Creative Ways To Block A Driveway

Having neighbors who are always parking in front of your driveway can be a bit annoying, which is why we have compiled several creative ways that can help you to block your driveway so that they do not park there. It is worth mentioning that the best way to deal with an annoying neighbour is to start by talking to them before taking any legal action.

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Creative ways to block a driveway

Put up signs in your yard

NB: make sure that the signs are within your private property or else you will get fined.

The most creative way to block a driveway would be to put up signs in your driveway. The signs should be clear and well written. You can opt to put up signs like “Don’t think about parking here” and “No trespassing we are tired of hiding the bodies.” Such signs will definitely grab your neighbors’ attention and there is a good chance that they will never ever park in front of your driveway.

Place traffic cones in your driveway

NB: this is considered illegal in some states so make sure you research about it before placing them.

This is one of the easiest and most creative ways to block a driveway. Traffic cones are cheap and you can buy them online. However, you need to know that putting traffic cones in front of your driveway can be deemed illegal in some states considering you will be putting them in the road which is actually public property. Therefore, always research about the laws and regulations in your area before placing traffic cones in your driveway.

What to do when a neighbor blocks your driveway

Talk to your neighbor

NB: this is the best option especially if you are looking to maintain good relations with your neighbor.

If your neighbor is parked in front of your driveway, the best option is to talk to them nicely. This will help to ensure that they understand your reasons. In some cases, you will be shocked that your neighbou is not even aware of the fact that they are blocking your driveway. You can also suggest to them alternative parking spaces within the neighbourhood.

Write a little note

NB: this is the most ideal option if you are someone who does not enjoy confrontations.

When your neighbor parks in front of your driveway you can always write little notes and place them on their windshield.  Make sure that the note is short and has a clear message. Whilst writing notes to your neighbor can be effective it is important to know that there is a risk that the note will be blown away by the wind. So in as much as you would want to write notes just make sure you are aware with the risks associated with it.

Call the towing company

NB: only use this method if your neighbour has refused to take action after you had previously talked to them.

This is the best way of dealing with rude neighbors who are not willing to change their behaviour especially if you had previously discussed the matter with them. Calling the towing company will act as a punishment to your neighbour since they would have to pay a fine in order to recover their car. However, it is important to know that once you call a towing company on your neighbor, tensions might rise between you and your neighbour. So only use this method if your neighbour is rude and arrogant to your suggestions.

Call the police

NB: this option could cause your neighbour to face a civil lawsuit so only use this as the last option since it has the potential of ruining your relationship with your neighbor forever.

The police are always there to respond to any complaints that citizens might have, so if you call the police to report about a car that is parked in your driveway, they will definitely respond.  If you neighbor is parked directly inside your driveway they will be charged for trespassing and they can actually get a civil lawsuit. However, if they are parked on the road, which is deemed public property and they are blocking your driveway then the case can go either way.

Can I park blocking my own driveway?

Whilst this seem like a creative way of blocking your driveway, it is actually a bad idea mainly because the street is considered public property hence you do not own it. In California, the police actually issues out tickets to people who park in front of driveways especially if they do not know that you are the owner of the house and the car. Therefore, if you want to avoid getting fined you should not try blocking your own driveway with your car.

Can my neighbour use my driveway?

The answer to this depends on the situation. If you are sharing a driveway with a neighbor then you need to consider checking your tittle deeds to see whether or not you are supposed to share the driveway. If the deeds indicate they you have to share then it means your neighbour is allowed to park in your driveway. However, if the tittle deeds indicate otherwise then you can always confront your neighbour about it.

Can someone use my driveway to turn around?

If that someone is your neighbor and you are sharing a driveway then they can certainly use your driveway to turn around. In as much as this may annoy you, they are not breaking any laws. Therefore, if your neighbor is using your driveway to turn around and you do not like it, try to talk to them about it before taking legal action or else you might be embarrassed with the outcome.


You have to be creative if you want to stop people from parking in your driveway. The options indicated above will help to ensure that neighbours respect your driveway and desist from parking their cars there. Also remember to confront your neighbors before taking any legal action.