Can My Neighbor Claim My Land For Mowing It

Is your neighbor always mowing you lawn regularly? Are you worried that they may have ulterior motives? Most importantly, are you scared that your neighbor will claim your land for mowing it? If this is the case then simply checkout the article below to get a better insight of whether you neighbor can claim your land for mowing it.

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Can my neighbor claim my land by mowing it?

Land disputes are very common but, technically your neighbor cannot claim your land for mowing it. If they try to, they will have to claim adverse possession of the property and provide tangible evidence to prove their claim. This means your neighbor needs to prove that you had abandoned the house for at least 10 years and that they have been maintaining it for years without any assistance from you.

How to prevent a neighbor from mowing your land

If you are scared that your neighbor might try to claim your land by mowing it then you need to take serious measures to block them from mowing it. Here are a few suggestions:

Talk to your neighbor

If you do not like it when your neighbor mows your land then you should talk to them about it. Make sure you speak in a polite way because there is a chance that your neighbor didn’t have any ulterior motives when they were mowing your land. When you talk to your neighbor ensure that you talk to them about were your property line begins and ends so that they have an idea of where the boundaries start.

Put a sign

If you had previously talked to your neighbor and they continue to mow your land then you need to consider placing a sign outside. You can put a sign that is written, “No Mowing beyond This Point.” Such signs will help deter your neighbor from mowing your land. If they do they will actually be trespassing into your property.

Put a fence

Putting up a fence is a great way of demarcating your yard from that of your neighbor, furthermore it helps to block your neighbor’s access into your yard. If you are scared that your neighbor might claim your land by mowing it then you need to consider installing a fence that separates your yard from that of your neighbor. When installing the fence just make sure that it is within your property line or else your neighbor will claim ownership of it too.

Can my neighbor claim my land if I do not look after it?

It is hard for a neighbor to claim your land simply because you are not taking good care of it. However, if you had abandoned the house for more than 10 years and your neighbor has been taking care of the land without any contribution from you then there is a chance that they will win the case. However, if you currently reside at the land in question and your neighbor claims ownership, the court will not grant it to them even if they have been mowing your house. They will be actually charged with trespassing since they would have been mowing your land without your consent.

Can I claim land if I look after it?

The answer to this question depends on the state in which you are living as well as the reasons you state for claiming the land. In most states in the U.S you can only claim land if you have been taking care of it for 10 to 12 years. In this case you are supposed to be the only person who has been occupying or caring for the land. If there is conflict of interest you risk losing the land to someone else. Before claiming land you need to seek advice from an expert before embarrassing yourself in the court of law.

Adverse possession of land

In the United States there is a law that is known as adverse possession of land. This law allows people the right to claim property if they have been taking care of it for 10 to 12 years. They also need to prove that they were the only ones taking care of the land and the owners of that property have abandoned it. The reason why your neighbor could be trying to claim your property for mowing it could be simply because of the adverse possession of land law. However, the law clearly states that people need to provide enough evidence before they can be granted ownership of the land.

How to legally claim land

If you are planning on claiming abandoned land, you need to do it legally or else you could face serious repercussions. For starters, you need to apply for the land at the Land Registry in your area. When you apply you should claim something that is called adverse possession. To get the land legally you need to prove that you have been the only person occupying the land in the past 10 to 12 years. You also need to prove that you did not have any consent from the owner of the house. You also have to indicate that you had intentions of claiming the land during your stay there. If you prove everything stated here, there is a good chance that you will get the land.

How to stop an adverse possession claim

If your neighbor has filed an adverse possession claim for your land you need to find a lawyer as soon as possible. If your neighbor is claiming your land for simply mowing it then they will be charged for trespassing. If they have other reasons up their sleeve, you lawyer will still help you to deal with that. If you have a lawyer by your side when your neighbor claims for your land, there is a good chance that they will lose the case especially if they do not have sufficient evidence to back them up.


Land disputes are a common thing but, if your neighbor is taking the extra mile of claiming your land by mowing it then you need to stop them immediately since they would have over stepped the boundaries.