Common Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw Problems And Solutions

From Dewalt’s Flexvolt line, the miter saw is great for cutting through the hard stuff. The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw was the first powertool to ever be introduced in the Flexvolt line. To power the miter saw are two even more powerful (60V) batteries, this is due to its very demanding motor and strong saw blade. But strength and size rarely shield a product from problems, and the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw has a couple of them that are worth knowing about, before and after you have purchased the miter saw. The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw works when you position the mounted blade onto a board (that can be positioned at a variety of angles) and then using the bench circular saw press it down to make accurate cross and miter cuts in the workpiece (which is the timber you will be cutting through.) It cuts through wood fast and smooth like a knife through butter.

Table of Contents

1. Lacks Calibration

The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw is a great powertool for cutting jobs, but not all manner of cutting jobs. Although it is versatile, the mister saw does have a problem out of the box for not having quite the proper calibration, meaning it isn’t as versatile in function as you would want it to be. However the measurement components on the miter saw are second to none.

To Do

  • You would need to use the adjustment mechanisms that come readily installed on the miter saw’s board. This helps adjust the angles at which the circular blade penetrates the workpiece, one of the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw’s better features.

2. Not Working (Not Turning On)

Part of the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw’s versatility is that you can use it as both a plugged in unit (corded) or not plugged in at all (cordless), in fact this is what all the powertools from Dewalt in the Flexvolt line can do. Unfortunately sometimes the powertool can misbehave, or not work at all. This is a problem that can be caused by many things. One being that the miter saw may have gotten wet. And another being that the miter saw may have damaged internal wiring.

To Do

  • The first thing to do would be to clean the battery connectors with a dry cloth, these are the metal connectors that are responsible for transmitting electrical current from the battery to the powertool.
  • Visiting a Dewalt powertool dealer or technician would help find out more about where the problem may be coming from on the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw.
  • The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw comes with a 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service and 90 day money back guarantee. It is very important to know this information in case the miter saw stops working.

3. It’s Quite Heavy

And for good reason too, the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw is a beast at work and needs all the stability it can get for all the hard types of wood it will have to cut through. But for some users the heaviness of a tool that is meant to be convenient and helpful, thus may be a huge deal breaking problem, though only if the miter saw always has to be moved around.

To Do

  • It would be best to have a set work space where you will only have to place the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw once and then never have to constantly move it ever again. It’s heaviness may cause back problems for users.

4. Not Safe

The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw may have guards and safety locks installed but the Dewalt company had to recall 1.4 million (three different models) of their miter saw because of a defective safety guard. Safety guards are important because they’re what stands between you and the worst, most powerful parts of the miter saw that could spell problems for you and your health. The safety guards may break or detach from the miter saw posing an injury hazard due to projectiles that can strike you, sometimes they can detach such that you come into direct contact with the circular saw’s blade.

To Do

  • The Dewalt company does provide a free repair kit if this problem occurs on your Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw. Be sure to then take it to a Dewalt service center for a free repair.
  • It is also worthwhile to check that the bolts and screws that hold the safety guard securely are tightly screwed.
  • Use the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw with extreme caution so as to avoid any injuries to yourself or anyone who might be nearby when you’re sawing.

5. Batteries Not Included

Although the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw is quite expensive, it becomes ever more expensive when you have to buy the batteries to power it up. The batteries that run the miter saw do not come with it, and this can be problematic if you don’t have an idea of this or if you haven’t done any research such that you save up enough for the entire set of the powertool. Even when you do happen to get the batteries you will be met with other frustrating battery related problems. The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw runs on two 60V lithium-ion batteries to give a total powerful 120V to the miter saw’s motor.

To Do

  • You would have to do some research before purchasing the miter saw, so as to know which prices work best for you, and with what is the miter saw included with. The miter saw works on two 60V batteries.
  • When the batteries die out you can just plug in the Flexvolt Miter Saw’s adapter and continue with your work. It has both corded and cordless capability. This is one of the best features the miter saw has to offer and it works like a charm.
  • Once you have the batteries, be sure to charge them fully before using them with the Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw.
  • Be sure to keep your batteries in a room with a recommended temperature variation, which you will find in your Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw’s user manual, to keep the battery’s lifespan long.


The Dewalt Flexvolt Miter Saw has all the capabilities you’ll ever need for angled cuts, crown molding, laminate cutting and so much more. The versatility of this exact powertool is quite staggering and it’s also one of its biggest problems. It is a wonderful tool that’s worth the investment in the long-term, because it is very powerful and strong. The cordless (and corded) powertools from Dewalt are amongst the best in the industry and it all comes down to that simple fact.