4 Most Common Dewalt DCS570 Problems

The Dewalt DCS570 is a 20V brushless circular saw, a replacement for corded circular saws. Although circular saws seemed to be behind on the powertool race to be cordless (battery-powered), circular saws are finally catching up. The Dewalt DCS570 is just the latest variant of the amazing lithium-ion battery technology at play. It is highly debated if corded powertools are more powerful than their cordless counterparts. In fact most problems the Dewalt DCS570 circular saw will have are battery related, which is a little annoying since the only reason users opt for a battery powered version of a tool is its convenience and portability. The Dewalt DCS570 is fitted with electronic blade brakes that stop the circular saw very quickly to reduce any risk of injuries to you or anything else in the surrounding area. The Dewalt DCS570 saw is very fast.

Table of Contents

1. Battery Doesn’t Last For Very Long

The Dewalt DCS570 has a very powerful brushless motor that drives its blade at a very fast speed to cut through even the hardest of materials (usually wood) so it is only fitting that the circular saw has this very problem. The battery can be blown through quite quickly. Which is very disheartening if you’re doing tons of work and the battery just happens to die on you.

To Do

  • It is important that the battery is charged fully before committing the circular saw to any work.
  • Make sure to only use Dewalt chargers when charging your battery. As third-party chargers may not be of the right quality and not charge the battery correctly.
  • When inserting the battery into the charger, make sure that the battery is fully seated into the charger when this is successful; the red charging light will start blinking repeatedly to show the charging process has begun.
  • If the charger indicates a problem of not charging when the red light isn’t turning on, then it would help to take the charger to an authorized service center to be tested and repaired.

2. Blades Don’t Last Long

Although powered by an exceptional motor, the circular blade of the Dewalt DCS570 has a problem of not lasting for very long. This issue may be due to the types of wood you regularly cut through, or it may be caused by the genuine quality of the blade.

To Do

  • Make sure to get good quality blades, by enquiring at the place where you would have purchased the circular saw. Good quality blades are costlier, but they will most certainly last longer.
  • Dull blades can cause what’s known as a kickback, so it is very important to change the circular blade when you can no longer push the Dewalt DCS570 circular saw as easily as you could before.
  • Always have spare blades around when using the cordless circular saw. Preferably Dewalt blades as they are the ones that the circular saw is tested with.

3. Blade Is Not In Parallel

For the Dewalt DCS570 to saw effectively, the circular blade needs to be centered in such a way that it is parallel to the edge of the base of the circular saw. However this isn’t so on the Dewalt DCS570 circular saw, it observably has a difference of about 1 millimeters. Which can then cause damage to the circular saw directly, or you the individual.

To Do

  • The base can easily be moved from alignment, you can then use a mallet or little hammer to gently whack the base back into place as it might be the base that isn’t straight.
  • Since the circular blade is also quite thin, it is liable to bending under pressure, you can also use a mallet in this case to whack the bend to be straight again.
  • Make sure to purchase good quality circular blades to avoid this problem.
  • When storing the blades, be sure to store them on a flat surface and do not place anything heavy on top of them to be certain they won’t get deformed.

4. Circular Saw Kicks Back

A kickback is a sudden reaction from a pinched, bound or misaligned saw blade, which then cases an uncontrolled saw (in this case the Dewalt DCS570 cordless circular saw) to lift up and out of the work space towards the user of the circular saw. This causes the blade to stall and the motor reaction drives the saw back to the user holding it. This problem can be caused by a number of things namely; an improper workpiece support (this is the place you use the circular saw on, being either too weak or too flexible to support the work) which then results in kickback. A dull or dirty circular blade is also a cause of this problem, in that a dull blade can drastically increase the load a blade can carry. But it may not always be the saw that is at fault. Sometimes it can be due to wet timber, due to moisture from the air or a previously cold night. Or in some cases freshly cut timber, which hasn’t be dried yet.

To Do

  • Make sure that your workpiece support is very strong and stable. So that you do not experience any kickbacks.
  • Be sure to check your blade before you start working. If it is dulled or dirty then sharpen and clean it thoroughly if possible. If not, then replace it immediately.
  • Be sure to store up your timber in a dry room that will not be liable to moist temperature conditions.
  • It is not advisable to use the Dewalt DCS570 circular saw on freshly cut timber because that is not it’s fundamental function.


The Dewalt DCS570 cordless circular saw is one of the best powertools anyone can have, it helps users cut pieces of wood to a size that can work with to create wonderful woodworks of craft and function. It caters to the modern user with a plethora of technically advanced electronics to better the tool’s usability and safety for the user. The battery can easily be changed to be bigger, although it will cost a lot more. All in all, it is a must have for DIY woodworkers and the like.