Problems With Dewalt DCN660 (Solutions Included)

This a compact and lightweight second fix nailer from Dewalt. The tool or nailer is easy and comfortable to use with the durability of a construction (or heavy-duty) site environment. You can easily adjust the nail depth using the thumb wheel depth adjuster. The Dewalt DCN660 is fully battery powered and has the performance rating of a standard pneumatic nailer. With that being said however, the Dewalt DCN660 does present some rather unconventional problems. With most of its specified features being nothing but mere boasts and the nailer not really performing like it claims. Opinion does tend to vary however, and whether or not the nailer is problematic is decided by what you (as the user) would be looking for from the nailer in terms of performance.

Table of Contents

1. Jams Up Occasionally

The Dewalt DCN660 is meant to drive nails into a surface (most usually wood) with incredible force (more powerful than if you’d strike the nail with a hammer.) However most of the times the nails and the nailer can jam up causing the Dewalt DCN660 to be useless. And that can be quite problematic. This problem, on occasion, can be due to a damaged or worn out driver blade (which is what drives the nail into the given surface.) Related to this can be a worn our or damaged pusher spring, making it stick or hault in place whilst you try to press the nailer.

To Do

  • The Dewalt DCN660 has a tool free jam clearing system that is very fast and easy to use, so your work isn’t slowed down by the jams.
  • If you have a damaged or worn out driver blade, then the only plausible solution would be to replace it with a new one. Just be sure to visit a registered service center to get this done.
  • You would also need to replace the damaged or worn out spring pusher because it would be useless at this point.
  • Most of the problems on the Dewalt DCN660 nailer require more or less the same methods of troubleshooting or solutions as any other. Be sure to remember this and try connecting the dots to see which solution would work best with any given problem when another has failed.

2. Doesn’t Turn On

This would be a very big problem because in order to use the Dewalt DCN660 it needs to be turned on. So when it doesn’t turn on you cannot use it. It can be a result of some damaged electronics or wiring on the inside. A low or damaged battery, or the terminals (connectors) of both the battery and the nailer are dirty, which can happen quite often as you continue to use the Dewalt DCN660.

To Do

  • Firstly remove the battery from the nailer and then wait 3 seconds to reinsert it back again.
  • Before you reinsert the battery be sure to clean the terminals located on both the battery and the nailer.
  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged before attempting to turn on the nailer.
  • If there’s any damage to the internal components of the nailer, be sure to take it in for servicing. This is if you try every one of the above solutions but none of them seems to be working.

3. Does Turn On But Doesn’t Drive In Nails

You’d be surprised to know that one of the reasons this problem takes place on the Dewalt DCN660 is because the nailer’s magazine (nail holder) would have run out of nails. Sometimes when busy driving nails into surfaces, users may forget to adequately refill the magazine and so the powertool will continue working but the nails will not be driven into any surface because there wouldn’t be any. Another reason as to why this may happen is because the nails may be too large in diameter for the Dewalt DCN660.

To Do

  • Make sure to always reload the magazine with nails.
  • Make sure that the nails you use are the recommended size and length before you start using the nailer. You can find this information in the Dewalt DCN660’s user manual.
  • Always keep the nose piece and magazine clean of any debris and dust tk avoid the nails from getting clogged in the nailer’s housing.
  • This may also be caused by damage to the nailer’s magazine, which would need to be replaced. A deformed or damaged magazine cab also damage the nails of the nailer.

4. Does Turn On But Doesn’t Drive In Nails Fully

A similar problem to the one above but singular nonetheless. When the nailer only drives nails to a certain depth it can be quite frustrating because you require the nailer to drive in nails fully to the deepest point possible, where only the head of the nail will be visible on the surface. That is how you can be sure that the surface on which the nail is driven will be strong and rigid. This can be a result of a low battery on the Dewalt DCN660, or some users will neglect to adjust the depth setting (which will be set to shallow in such a case as this.) For the Dewalt DCN660 nailer to work effectively, it needs to be placed and pressed firmly onto the surface you want the nail to go through.

To Do

  • Be sure to fully charge the Dewalt DCN660 nailer’s battery. If this continues to happen then you might have to consider replacing your nailer’s battery.
  • Make sure to rotate the depth adjustment wheel to a deeper setting. It can be found on the side of your thumb when holding the nailer with your right hand.
  • And make sure that you firmly press the Dewalt DCN660 onto the surface you want to drive the nail through.


This nailer is good because it is fairly easy to use. It presents no safety concerns for the user because of this, and that is a very good aspect to consider. With the Dewalt DCN660, you can expect to drive nails through a plethora of wood types but not all of them. It boasts great safety and maintenance features that it absolutely delivers on and not most nailers available right now can fully compete with that.