Problems With The Bobcat CT1025 (Solutions Included)

The Bobcat CT1025 is a compact tractor that is designed to help operators tackle any job, big or small. Whether you’re in the construction industry, farming, landscaping, or any other industry that requires heavy-duty machinery, the Bobcat CT1025 is said to be the reliable option. It does have its share of problems however and it may slow you down and affect your productivity. So without further delay here are some of the problems you can expect to have when using the Bobcat CT1025.

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1. The Engine Is Not As Heavy-Duty As It Is Supposed To Be

The engine is the heart of the Bobcat CT1025 (or any vehicle for that matter), but any problems with it can cause the machine to stop working. Some signs of a failing engine include unusual noises and reduced power. All of which can happen when you use the Bobcat CT1025 for a long time or more demanding tasks. If you notice any of these signs, it’s essential to address the problem immediately to prevent further damage to the engine.

What You Can Do

  • Make sure you check the engine oil level. Low oil levels can cause engine damage. Check the oil level on a regular basis and add engine oil when necessary. You also need to be particular about the cleanliness of your oil to avoid your engine smoking badly.
  • Make sure to check the air filter of the Bobcat CT1025. A clogged, dirty or damaged air filter can reduce engine power because engines need clean air to operate. Check the air filter regularly and clean or replace it when it is clearly time to do so.
  • If you notice that the Bobcat CT1025 has reduced [engine]power, it’s a sign that the engine is not working correctly. Reduced power can be caused by various factors, including clogged air filters, dirty fuel filters, and worn-out spark plugs. You then have to replace all of these components with newer ones.
  • Also check the fuel filter regularly. A dirty fuel filter can cause the engine to stop working completely. Check the fuel filter regularly and clean or replace it when it is absolutely necessary.

2. The Hydraulic System of The Bobcat CT1025 Is Bound To Malfunction

The hydraulic system controls the movement of the Bobcat CT1025’s attachments, etcetera, and any problems with it can affect its performance. The Bobcat CT1025 is one of the most versatile (and very compact) tractors you can ever find on the market. Some signs of a malfunctioning hydraulic system include slow or jerky movements, leaks, and overheating. All of these problems can lead to even bigger ones on the Bobcat CT1025 so it is advised to seek help from a Bobcat mechanic before the issues get worse.

What You Can Do

  • Always check the hydraulic fluid level. A low hydraulic fluid level can cause the hydraulic system to stop working entirely and so it will first jerk and gradually slow down in movement [refering to the attachments/ additional equipment of the Bobcat CT1025] . Check the hydraulic fluid level regularly and add more when the level is low.
  • Patch/ repair any sections on your Bobcat CT1025 that may be leaking or causing any leaks. When the hydraulic system starts to overheat, it usually means that there isn’t enough fluid left in the system to also help cool it down.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your Bobcat CT1025 to keep it running smoothly. Regular maintenance includes oil changes, filter replacements, etcetera.

3. The Electrical Components Leave A Lot To Be Desired

The Bobcat CT1025 has a sophisticated electrical system that controls a lot of the bells and whistles of the compact tractor. Any problems with the electrical system can affect the Bobcat CT1025’s overall performance. Some signs of a failing electrical system include flickering lights, and warning lights that stay on and so on.

What You Can Do

  • When we’re talking about an electrical system there always has to be talks of where the power is coming from that is being transmitted through that system. On the Bobcat CT1025, it’s the battery. So you need to check the battery. A dead or defective battery can cause the engine and other electrically powered components to stop working completely on the Bobcat CT1025.
  • So it’s important to always check the health of the battery with a voltmeter and replace it when it is necessary to do so to keep using the Bobcat CT1025.

4. The Bobcat CT1025 May Start Smoking In The Middle of A Job

If you see smoke coming from the engine, it’s a sign that something is burning. Smoke can be black, white, or blue, depending on the cause. Black smoke indicates that the engine is burning too much fuel, while white smoke indicates that the engine is burning coolant. Blue smoke indicates that the engine is burning oil. If you notice any smoke coming from the engine, it’s crucial to address the problem immediately to prevent further damage.

What You Can Do

  • Stop working immediately and shut down the engine. This problem means that there’s a leak or faulty connection in the engine that needs to be dealt with or it might lead to something more serious like a fire.
  • Use quality parts and fluids to ensure the machine’s optimal performance. Cheap parts and fluids can cause damage to the Bobcat CT1025 and may sometimes lead to such problems.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid overloading the machine.


The Bobcat CT1025 is not so reliable a machine but that may be due (in part) to human error. It’s a compact tractor that can handle various tasks. However, like any other machine, it is prone to problems that can affect its performance. By understanding common problems and how to effectively solve them you can keep your Bobcat CT1025 running smoothly. But also do your part and change the oil and filters once in a while. You can prevent damage and prolong the compact tractor’s life. And remember, prevention is better than cure.