5 Most Common New Holland BR740 Problems : Easy Fixes

When looking for balers, specifically round balers, New Holland is one of the brands to consider. They have a number of models to choose from one of which is the New Holland BR740. It is a good rounder baler but does have its fair share of problems; we explore them in this article.

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What Is The New Holland BR740?

The New Holland BR740 is a round baler model. The New Holland BR740 is generally what you would call a decent round baler. It is easily available both as used or brand new ones.

New Holland BR740 Problems

There are a number of operational problems you may encounter when using the New Holland BR740. They are generally problems that are easy to detect and also easy to rectify. Here are some of the New Holland BR740 problems you may face:

1. Poor Cutting

This may happen from the get go or it starts happening at some point. The cutting may be inconsistent or tattered. This can be caused by:

  • The harness may be poorly connected to the battery.
  • The net knife may be blunt.
  • A faulty net brake.

Troubleshooting Poor Cutting Problems

You must check to see what possibly is causing the poor cutting. There may be a need to make adjustments such as the following:

  • See to it that the power harness is correctly and firmly connected to the battery.
  • You may have to sharpen the net knife.
  • Ensure the net brake is working smoothly.

2. Baler Not Feeding Properly Or At All

The New Holland BR740 may not feed properly. At times it may not feed at all. This means that the straw (or whichever is the feed) may not pass through the feed rotor. In some cases the straw may be broken and fall away instead of passing through. Possible causes of this could be:

  • The rotor may be faulty or worn out.
  • The straw may be too short, dry and brittle.

Troubleshooting Baler Not Feeding Properly Problem

The New Holland BR740 could be having feeding problems because of two broad things. These are the basic mechanism of the New Holland BR740 and the nature of what is being fed. Thus possible solutions to this problem are:

  • Mildly moist straw is best; letting it drenched a bit in dew can help.
  • Check to see if the rotor is functioning smoothly; if not fix or replace.
  • Only use the New Holland BR740 for straw or feed that is substantially long since the rotor is quite far back.

3. Inconsistent Net Wrap

This usually happens in 3 variations. It can be that the wrap will be mostly confined towards the middle of the bale. It may also be okay on the left and off on the right of the bale. Conversely, the net wrap may be okay on the right and off on the left side. At times the net wrap can be tight, too tight, or loose on some areas of the bale. These issues may be caused by:

  • Dull net knives.
  • Tension may not be appropriately set.
  • The net inner roll could be getting stripped.
  • Cutter bearings can be faulty.
  • Net wrap brake pad may worn out.

Troubleshooting Inconsistent Wrap

The possible solutions to this problem must be premised on the actual cause. That is why it is important to inspect and correctly diagnose the issue at play. Some workable solutions are:

  • You can sharpen or even replace the net knives.
  • Adjust or correct the tension on the net brakes.
  • Changing material can help; plastic is often the worst.
  • Replace cutter bearings.
  • Replace the brake pad on the net wrap.

4. Net Wrap Will Not Start

Some New Holland BR740 users encounter this problem of the net wrap not starting. This means the net will not wrap despite the baler being on. This can be due to some issues as follows:

  • The tail length may be too short.
  • There could be loose bolts keeping the brake from disengaging to allow the bale to start wrapping.
  • The mechanism on which the net roll spins on may be clogged.

Troubleshooting Net Wrap Not Starting Problem

There are practical things you can do to address this problem such as:

  • Adjusting the tail length to the right length.
  • Check for and tighten bolts that control the brake system.
  • Clean and lubricate the tube the net roll spins on; it should turn freely when break is released.

5. Twine Tail Cuts Short

This may necessitate one to have to pull the twine manually. Twine tail cutting short may be caused by:

  • Incorrectly threaded twine.
  • Using poor quality twine.
  • Twine knives could be blunt and or out of synch with the striker.
  • Twine actuator may be incorrectly calibrated.

Troubleshooting Twine Cutting Short Problem

There are adjustments you can make, for example:

  • Adjust the twine tensioners.
  • Use good quality twine to prevent it from being dragged.
  • Sharpen the twine knives.
  • Ensure the twine knives are parallel to the striker.
  • Recalibrate twine actuator.

How To Avoid New Holland BR740 Problems

You must rule out all else before concluding there is a problem with your New Holland BR740. Use your New Holland BR740 for the right type of straw, on the appropriate terrain, and in the prescribed manner. Make checks and maintenance routine; that will avoid many New Holland BR740 problems.

What is the difference between a New Holland BR740 and New Holland BR740A?

The core differences regard the net wrap system. The New Holland BR740A has hardware improvements and more advanced software.

What Is The Minimum Horsepower (HP) For A Round Baler?

PTO horsepower specifications when it comes to round balers are that your tractor must deliver anything from 30 to 120 HP.


Regular inspections, servicing, and maintenance are central to keeping your New Holland BR740 operating optimally. For instance, there are a number of fittings and bearings that require regular greasing or lubrication. Use reputable products only. It is advised to inspect your New Holland BR740 before and after every use. It is also advised to use your New Holland BR740 for prescribed uses only.