). The Dewalt DCN692 is great because it saves you hours and hours of hard nail hammering and sweat. It does so by concentrating the powerful hammering force into a single mechanized shot, which can then be repeated constantly in a short amount of time. Whilst it is shooting out a nail, another is loaded by the magazine in a matter of seconds. The hammering force is generated by springs inside the nail gun.

1. The Nail Gun Won’t Shoot

The Dewalt DCN692 will give every indication that it is turned on but when you press the gun upon the surface you want the nail to go into and then pull the trigger it only makes a clicking sound and nothing happens. This is likely caused by wrong or large sized nails. Sometimes the lockout is engaged and when excessive force is applied as you press the gun upon a surface the lockout setting (default setting) is overriden. When there’s only a couple of nails left in the Dewalt DCN692’s magazine, it will not fire.

To Do

  • It is crucial that the correct or recommended nails are used, you will find this information in the Dewalt DCN692’s user manual.
  • To automatically disengage the lockout problem, you should simply load more nails into the nail gun’s magazine.

2. The Motor Isn’t Running

This problem is mostly caused by the trigger of the Dewalt DCN692 being locked in position.

But as a solution to either a hot battery or motor the nail gun will automatically stop running or not run at all until it has effectively cooled down.

Broken or damaged wiring inside the nail gun may also be the cause of the issue.

To Do

  • You can simply unlock the trigger.
  • When you cannot find or see where the problem is coming from, it I highly advised to visit an authorized Dewalt technician.

3. The Motor Is Noisier Than Usual

This problem on the Dewalt DCN692 is usually caused by a jammed nail and driver blade being stuck in a downward position because you will often tilt the nail gun for some projects. In some cases the driver blade (which is what pushes the nail to be shot out the gun) is damaged. What makes the motor noisy is that it will be having a hard time moving these damaged or stuck parts.

To Do

  • Fortunately any jammed nails can be cleared, and if they are damaged, they can be easily replaced. The driver should be returned to its correct positioning manually.

4. The Driver Blade Is Stuck

The driver blade is what pushes the nail out of the Dewalt DCN692, some problems can eventually lead to other problems and such is the case here. But this issue is caused by other factors like dirt and debris in the noise piece (this is where the nail exists the nail gun, it is the barrel) or most commonly the use of incorrect speed.

To Do

  • It is important to check the Dewalt DCN692’s noise piece for any broken nail fragments or debris and then clean the area thoroughly.
  • The speed setting on the Dewalt DCN692 is correlated to the type of nail you will be using and also the type of surface (type of wood). So in general, the default speed setting is one, but if using a ring shank nail into hardwood then the best thing to do would be to turn the speed setting to a slightly higher number like two.
  • The force exerted on the nail is already very strong so changing the setting slightly would suffice.

5. The Nails Aren’t Going All The Way In

This problem is usually due to a shallow depth adjustment (which is how far the nail will go through), when using the Dewalt DCN692 (or any nail gun for that matter) the nail gun should be pressed onto the surface and only then can you fire or pull the trigger. On the Dewalt DCN692 (specifically) Bump mode may be activated and you’re using long nails.

This can also be caused by a damaged driver blade.

To Do

  • You can adjust the depth to a deeper setting.
  • When the Bump mode is active, you can change the setting with the simple flip of a switch, to Sequential mode. When you feel as if you’re out of your wits concerning the repairing of the Dewalt DCN692, you probably are. It’s always good to seek professional help.

Because the Dewalt DCN692 is cordless, it is battery powered. It comes out of the box with a 20v battery and charger. The 20v battery can help the machine power through a maximum of five hundred nails before needing a recharge. To maintain and sustain a lithium ion battery’s lifespan it is critical that it is not completely discharged. Some nail guns use gas or air (pneumatics) to help propel the nails out of the nail gun. Other form of nail gun have cords (tubes) and that is how air moves through it to propel the nail at very high pressure and thus the speed of the nail is quick.