Can I Move Neighbors Stuff Off My Property?

Is your neighbor constantly placing things on your property? Are you tired of this behavior and thinking whether it’s possible to move the stuff? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, simply checkout the article below.

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Can I Move Neighbors Stuff Off My Property?

Property lines are a cause of dispute amongst many homeowners and resolving these problems can be very tiresome. If your neighbor puts stuff on your property you are not allowed to move it. This is because, even though the stuff might be placed on your property, they are still your neighbor’s belongings and you have no right to touch them. If the stuff gets damaged whilst you are moving it, you can be held accountable for the damages. So it’s best never to move your neighbors stuff off your property. However, in as much as moving the stuff can be a risky decision, there are a few things you can do to get your neighbor to remove their stuff from your property. Below we look at the different steps you can take to.

How To Get Neighbor To Remove Stuff Off My Property

Talk To Neighbor

One of the best ways to get your neighbor to remove their stuff from your property is to talk to them. Explain to them where your property line starts and ends. Also explain to them how their stuff is affecting your property. If your neighbors are reasonable people they will understand your request and remove their stuff.

Hire A Land Surveyor

If your neighbor does not understand that they are putting their stuff on your property line you can always hire a land surveyor so that they can conduct a survey to identify your property lines. You can then present your neighbor with a copy of the survey report so that they can really believe that you putting things on your property.

Hire An Attorney

If the problem persists you can always hire an attorney to represent you. The attorney can file a legal case against your neighbor. In most cases you will have to appear in court so that the problem can be sold once and for all. You should use this option as your last resort as it tends to raise tensions between neighbors.

How To Prevent Neighbor From Putting Stuff On My Property

If you are someone who doesn’t appreciate neighbors placing their stuff on your property, it means you have to take reasonable measures to prevent this from happening again. Below are a few options you can resort to.

Put A Fence

If you are tired of neighbors putting their things on your property it is best that you erect a fence. Make sure that the fence is within your property line in order to avoid disputes. A fence will give you the privacy you deserve and it will also minimize the chances of you getting trespassers on your property.

Put Cameras

Another way of preventing your neighbors from putting their stuff on your property is to install cameras on different angles of your property. These will help to capture the movement and actions of your neighbor just in case they place their stuff in your yard.

Put Up A Sign

A sign is also another great way of preventing your neighbors from putting stuff on your property. You can put a “No Trespassing” sign or a “24/7 surveillance” sign on your yard. This way, your neighbors will feel embarrassed to even place their stuff on your property since they know they will be trespassing.

Install Motion Detecting Sprinklers

Another great way of preventing neighbors from putting stuff on your property is to install motion detecting sprinklers. So each time, your neighbors come to put their staff on your side of the property line, the sprinklers will detect their movement and they will get sprinkled by water. This will help to ensure that they avoid coming on your side of the property line.

How Do You Resolve Encroachment Issues?

If your neighbor has a structure that encroaches into your side of the property line, there are different ways in which you can deal with the issue. For starters you can talk to your neighbor about the issue. There is a chance that your neighbor might be willing to move the structure. If the structure is not movable, you may have to reach a reasonable agreement with your neighbor. You may either agree to leave the encroachment in place but give them a written letter stating the terms so that you do not face adverse possession laws in the future. You can also opt to sell them the encroached upon property to your neighbor, but make sure you contact your mortgage lender before making the sale. If all these options are not for you, it’s still okay to take the issue to court but there is a chance that your neighbor will be forced to take down their entire structure.

What Can I Do When My Neighbor Is Messing With My Stuff?

If your neighbor is messing with your stuff you can always talk to them about it. If they do not want to listen, you may have to call the police. If your neighbor has damaged some of your stuff, they will be asked to replace it.

What To Do If A Neighbor Is Damaging Your Property?

If a neighbor is damaging your property, the best thing you can do is to talk to them about it. If talking does not yield any results make sure you take pictures of the damages that they made and report to the police. If the case goes to court and you win, your neighbor will be asked to pay for all the damages they caused to your property.

Final Words

You should avoid moving your neighbors stuff from your property because if it gets damaged whilst in your possession, you will be held accountable. Therefore, always use the legal means stated in this article when trying to get your neighbor to remove their belongings.