Dewalt 60V Blower Problems : 4 Common Issues (Explained)

The Dewalt 60V blower can expel air at speeds of up to 125MPH, making it an industry standard in terms of air speed for battery-powered leaf blowers. Although the battery is powerful, it can only push the blower through 30 minutes of runtime. Which is quite bad considering some battery-powered blowers can run for much longer. This spells the first problem of the Dewalt 60V leaf blower, it has an average if not below average runtime. Even with that disparity, the Dewalt 60V leaf blower features a changeable speed trigger and a speed lock to control the blower’s air output. It has a uniquely designed brushless motor to provide high efficiency in power for the user. And because of its handheld design the Dewalt 60V blower is portable, which means users will have no problems using it anywhere they would like.

Table of Contents

1. Not A Gas Powered Blower

This is one of the criticisms of battery powered leaf blowers, that they do not and cannot match up to gas powered blowers and although the Dewalt 60V leaf blower packs a powerful punch, it is absolutely no exception to the criticism. Gas-powered blowers produce more airflow and thus more output, this is because gas motors (motors that run on gas) are more rigid and strong, although they do sometimes have their own issues. It is clear very early that the Dewalt 60V blower is not gas powered but rather battery powered (it even has ’60V’ in its name to signify the amount of voltage in the battery.) However this is only a problem of the Dewalt 60V leaf blower because of the sheer lack of airflow output.


  • As mentioned before, gas-powered blowers are decidedly more powerful than battery powered ones. So in terms of what you will be looking for (whether its something with more power for heavy duty blowing or something with less power for light and standard blowing), be sure to keep this in mind.

2. Runs For At Least 30 Minutes

And this is when the Dewalt 60V leaf blower has been fully charged. You would expect at least more runtime on a powerful 60V lithium-ion battery but no, the blower can only last as long as 30 minutes. The Dewalt 60V blower has or produces a standard airflow, if it is being compared to other battery powered leaf blowers, so the motor of the blower is quite average. And this is where the problem comes from, it is average such that it consumes the blower’s battery in a very short amount of time.


  • Although this is a given, it is important that you fully charge the Dewalt 60V blower’s battery.
  • Be sure to purchase or have another fully charged battery in handy when the space you’re planning to blow is large in area.
  • Be sure to securely clip the 60V lithium-ion battery in place to avoid any detachment problems that may occur whilst you’re still actively using the leaf blower.

3. Comes With Wrong Charger

The Dewalt 60V leaf blower has, as the name suggests, a 60V lithium-ion battery, but the charger it comes with is a 20V charger. This problem results in a slow charge time for the battery, and sometimes even results to the previous problem because a battery needs to have the right amount of voltage in order to power a powertool (like the Dewalt 60V blower) optimally.


  • Be wary of your dealer or supplier, although it is a recommended standard from Dewalt as well, be sure to purchase the blower with a 60V battery charger.
  • Be sure to purchase a spare or additional battery to help aid you in your blower’s runtime. And when using the blower, make sure that this spare is always fully charged.
  • Even though the 20V charger will eventually charge your battery fully, it is worth knowing that it will take a lot of time. Fortunately a little patience never killed anyone.

4. Motor Is Quick To Give In

This is not just a problem with the Dewalt 60V leaf blower though, it is a problem with many other leaf blowers of this standard. Perhaps due to a low quality build or otherwise, the motor of the blower is quick to give in (or die) after a short period of time and usage. This can be as a direct result of the issues with the battery or because of continuous excessive use.


  • If the motor happens to die within a short space of time be sure to take the blower back to Dewalt or your supplier for some repairs or a full refund (has to be within 90 days of purchase for the refund.)
  • When the blower starts to overheat, make sure to turn it off immediately and wait until it cools down to reuse it again. If you use or continue to use the blower whilst it is heating up, it may damage the electrical motor and some of the internal wiring.
  • When storing your leaf blower, be sure to store it in a place without any dust or debris, or that has any direst sunlight inlets. Dust can make its way into the blower’s motor and wiring causing it to corrode or get damaged faster.
  • If you happen to get your Dewalt 60V leaf blower wet, be sure to wipe it off with a dry cloth. The same is true if you happen to get your blower’s battery wet.


The Dewalt 60V leaf blower is a thing of absolute beauty. It looks like an advanced gun from a science fiction movie or novel, which just goes to show that form doesn’t really affect functionality or vice versa. The 60V blower does in fact have some distasteful issues and it isn’t built for heavy lifting for long periods of time but users should already expect that from powertools with battery technology that is yet to be perfected. The Dewalt 60V leaf blower is one of the very few powertools worth recommending, even after knowing all of its flaws.