Stihl MS193T Problems : 5 Known Issues (Explained)

Stihl is one of the world’s most recognized powertool brands thanks to their quality products and ease of use. However their powertools do not come without their fair share of problems, and one such powertool is the Stihl MS193T chainsaw. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common problems you can expect to encounter when using the chainsaw and how to troubleshoot them.

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What Is The Stihl MS193T?

The Stihl MS195T is a chainsaw designed specifically to cater to the needs of professional landscapers, gardeners and homeowners. It’s a lightweight saw that packs plenty of cutting power while being easy to maneuver. It features a powerful 34cc engine, a 16-inch bar and a comfortable handle design. The Stihl MS195T is also built for reliability with features like an advanced anti-vibration system for maximum comfort and control, as well as a resilient air filter system for extended tool life. Whether you’re cutting firewood, pruning branches or just trimming the lawn, the Stihl MS195T can tackle the job quickly and efficiently.

Stihl MS193T Problems

1. Chainsaw Not Starting Problem

If you having trouble getting your Stihl MS195T chainsaw to start up then it is properly because of the following;

  • An empty gas tank
  • Engaged chain brake
  • Faulty parts
  • Faulty spark plug
  • Faulty carburetor

Troubleshooting The Chainsaw Not Starting Problem

  • The first thing you should do is check the basics. Make sure that the gas tank is full.
  • Check that the trigger is not stuck and that the chain brake is not engaged.
  • Make sure all screws are tight and all parts are in working order.
  • Next make sure the spark plug wire is connected securely to both ends, that the spark plug is clean and gap-free, and that air can flow freely through its filter.
  • If everything looks good there and your Stihl MS193T chainsaw saw still won’t start, check for a faulty carburetor jet or a bad on/off switch.

2. Chain Not Spinning Issue

The Stihl MS195T chainsaw model is an efficient tool for cutting through limbs and trees quickly. But even with proper maintenance and care the chaincan sometimes stop working. And it is because of;

  • Loose Parts
  • Engaged chain brake
  • A faulty clutch assembly

Troubleshooting The Chain Not Spinning Issue

  • Check the nuts and bolts around the guide bar of the engine. They should be properly tightened and secure and if they’re loose, they may be preventing the chain from spinning properly.
  • Find the red lockout lever on top of your chainsaw between the handle and front of the saw. Push it down fully to disengage the chain brake, then try starting up your saw again.
  • If your chain still won’t spin after checking these first two items then you may need to check the clutch assembly for damage or wear and tear. You’ll need a qualified Stihl powertool technician to do this part.

3. Chain Dulling Quickly Issue

One of the most common issues encountered by Stihl MS195T users is that the chain dulls quickly. This is caused by;

  • Incorrect tension setting
  • Cutting dirty or knotted wood
  • Little to no lubrication
  • Cutting too quickly

Troubleshooting The Chain Dulling Quickly Issue

  • Sharpen the chain and tension it correctly, and also keep the guide bar clean and lubricated
  • Do not cut dirty or knotted wood using the chainsaw.
  • If too little oil is being used during operation, this can affect how quickly your chainsaw’s blade will dull. So you should always properly lubricate your chainsaw, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If you are trying to cut through wood too quickly then this can cause excessive wear and tear on your blade also leading to premature dulling.

4. Overheating Issue

The Stihl MS195T can overheat if it’s used for a long period of time or worked too hard. This is usually the result of;

  • A faulty cooling system
  • A dirty air filter
  • A faulty cooling fan
  • Too much use

Troubleshooting The Overheating Issue

  • Make sure that your cooling system is working properly.
  • Check the air filter, spark plug hole and engine cover holes to ensure they are not blocked by dirt or debris.
  • Also make sure that your cooling fan is operating correctly and the blades are spinning freely.
  • Avoid using the chainsaw for extended periods of time or for tough cutting jobs. Take regular breaks and avoid pushing yourself too hard, this will also help to keep the chainsaw from overheating.
  • If you do find yourself in a situation where the Stihl MS193T chainsaw has become too hot, turn it off and let it cool down before attempting to start it again.

5. Lack Of Power Problem

If your Stihl MS193T chainsaw is having a lack of power issue then it could be due to an issue with;

  • The spark plug
  • Fuel filter
  • Air filter

Troubleshooting The Lack Of Power Problem

  • The first thing to check is the spark plug. If it’s worn or damaged then it won’t be able to create a strong spark and will limit the flow of fuel and air needed to generate power so you may have to replace it.
  • Inspect the fuel filter for damage or debris build-up and replace if necessary.
  • Finally the air filter can accumulate dirt and grime over time. You’ll want to clean or replace it once every few months if you’re using your chainsaw frequently.

How To Prevent Problems With The Stihl MS195T

  • Check the fuel every few months and replace any that is more than two months old.
  • You should clean the air filter weekly or after extended periods of usage.
  • It’s recommended to check your carburetor at least every 30 hours of operation and adjust or clean it as needed for optimal performance.

Does It [Stihl MS193T] Come With A Bar And Chain?

Yes, The Stihl MS195T comes with a 12”/30cm bar and chain as standard providing a convenient all-in-one solution for your woodcutting needs.

How Long Does It [Stihl MS193T] Run For?

The Stihl MS195T has an impressive runtime of up to 30 minutes on a single tank of fuel allowing you to tackle large projects or several tasks in one go without needing to refill your tank a lot of times.


In conclusion many of the Stihl MS195T Chainsaw problems can be easily troubleshooted using the troubleshooting methods in this article. If you have any questions or concerns about the Stihl MS193T chainsaw then it is advised to refer to the user manual or contact a certified Stihl repair expert. Remember to always wear proper safety equipment as Stihl chainsaws can be very dangerous if not used properly. With the right knowledge and help you can be sure to get your chainsaw back in working order in no time.