Solving Most Common Dewalt DCST922 Problems

Dewalt makes a wide range of string trimmers. One of its models is the Dewalt DCST922 trimmer. It is a convenient string trimmer to own due to a number of reasons. One of them is that it has a folding hinge mechanism. Our focus though is some of the common Dewalt DCST922 problems. We shall also look at solutions to those problems and additional important information.

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What Is The Dewalt DCST922?

The Dewalt DCST922 is a string trimmer or edger. It is typically used for trimming grass and weeds too. The Dewalt DCST922 trimmer’s folding hinge reduces it size by 40 percent. This makes for increased portability and easy storage. The Dewalt DCST922 has a variable speed trigger. It also has power level control. The Dewalt DCST922 trimmer does have some common problems though.

Dewalt DCST922 Problems

The Dewalt DCST922 trimmer is adorned with some great features. That is not to mean that the Dewalt DCST922 does not have some issues. There are some common Dewalt DCST922 problems. Here are some of them:

1. Trimmer Not Starting Or Hard To Start

This is a common Dewalt DCST922 problem. The Dewalt DCST922 trimmer may fail to start at all. Other times it could be that it starts hard or is hard to start. This fairly common Dewalt DCST922 problem can be caused by:

  • Incorrect starting operation
  • Faulty or flat batteries
  • Faulty or damaged connections
  • Air vents may be dirty

Troubleshooting Trimmer Not Starting Or Hard To Start Problem

You have to conduct a series of checks to determine the root cause. Often time it is relatively easy to pin point the source of the problem. Some of the solutions you can explore here are:

  • Ensure the lock-off lever is in the right position (fully pulled back) before starting
  • Fix, recharge, or replace batteries
  • Ensure connections are correct and optimal to allow power flow
  • Clean air vents

2. Trimmer Not Cutting Consistently

When using your Dewalt DCST922 trimmer there may be inconsistencies in cutting. This is usually accompanied by uneven cutting. This is problematic and needs to be addressed. Some of the possible causes of this problem are:

  • Strings could be damaged, faulty, worn out, or poor quality
  • You could be fatigued
  • Power flow disruptions

Troubleshooting Trimmer Not Cutting Consistently Problem

This is a highly likely Dewalt DCST922 problem. However, it is usually not that hard to figure out and address. Start by doing some checks to get to the root cause of the issue. Some of the remedies you can explore for this problem are:

  • Fix or replace strings; ensuring they are good quality
  • Take breaks to avoid fatiguing yourself and the trimmer as well
  • Ensure power is flowing optimally

3. Inadequate Air Intake

When operating the Dewalt DCST922 trimmer air intake is important. If the air intake is inadequate it will create some complications. The trimmer will not operate optimally. Some of the causes of inadequate air intake are:

  • Air filter could be clogged
  • Air filter may be damaged or worn out
  • Air filter may be misaligned

Troubleshooting Inadequate Air Intake

This is a problem that is majorly tied to the air filter. Thus you will have to inspect the air filter to figure out the root cause. Some of the remedies to the problem are:

  • Clean the air filter
  • Fix or replace the air filter
  • Readjust or realign the air filter

4. Trimmer Is Overheating

This is yet another common Dewalt DCST922 problem. You may at some point get your Dewalt DCST922 trimmer to overheat. A generally common problem and it is often caused by the following:

  • Exhaust system may be compromised
  • Air vents could be clogged
  • Trimmer may be suffering from overuse
  • Operating at high RPMs for extended periods

Troubleshooting Trimmer Is Overheating Problem

When your Dewalt DCST922 trimmer is overheating you have to do some checks. Do that after factoring in your usage dynamics. The problem may be stemming from overuse or operating at high RPMs for too long. Some of the remedies you can use to address the problem are:

  • Fix, clean, or replace exhaust system
  • Clean or replace air vents
  • Take periodic breaks or turn off trimmer and let it rest
  • Vary your RPMs to avoid high RPMs non-stop

5. Trimmer Too Noisy

Typically, the Dewalt DCST922 trimmer will produce some noise during operation. However, it becomes an issue if the noise is too loud. That will indicate there is a problem somewhere. Your Dewalt DCST922 becoming too noisy can be caused by:

  • Trimmer blades could be loose
  • Trimmer blades could be worn out
  • Cutting lines may be uneven leading to vigorous vibrations
  • Head pool may be damaged or clogged

Troubleshooting Trimmer Too Noisy Problem

You have to check to see where the issue is stemming from. More often than not the problem is caused by issues with the trimmer blades. Some of the solutions you can try out here are:

  • Tighten and or realign trimmer blades
  • Replace trimmer blades
  • Adjust to ensure cutting lines are even
  • Clean or replace head spool

How To Avoid Dewalt DCST922 Problems

It is important to inspect your Dewalt DCST922 before and after every use. You must also regularly clean your Dewalt DCST922 trimmer. Ensure you even clean the internal components to get rid of dirt build-up. You have to regularly do routine maintenance e.g. greasing gears. Always store your Dewalt DCST922 when clean and dry in cool, clean, and dry places. All of this will avoid Dewalt DCST922 problems.

How Long Does A 20V String Trimmer Last?

The expected runtime is anything between 10 and 15 minutes per fully charged battery.

What Must I Look For When Buying A Trimmer?

You must look at battery performance, blades, being cordless or not, pricing, and the brand.


The Dewalt DCST922 trimmer is worth buying. It is sufficient to get most grass or weed trimming jobs done. Stick to routine checks and maintenance. Coupled with general responsible use you will avoid all these common Dewalt DCST922 problems. The problems are easily rectifiable.