Common Problems With Dewalt DCH273 (Easy Solutions)

The Dewalt DCH273 is one of the best high speed drilling machines in the world. It is a portable drill, meaning it has a battery (cordless) instead of a cord so it can be carried around and used anytime, and anywhere. The battery is a 5Ah Lithium-ion battery which can have a respectable runtime. It has an electronic clutch built into it to provide high torque (which is essentially the force of rotation generated by the drill’s motor when the trigger is preesed), this provides the drill with enough power to drill into concrete and brick from a 4mm depth to at least 24mm depth. Its compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed to provide improved comfort and support during extended operating periods, although not always. It also has a bright white LED with delay feature for improved visibility, sometimes susceptible to damage either because of a blown out fuse or because it is located right right under the drill chuck. Although packed with such amazing features, the Dewalt DCH273 does harbor a set of problems. Some of which totally nullify the amazing capabilities the machine has.

Table of Contents

1. The Power Cuts Off

When working a hard job, going at it and in perfect flow with your Dewalt DCH273, then out of no where the drill loses power and cuts off. There’s no where to charge the battery, you think to yourself. But then again it could be something unrelated to the battery so you try to turn it on again qnd it runs but only to switch off again.


Sometimes when overwhelmed, the Dewalt DCH273 will shut down. And it can only be overwhelmed if the wattage or power in the battery is not enough. The battery has a temperature sensing feature, that when the battery is too hot will automatically turn the Dewalt DCH273 off.

  • So it is important to make sure that before you leave the house to go to an important job, the battery is fully charged.
  • Another way to avoid this problem is to make sure that the power source (where the Dewalt DCH273’s battery charger will be connected to) is producing the right amount of voltage as this also affects battery performance.
  • Always make sure you’re using the Dewalt DCH273 in cool or average weather, not too hot and not too cold. When it is too hot, the battery too will start heating up and will make the machine unusable.

2. Not The Most Affordable

Especially as compared to other drills with the same features as the Dewalt DCH273 which may lead to users opting to buy from another manufacturer. That coupled with the fact that most accessories you would need to fully utilize the Dewalt DCH273’s capabilities do not come with the machine, making it all the more expensive for the average user.


  • Fortunately this problem only applies to you on how deep your pockets can go. Most people do not need all the bells and whistles the drill comes with. So it is better to opt for a less expensive machine that will cater to your needs as a user.

3. Needs Some Repairs

This problem depends on how frequently the Dewalt DCH273 is used. If used on a regular basis by say a power user (people in construction and home repair) the drill is more likely to need repairing on the hammering mechanism. As it is one of the most used features the Dewalt DCH273 has.


  • Always make sure to take the machine to an accredited Dewalt repair technician.

4. It Is Heavy

Which is not a problem until you have to carry the Dewalt DCH273 in order to do some work. A heavy drill can cause a whole lot of muscle injuries and problems, perhaps not immediately but definitely in the long run. Most people who are always carrying heavy things may not mind the Dewalt DCH273’s weight but home users and DIY enthusiasts may mind a lot.


  • Unfortunately that is a reality of the Dewalt DCH273. There is nothing to do but hopefully get more muscular to tolerate the weight. The weight is as a result of the components like the large 18v battery attached to the drilling machine.

5. It Has An 18V Battery

These days the standard for a battery is 20v, which only goes to show that the Dewalt DCH273 is outdated. However this is only a problem if that sort of thing concerns you. It is important to note however that the 18v battery has a shorter runtime than a 20v one. This can also be a matter of the ampere hours the battery can carry. And depending on where you buy it the Dewalt DCH273 can sometimes not come with a battery.


  • If you would like to use a 20v battery, you can purchase a Dewalt 18v to 20v adapter. Since you want to connect a 20v battery to an 18v Dewalt drill (the Dewalt DCH273.)
  • The 18v battery works just as well, sometimes powering through an entire work day. It wouldn’t be bad to keep it until it irreparably dies.

6. Motor Can Be Unresponsive

The Dewalt DCH273 is a three function drilling machine. With it you can drill, you can hammer in screws and you can drive screws into surfaces. You pick either one of these features with the large dial located on the side of the drilling machine with the handle bar. When picking or choosing a function the motor should adjust its strength and speed to suit that particular function. Sometimes it doesn’t do this, it’s either the drill chick starts lagging or the motor starts making funny noises.


  • In such a case it would be wise to take the Dewalt DCH273 to a repair shop (certified) for a full diagnosis and repair.
  • Since it is an internal problem it is not wise to open up the the Dewalt DCH273 without critical knowledge of its inner workings.
  • Always refer back to your Dewalt DCH273’s instruction manual in how to fully take care of your machine without damaging its internal parts (electronics, etc.)
  • Finally the Dewalt DCH273 is covered under a three year warranty, so if any or more of the above problems occur. You can take back the drilling machine to where you bought it.