Can I Move My Mailbox From The Street To My House

If your mailbox is placed far away from your house then you are probably wondering “can I move my mailbox from the street to my house.” If this is the case then simply checkout the article below.

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Can I move my mailbox from the street to my house?

Technically you cannot move the mailbox from the street to your house. This is because the mailbox belongs to the United States Postal Services (USPS) so they have the final say. However, if you do feel that the distance between you street and your house is too much for you then you can always contact the USPS who will in turn send someone from your local Postmasters to move the mailbox from the street to your house. It is worth mentioning that, if your driveway is a mile long from the mailbox there is a chance that your local Postmaster will not agree to move the mailbox. This is because mail delivery personnel are usually very busy and asking them to go all that way to deliver your mail is a little bit too much for them. So you need to be very considerate.

How do I request to move my mailbox?

If you would like to move your mailbox from the street to your house then you should contact your local post office about it. Your local post office will then move on to contact your local Postmaster who can then get in touch with you. From then onwards you can discuss about where you would like the mailbox to be positioned and they can notify you if this is feasible or whether there is a better alternative.

Why is my mailbox across the street?

If your mailbox is placed across the street there are 2 things that could have led to that. Firstly, your local Postmasters could have agreed that it is better to place all mailboxes on one side of the street or you live in a one way street. If you live in a one way street then all the mailboxes in your area are probably on your right hand side.

Can the post office make me move my mailbox?

The United States Postal Service can definitely make you move your mailbox. This is because your mailbox belongs to them. Therefore, they have the final say in regards to where your mailbox should be placed. It is worth mentioning that mail delivery is a public service that requires extreme attention to detail as well as proper planning. So the reason why your local post office could be moving your mailbox is simply because of those reasons and nothing more.

Can I remove my mailbox?

No you cannot remove your mailbox. This is because the mailbox is USPS property therefore, you do not have any rights to take it down. If you do this you would have committed a federal crime and you can face serious penalties. If you feel like you do not want mail to be delivered to your house then simply notify the post office instead or removing the mailbox.

Can someone move my mailbox?

Unfortunately no one is allowed to move your mailbox unless that person was sent by the USPS. This is because mailboxes are federal property and because of that only the USPS is allowed to remove and maintain them.  If you catch someone moving your mailbox you can actually report them and have them arrested because not only are they violating federal laws but, they are actually trespassing your property.

Can I remove my neighbor’s mailbox?

Unfortunately you cannot move your neighbor’s mailbox. This is because you would be violating federal laws whilst at the same time trespassing your neighbor’s property. If you have a problem with your neighbor’s mailbox, its best that you talk to them about it or contact the USPS so that you can hear what they have to say about the matter.

What to do if neighbor’s mailbox is on my property?

If you feel like your neighbors mailbox is on your property, the best thing to do is to contact your local post office and they will explain to you what exactly is going on. There is a chance that the mailbox is actually placed on mailbox easement which is actually property of the municipality.

What side of the driveway should a mailbox be on?

Mailboxes should be on the right side of your driveway so that you can easily get the mail when you are driving into your property. However, this is not always the case but it’s still fine. The USPS usually places mailboxes on either side of the driveway but, you can always request for them to change it.

Can I move my mailbox to the front door?

This is dependent on the distance between your front door and the street. If there is a great distance then your local Postmaster might refuse to move it. However, if there is a reasonable distance they will definitely agree to do that. It is important to be cognizant of the fact that post office personnel have busy schedules and sometimes delivering mail directly to your door can affect their schedule, so try to be reasonable when your request to have the position of your mailbox changed.

Who decides where mailboxes are placed?

The Postmaster general is the one who decides where mailboxes can be placed, this is because they derive their authority from the USPS. The Postmaster has knowledge about the geographical area and they have the final say of where each mailbox should be positioned. If you request for your mailbox to be moved from its original destination, the Postmaster general has the powers of either revoking or approving your request.


Moving your mailbox from the street to your house is not a decision that you can make on your own. Therefore, always ensure that you contact your local post office if there are any changes that you would like to do to the mailbox.