Can I Throw Neighbors Tree Branches Back In Their Yard

Are your neighbor’s tree branches always falling into your yard? If yes, then you are probably wondering if you can throw neighbors tree branches back in their yard. Below we discuss if this is legal.

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Can I throw neighbors tree branches back in their yard?

Unfortunately you cannot throw your neighbors tree branches back into their yard. This is because most state laws indicate that any branches which fall from your neighbor’s tree into your property are now your responsibility. This means it’s up to you to remove those branches and clean up your yard. If you decide to throw the branches back into your neighbor’s yard, it may affect your relationship with your neighbor and you will be regarded as someone who is passive aggressive. Therefore, try by all means not to throw your neighbors tree branches back into their yard.

How to prevent neighbor’s tree branches from falling into my yard

If your neighbor’s tree branches are always falling into your yard then the best option that you have is to talk to your neighbor about it. Although you do not have any right to challenge your neighbor about the issue you can simply talk to them about alternative methods that can help to solve the problem. Firstly you can ask them for permission to trim off some of the branches that are protruding into your yard. Asking for permission from your neighbor is a great way of maintaining relations.

Can I force a neighbor to cut down their tree?

If your neighbor’s tree branches are always falling into your yard then you might be pissed about it and asking whether you have permission to force them to cut down their tree. Unfortunately, you do not have the authority to do so. This is because the tree is your neighbor’s property and they have rights to do whatever they deem right with it. The best thing that you can actually do is to talk to your neighbor and ask for permission to trim down some branches that maybe overlapping into your yard. However, if your neighbors tree is acting as a safety hazard that’s when you can try to convince them to cut down their tree or file a case for private nuisance.

Can you trim the branches of your neighbors overhanging trees?

If the branches are crossing over into your yard then you have every right to trim the branches of your neighbors overhanging trees. However, you should start by notifying your neighbor so that you do not start any unnecessary fights. The law allows you to trim off the branches but, sometimes your neighbor might not understand that which is why you should engage them. If your neighbor is having a hard time understanding your decision you can just trim the branches up to your property line so that you reduce the number of branches and leaves falling into your yard.

Do I have rights to trim my neighbors overhanging tree?

As previously discussed, you do have rights to trim your neighbors overhanging tree. If the tree is protruding into your property line and causing you problems, then you have every right to trim off the branches. However, always notify your neighbor before taking any action. This helps to maintain good relations.

Can I throw my neighbors leaves back in their yard?

When your neighbor’s tree leaves fall into your yard, they automatically become your responsibility. This means that you have to find ways of getting rid of them but, it is illegal in most states to throw your neighbors leaves back into their yard. If you do decide to violate the law and throw the leaves into your neighbor’s yard, you can be charged for that since there are no laws that can protect you. The best way of dealing with such cases is to find alternative methods that help to ensure that your neighbor’s tree leaves do not fall into your yard.

How to prevent neighbors leaves from falling into my yard

Talk to your neighbor

The best way of preventing your neighbors tree leaves from falling into your yard is by talking to them about trimming off the branches. You can offer to pay for the costs associated with trimming off the branches. This way your neighbor will actually consider the whole idea and give you permission for trimming the branches.

Install a wooden fence

This is also another great way of ensuring that the neighbor’s leaves do not get into your yard. The wooden fence will act as a barrier and you can erect it as long as you want so that as the tree grows, its leaves will not continue to affect you.

Put a leaf barrier

You can purchase a leaf barrier and put it on your yard. This will help to ensure that the leaves from your neighbor’s yard do not enter into your property. Having a leaf barrier will save you from having silly confrontations with your neighbor about how their leaves are affecting your yard.

Can I get sued if my leaves fall into my neighbor’s yard?

No you cannot be sued if your leaves fall into your neighbor’s yard. This is because the law regards leaves as natural debris and you have no control over this, so you will not be fined. The law clearly states that any leaves or branches that fall into your neighbor’s yard is their responsibility and they should find ways of dealing with them. If you are a good neighbor try to trim off the tree branches that overlap into your neighbor’s yard but, make sure you ask for permission first or you could be charged for trespassing if you are seen stepping on their side of the property line.


Throwing your neighbors tree branches back into their yard is offensive and illegal.  The leaves are your responsibility and therefore, you should find proper ways of disposing them. It is important to note that trimming off the branches is an excellent idea to get rid of the problem but, always notify your neighbor beforehand.