Can My Neighbor Move My Bin

Is your neighbor moving your bin? Are you tired of this behavior? If yes, then you are probably wondering if your neighbor has the authority to do so. Below we discuss if your neighbor can move your bin and the implications associated with such behavior.

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Can my neighbor move my bin?

Your neighbor cannot move your bin especially if it’s located within your property. If your neighbor is moving your bin then they are trespassing your property and you can actually have them fined for such behavior. In America, bins are treated as public property and for such reasons your neighbor might feel entitled to moving your bin but, this is unacceptable. In the U.S bins are owned by Waste Management, which is a public company however, this does not make bins public property. In fact the law states that bins belong to the property in which they are assigned to. This is the reason why you cannot move with a bin each time you relocate to a new location, instead you are assigned a new bin. Therefore, bins belong to the property which they are assigned to and it is your duty as the owner of the property to maintain the bin which is why your neighbor has no right to move your bin.

How to stop a neighbor from moving your bin

Talk to your neighbor

If you catch your neighbor in the act, the best thing would be to talk to them.  Confront them about their reasons for moving your bin, they might have a reasonable explanation for their behavior. You can also explain to them how disrespectful it is for them to move your bin.

Report to the Homeowners Association

If your neighborhood has a homeowners Association (HOA), then the best option is to confront the HOA. They will take up the issue and confront your neighbor for you. Contacting the Homeowners Association is a good way of dealing with an impossible neighbor who doesn’t listen to your concerns.

Report to the Municipality

If your neighborhood does not have a Homeowners Association then the best option is to report your neighbor to the municipality. The municipality is very strict about how bins should be handled and they will definitely take up the issue. There is a good chance that your neighbor will get in trouble for their actions.

Can my neighbor put their bins in front of my house?

No, your neighbor is not allowed to put their bins in front of your house. This is disrespectful and the municipality greatly condemns such behavior. The municipality clearly states that you should place bins or trash cans in front of your house and not on your neighbor’s property. So if your neighbor has a tendency of placing their bins in front of your house then you should confront them or report them to the Homeowners Association.

Can my neighbor collect trash from my bin?

Different cities have different by-laws so you need to check the laws and regulations in your city. However, a number of cities are against such behavior, this is because some people have a tendency of throwing trash everywhere. Furthermore, the trash can is located on your yard so they can be charged for trespassing if they touch your bin. Therefore, if your neighbor is collecting trash in your bin, just check the laws in your city before confronting them or ultimately you can talk to them so they desist from that behavior.

Is garbage on the curve public property?

If you have a tendency of placing garbage on the curve of your road then it will be treated as public property and people have the right to touch it.  Therefore, in order to avoid such scenarios try by all means not to place your garbage on the curve or else you will not have any right to claim it.

Where to put bins or garbage cans

To avoid starting conflicts with your neighbors always ensure that your bin or garbage can is within your property line or a designated area that has been set out by the Waste management company. If your bin crosses your property line then your neighbor has every right to report you to the Homeowners Association or the municipality. There is a good chance that you will be fined if you do not place your bins or garbage cans in their correct designated area.

How to deal with neighbors bins that block your driveway

The best way to deal with a neighbor who has bins that are always blocking your driveway is to talk to them. Talking with your neighbor is always the best option in such scenarios since it rarely results in conflict unless you are dealing with a rude neighbor.  If your neighbor refuses to listen to you and continues placing their bins in front of your driveway then the best option will be to file a complaint of public nuisance. Your neighbor will be fined for their actions and there is a good chance they will never repeat such behavior again.

Garbage can etiquette

It always important to know the garbage can etiquette to avoid starting conflicts with neighbors. Firstly you need to know that your garbage can is your responsibility and no one else’s. Therefore, you should never dump your garbage or bins on someone’s yard. Furthermore, it is your duty to place your garbage can in the right spot for collection and it is also your duty to place the garbage can in its correct position after all the trash has been collected.

Can I keep garbage cans in the garage?

Yes you can keep garbage cans in the garage. This is because most cities require garbage cans to be kept out of site and the garage is the best place to store garbage cans.  So if you are having a hard time finding the perfect space for your garbage then simply use your garage.


Your neighbor is not allowed to move your bin. Therefore, always try to talk to your neighbor about this issue before involving other people.